This novel is unique.

Yea, from the title you can guess whta I think about this novel. 


The story idea is amazing because it's like supposed to be a scary got ya type thing but the execution is poor because the author doesn't pace the character interactions AT ALL. Cory (in the house) is supposed to not like talking about his "incident" but he opens super fucking fast to the group of friends like a flower in a summer jubely.


Like he made the characters have a purpose but he doesn't make them like people. Do you get me? Ok, do you remember the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers? The characters in this are exactly like the body snatchers; they don't act like humans even though they are "human". The way the characters interact with each other is the only thing killing this whole fucking novel for me.


When I read the first chapter I thought, "Oh, maybe the next chapter won't be so stiff with the interactions." and I was wrong. I'm about 87% sure that high schoolers (or whatever) don't interact like these characters.



Everything else with this stories pretty awesome.

EDIT:AFter looking at the story from a different point of view I released that it all makes sense.

The Reincarnated Heroine Runs from the Plot

First off this is the best "Reincarnated as heroin; I gotta cut flags" story I've ever seen/read.


The MC doesn't just go will nillly following the capture targets like a lot of other novels when the idea is to run away.


I know I know, "Of course the MC would soon be caught by the capture targets, IT DEVELOPES THE STORY!". Guess what....IT DOESN'T!


Getting captured by the captured targets is just another way of the author saying, "Fuck it, I ain't got anything else."


The characters are extremely enjoyable because I have a ship to ride on.


The writing style is pretty good but there was like one spelling error every 6 or 7 paragraphs or stanzas.




All in all, this story gets a HOOHA out of 10.

Lone: The Wanderer [Dropped Version (includes original draft of the rewrite's first volume)]

I first had read this story because I thought Lone was gonna be reincarnated as a shota but to my surprise he to suck.


The style of the story is unlike any other I've seen so far and I say this because it doesn't follow the "Get stronger----> find waifu-----> beat sub-villain------>unlock new ability------->defeat villain's boss------->explore new country------>repeat from beginning" style that alot of stories take.


The grammar is good but there are a few chapters that have words spelled wrong or the sentences run on.


The story was realy interesting in volume 1 but when it hit volume 2 it felt like Lone was just being an a kid that might have a mental health problem. This all changed when we reach volume 3, we see Lone start to act more like a person would act instead of some psycho.


The characters are very interesting except the fairy, I don't really like the fairy. 



All in all the novel's great and the author should keep it up.