Margrave's Divinity

Good, but has some plot... Strangeness.

In short, this story is good, but it is definitely bearing the marks of an inexperienced writer. That's not necessarily bad, but there's things that could, and should, be rewritten.

The MC seems at times completely oblivious, and at others super insightful. Personally I don't care much for the stories where the MC is a borderline god, and that's not what is happening here. It's just almost strange how he seems knowledgeable, yet at the same time ignorant.

Other than that, it's nice. No obvious grammatical problems or annoying time-skips or manga style exposition dumping.

I definitely suggest reading it, but I also suggest for the author to do a full rewrite when the story has finished, to iron out the holes.

Old Version - The First Magician

If you like teen-based manga, you'll like this

 I honestly don't have a lot to say, because it's just... Not interesting. So far, it seems exactly like a op-mc story with little to no real plot. If you like reading randomly thrown in exposition (like they do in manga), you'll enjoy this immensely. Otherwise, find something better written.

The Outer Sphere

Don't mind the litrpg or sexual content.

The premise of this story isn't exactly groundbreaking. The "apocalypse" starts and the MC is thrown into it, having to fight for survival. Very Randidly Ghosthound-esque. 

However, in this story you get a much more human MC, who doesn't seem like a mechanical front. He isn't dumb, oblivious, cold, insane, or any of the other stereotypes that this kind of story often brings. 

It's a great example of show don't tell. It is a litrpg (and I usually absolutely hate those), but you are rarely told stats and abilities through anything, but the MC using them. If you are the kind of person who like reading through 3 pages of size 12 text worth of data every chapter, this isn't for you.

Note, that at one point the story seemed to be going in the direction that a lot of stories on rrl have: story tapers out, sex becomes focus. This doesn't happen. Luckily.


In short: it is absolutely worth reading. It's fun.

The Good Necromancer

Theres a couple of things that aren't so great. The story so far has bern pretty heavy on exposition, but there is only a few chapters so far, so i hope that its only a beginning thing.

The other thing is the changing of perspective. Sometimes we get a first person perspective, at others a third person. This is often pretty confusing, and will throw the reader off for the first few sentences. 



House Denholm’s Madman: Raising the Demoness in My Head

Story seems well written with little to no grammatical errors. Characters feel deeper than is apparent.

Review up for change as story unfolds. At the time of this review there is 11 chapters.

Embrace the Blade [Dropped/Old]

 The story in an of itself is not bad, but 75% of what we read is data and exposition. This is a severe case of "tell dont show", and its honestly just boring to read.

Death's Heir

Story's good so far, the grammar isnt

The title says it all. The story is interesting, and im thrilled to see where it goes, but the story is full of typos, wrong punctuation, and missing or wrong words.

I suggest getting a proofreader