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The Vorrgistadt Saga - Archives (2015-2018)

(As of Chapter Milestones: Prologue - The Hunter X) Amazing writing, worldbuilding, and great style. This has to be one of the best novels on Royal Road Legends without a doubt.

Maybe the way that the author has chosen to name their episodes has been a problem for those who desire to follow the story?

Alea Ludo

Without a doubt, one of the best novels available. Having signed WriTE's pledge and religiously updated the novel, there is no doubt that we'll see an amazing conclusion to this.



Straightforward and captures the atmosphere of tension, where there is always something at stake. We see a slight change in style between the different acts of the novel, yet that is perfectly understandable when we take into consideration how large Alea Ludo is. Reading the first or third acts, you won't find words cluttering the novel.



I love the concept of Serendipity. The plot revolves around Ambrose, who takes part in a sinister game against what seems to be 2/3rds of the entire cast of the novel.

I won't give spoilers, but we never do the same thing for a long time.



Ambrose works as a vehicle for the story. The intrigue between the participants steals the show half the game, though.



It's great.


Rich writing style, great grammar, excellent dialogues and--I may be biased because I love novels with caravans in them--, an intriguing plot that is filled with way more suspenseful endings than I would like. 


(Chap 5 here)

The Smith and the Knight

Great grammar, a smoothing beginning, and an interesting proposal. Definitely worth reading!

El Dorado

Read with caution. You might learn something.

Sci-fi with a lot of verisimilitudes. An interesting world that is exposed a bit more than it should in the first episode and the epilogue - especially considering that we'll be seeing a time travel at the novel's core instead of the sci-fi world -, but very interesting nonetheless.

Sci-fi fans will surely love the lore while average fans of adventure histories will enjoy the wilderness of the past. 

Grammar is 100%. You will likely won't spot mistakes while reading.

The story is probably the hardest category to judge, because 'El Dorado' always catches you in a state where you have no idea about what will happen next.

I personally enjoy the interactions between Caden and Zeus. The arrival of Thea in the story brought something new and awakened the magic in the world.


Lore for the Lore Gods; And Plot for the Plot Gods! Great!

Fate's Child

Ever read something and felt like you haven't even scratched the surface of a certain fictional universe? That is the case with 'Being Art'.

Everything in the book is made to be intriguing: the cover, the synopsys, the title (which is amazing);  I do look forward to seeing Ink explore the mysteries and give us a satisfying conclusion to the question of who the hell is the Main Character, exactly?

Wings of Sorrow

 A funny sarcastic style, fast-paced storyline, surprisingly colourful characters (despite the gritty atmosphere) and reliable update schedule make this novel a Must Read.


(Congratulations for the trending! You deserve it!)

The Rider with the Golden Torc

Ever wondered how your grandpa's Vietnam stories would have sounded like if he told them in Ancient Greece? This is it.



I have nothing but compliments for the author. The choice of words is rich, and the descriptions truly shine during moments of battle. You'll be on the edge of your seat during the most heated fight scenes. Every combat is also unique, despite the amount of action packing the novel.



Little to no typos. There's nothing to be said.



It's a coming-of-age tale of two brothers who depart to battle for their Polis. The story follows the surprisingly reliable main character's perspective. 

The story is actually really simple and easy to follow. The beauty of the plot comes from how the main character reacts to the many events that follow his path to the battlefield, specially the death of a loved one.

The Main Character not only becomes stronger, he also grows as the story progresses.



Some choices made for the sake of realism (such as having the antagonist speak a foreign language) may have costed the characters some development. The names are also realistic greek names: long and perfect for language butchering. While I applaud the author's bold choice to make these realistic decisions, I do wish the awesome antagonist were more than his horse and the iconic golden torc. Yet I must understand: it's war. We never know the story of the person at the other end of the sword.

There are plenty of characters and maybe a couple more than there should be if the novel was not the memoirs of warrior. After all, without a cast, who would fill the battlefield and make us care if they live or die?



Rider of the Golden Torc is one of those little gems that make me feel a bit ashamed of the Royal Road Legends community. How come, amidst all the mud that we brush and adore, we fail to see this shining unique example of an amazing novel?


(Chapter 7 here) The novel achieves its goal. You, the reader, are collateral damage.



Fast-paced, organized and with an excellent separation between dialogue and description that bring life and tempo to every scene.



It surely isn't an issue. You'll rarely notice typos. I've not found a single mistake that confused me about the meaning of a sentence.



It's 'John Green' meets 'Douchebag Land'. The sheer amount of sticks in the mud (Marya's mother counts as four) makes me wonder if the ghost of tragedy that haunts the main characters is not really a blessing. 



They're pretty good! Alyssa's negativity seems hurtful to the novel at the beginning, which led me to just recoil away from the novel and assert that she needs Jesus. Yet it's all explained around mid-Chapter 2. I won't give spoilers, so all that I can say is that you won't judge her anymore.



Underrated gem that makes me red of anger for not being at least 10 times more popular than it is. I shall put a link of this novel in the next update of my work to help promote it.


Great work, God_is_Good!

To This Kingdom Come

Author throws a Writing Clinic

Your typical RRL aficionado will read a hundred novels before stumbling upon the beauty of the writing from 'To This Kingdom Come'. The 'happy amateur' philosophy RRL gives us many amazing stories, yet the reader of this site will most likely never find an impecable and beautiful writing such as the one that this novel has to offer. That is, outside the professionally edited library of a publisher.


Style & Grammar: I have nothing but compliments for Icyii. Impecable grammar, rich vocabulary that manages to perfectly draw a scene with words without ever requiring the reader to take a dictionary; and of course, a cinematic direction that will leave you stunned by the vividity and beauty of its descriptions during the most important scenes of the novel. Read Chapter 8 for a clear sample of what I am talking about.


Story: The perspectives of Princess Ashling and some from the Shaper Marylea, a.k.a The Best Girl, divide the narrative. The novel is surprisingly character-driven and while we do have a 'We Must Save the World' proposal at the novel's core; the novel leaves it clear that the welfare of a certain someone motivates Ashling's actions way more than the salvation of her realm. Even the challenges that lay ahead of the heroes are also cleverly exploited as opportunities to further develop their characters. 


Character: While Ashling works as a vehicle for the story, her romantic life does get the spotlight of drama that the arrival of a Shaper (and the dangers that comes with one) should have. I confess that at some points I just recoiled from the novel, crossed my arms and thought of myself: "Ash, isn't there something more important at stake now than the boys around you?"

Yet the cast of side characters is colourful and varied. I guarantee you'll find someone whom you'll like, even if Ashling's pathological obsession with her love life rustles your jimmies at times. Pardon Ash. She's young, after all. A brief look through the Facebook feed of your average teenage girl will make Ash look like Aragonia's version of Aristotles.


Overall: Great! 'To This Kingdom Come' belongs in a bookshelf.