1. Re: How to turn your webnovel into a published novel.

      Hi,  You got great replies on how to publish your novel. Self-publishing can cost you little or no money, or it can cost as much as you want to sink into the project. I published my book on Amazon (...)

    2. Re: Hi! New Here

      Hi, I have been using RRL since I began writing. I think once you have a few chapters to please a binge reader and your work is well written, you will gain a sufficient fan base. In terms of advertising (...)

    3. Re: I got my first 0.5 rating and now I'm sad.

      Congratulations!  :peoapproval: Welcome to the club. I would try to write some stellar words of encouragement but as a Writer, I know that 0.5 will dig into your mind like a festering sore. Great job (...)

    4. Re: Patreon Tips

      If you're writing then I would suggest you have your free chapters posted anywhere you can to attract Patreon supporters. I use RRL, Sufficient Velocity, and other sites to help gain a wide reader base. (...)

    5. Re: Publishing in-between chapters

      Thanks for the information:)

    6. Re: Literary Agent, where to look and how to get one?

      Nice helpful information. Didn't even know about the site. A great question to ask on the forum.

    7. Re: new to royalroad

      hello and welcome

    8. Re: 5k words vs 10k words?

      I agree with most of the replies here. Cut the chapter length. When I started my chapter lengths ran all over the place, from 1500-2600 words. I have found that keeping my chapters around 1500-2000 provides (...)

    9. Re: Ranked by something other than ratings

      Didn't know it takes five 5 star reviews to make up for a one star review. Is that true?

    10. Re: Traumatizing content?

      Hmm. I use the little '?' at the end of the tags to help in my decisions. I've been posting my chapters for over a year but have now added the gore tag. My fighting scenes tend to be descriptive instead (...)

    11. Re: Where did the search by Chapters go?

      Didn't RRl have a search by chapters? The search by ratings and search by pages seem skewered towards posts that enjoy high ratings. As a reader, I prefer searching for chapters to have my spot of binge (...)

    12. Re: Bots on RR?

      When I began posting I felt the same. Either there are some mean critics out there or the matrix has a glitch. Most I can say is keep your writing flowing as much as possible and encourage your followers (...)

    13. Re: Copy Pasted Stories loosing formating.

      I post from my website to RRL. I did have problems with the dark theme since my writing couldn't be seen. I use the clear formatting button now and scan before posting. I like your nice and helpful tip.

    14. Re: How do i get followers

      Hi,  Followers are hard to find but they stick with you for some time. I had to post over a hundred chapters to attract nine hundred followers. And I have been on RRL for just over a year. It takes time (...)

    15. Re: Free resorce for proofreading

      Sounds good but did you intentionally spell resorce in your title wrong?

    16. Re: Book promotions

      I tried contacting the address from my email but it did not work.

    17. Re: Book promotions

      Hello, I have been posting my chapters on RRL for just over a year. I have finally completed my first e-book to be sold on Amazon. Yay--I know, trust me I am really psyched. Is there any section I can (...)

    18. Re: Removing chapters in bulk

      Hey guys, I am thinking about formatting my ebook for Kindle Select. I have been posting my chapters on RRL for just over a year, but I don't want to delete them. I plan to remain on Kindle select for (...)

    19. Re: Suggestion: Get rid of Patreon links and begging. Allow authors to monetize based on views by premium subscribers.

      Interesting topic, with some nice suggestions. RRL has been great in allowing readers and writers alike to enjoy stories online. I have begun posting my serial on this site from the beginning of this (...)