Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4

I massively enjoyed this fic for many, many reasons. I really liked the premise of a system-enforced disciples-master system.

I also liked how you didn't rush to add too many characters, Just Ning Bi and Han De is already a ton of fun, and I kept wondering whether Han De will ever take a second disciple. 

The writing and pacing is also quite nice, and didn't feel like it was dragging itself along. 


Good stuff, good stuff! 5/5 on enjoyment alone. 


Once I started I was hooked. The whole premise is simple, but very very polished! It's really quite amazing how polished it is. And it feels real, and nothing so far ruins that suspension of disbelief. 


I'm sucked into the setting and I like it.

Blue Core

What I really, really like :

I like the premise, i like the story mechanics about depletion, and how the skills work. The setting is good. How the dungeon works is also fascinating.


Grammar : nothing to nitpick

Character : Pretty good. The main character, Blue is interesting. 

Story : I found it quite interesting! So many questiins. Keep me asking what's gling on behind the scenes about the skills and abilities, and depletion.

Serial Transmigrator

Starts off as a self-aware xianxia

Okay, first time leaving a review, but I thought I really should. Let's start with the great bits.


1. Humor & Comedy.


There are certain chapters where the humor is just absurdly good. Chapter 20 is one such example. I adore that chapter, and I wish I could see more of such interactions between the main 3 characters. 


2. Characters.


Hei's deadpanned, half-dense but half self-aware is really really funny. He's absurdly OP, of course. The rest of the characters are funny, though they do seem intentionally one dimensional. Given that the fic is trying to subvert the trope, I'm going to think its intentional. Hei's frequent references to mom is amazing as well. 


3. Grammar and style

No comment here. The style suits that of a xianxia, and I think its very readable. The phrasing and sentencing suits the deadpan style. 


4. Story


Story seems really character driven, so the whole plot is actually driven by Hei. Which is fine, actually. Hei's awareness of typical plotpoints is what makes it interesting after all.




Really nice read. I follow it diligently the moment it comes out and devour it like a hungry animal.