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Media in Sanity

    1. RE: What makes a story 'litRPG' for you?

      Sometimes it is the blue Excel sheets, sometimes it is the (u)necessary video game command prompt messages cluttering a chapter... I generally can tell a story is a LitRPG when the first chapter ends (...)

    2. Just RRL things...

      ITT:  We post things that we only knew were actual things when we got to RRL. Here is my list: - Overpowered VS Underpowered protagonist debate I wonder if Tolkien, when he made Lord of the Rings, had (...)

    3. RE: Looking for an old completed story that I forgot the name of

      Wrong board, m9.

    4. RE: 'Harems' - what's your opinion?

      I do find it odd that a writer wouldn't appreciate why some people would prefer reading to watching. Different mediums have different competencies. A writer may also write, aside from novels, screenplays/comics. (...)

    5. RE: RWBY: The Good Son

      Will I still be able to understand it if I haven't read RWBY? (I don't know what that is)

    6. RE: Don't click. This is a Glitch

      Great story, enjoyable and a real page turner that is hard to put down. The style is pretty good and is unobtrusive enough to make reading an absolute breeze. The story is great and the eponymous (...)

    7. RE: Are you the best that you can be?

      NO where near my friend. there are at least a  5 things i can do right now that will make my life 10 times better. and none of them are painful or require any resources or special effort from me. ah (...)

    8. RE: Novels for people who are dead inside

      Haha, so my novel is specifically directed at people who are 'dead inside', and through talking about death outside, I'm hoping to present a life that goes far more than skin deep.  Buuuut... you've read (...)

    9. RE: Stories about criminal syndicates

      Criminals are really underrated. Sometimes I feel that all they need to be popular is an anime with no tension, with jokes that reduce any real threats, a Reddit fanbase and a hole with no bottom protagonist (...)

    10. RE: Novels for people who are dead inside

      I'm legitimately curious what constitutes a good recommendation for someone who is dead inside. Books with lots of emotion, so you can feel some?  Or books without emotion, and dead-inside characters (...)

    11. RE: LITRPG With and w/o...

      <- just my own opinion so pls no (...)(...)

    12. Novels for people who are dead inside

      Besides my diary, of course. :Kappa:

    13. RE: Romantic Fantasy & Fantasy Romance

      Please include Smith & The Knight: (In progress) And 'To This Kingdom Come' (Finished) (...)

    14. RE: looking for an overpowerd magic user (story)

      Hey, man. I think you will have to be way more specific than that. :( Sorry.

    15. RE: Don't click. This is a Glitch

      Oh, thank you so much, God-is-Good. :) You heard it here first, folks.

    16. RE: Normalish Male Lead / Strong Female Lead

      Looking for a good Fantasy Novel with at least some action. I like a not op male lead who needs to struggles to reach his objective. He mostly use strategy or teamwork to accomplish his goals. (...)

    17. RE: Don't click. This is a Glitch


    18. RE: Searching for this type of stories

      I am searching for one of these type of stories : -A world where everyone got his own unique superpower, and obviously the MC is special in some way or another. -A post Apocalyptic story without (...)

    19. RE: How to get a girlfriend?

      Please tell us more, Requiza. I'm happy to get schooled on this topic. I'm (poorly) courting a girl right now. I like that attitude in you. Here's a few things that I could give to you (...)