A Beginner's Guide to Napping, Sunbathing, and Slaughtering Your Prey

A Beginner's Guide to (...)
by TigerCannon
181 pages

Fang is a simple cat. 

Fang likes napping in the sun. 

Fang does not like being called Chairman Meow. 

Fang likes his belly being scratched for precisely 17.329 seconds. 

Fang does not like being punted between dimensions. 

Fang likes hunting and killing defenseless wildlife. 

Fang does not like mysterious blue boxes that appear out of thin air. 


Fang is having a Very Bad Day.



A few things to note:

Fang is a cat soul in a cat body, and that's not going to change any time soon. No cat girl evolution or possessed puppet or any of that. 

The slice of life tag is there for a reason. There is no epic tale here, only a cat doing cat things in a (hopefully) interesting setting. 

The game elements are pretty light, mostly there for flavor, so don't expect a huge amount of crunch.

Nature is cruel, and cats are crueler than most. 

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Farming For Gold

Farming For Gold
by FlyingDutchman
715 pages

When given a chance to join one of the top guilds of the VRMMO Otherworld Winston jumps at the chance. 

However, he soon finds out that when they hired him as a guild farmer they weren't talking about killing goblins. 

Forced into working fields for the next three months Winston decides to make the most of it. 

Watch as he becomes the greatest farmer in Otherworld.

AN: I update once a week in the 3-5k word range.


This is a Spin-off of my Kill 10 Rats story. It takes place 3 years after the launch of the game, with a completly diffrent charater. This book focuses more on guilds, economy, and crafting than on adventure and epic conspiracies like the other book.




Sorry about the formating on all the system messages. The first site I had this posted on doesn't have as good of formating tools, so everything is just in brakets. I'll try to pretty everything up as time goes on.


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The Dungeon Traveler

The Dungeon Traveler
by alstonsleet
24 pages

I spent most of my life trying to get by with whatever happiness I could, that included alcohol, food, and porn.

My death was unpleasant and humiliating. However, death is something we all need to go through. A bit like a proctology exam; necessary but never anything one wants to go through while it's happening.

However, death was supposed to be the end of it. Either way, the pain, suffering, and failures were supposed to be over. I was supposed to wink out, or perhaps take a trip to a lovely afterlife!

No, I ended up as a small stone, strapped to a table, while a pimple-faced teenager rubbed my facets and told me how 'lovely' I was. Last time I checked, birth wasn't supposed to be as embarrassing as death!

Life as a dungeon core isn't all bad. I like watching lizard love triangles and snooping on militaristic dwarves; though there is that issue where I'm trying to free myself from the entanglements of the Gods....ok, yeah that last one is a bit of a problem.


Completed and available on Amazon

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by a_man_in_black
773 pages

Morgan Mackenzie had a very bad day. First at work, then at home, and then her bathtub fell through a portal to another world, with her in it. Now she's stuck thousands of miles from any sort of civilization with nothing but the bathtub and a lace puffball scrubby. But she learned magic, so that's sorta nice. Now if only she could find some clothes...

Cover art by SourMonkey and Tox

DISCLAIMER: This story has multiple characters and different points of view. Morgan is the main protagonist but she does not move through an empty world. This is a bigger story than just one main character fighting the monster of the week.

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The Worlds We Leave Behind (GameLit Novellette)

The Worlds We Leave Behind (...)
by LowRentChef
41 pages

Some days are better than others for Holly. Today is one of the good ones, one of the ones where the crushing grief of losing her son eases back a little, and she's able to face the memories of who her son was, maybe even the potential of who he could have been. 

She feels like she's made tangible progress over the past three weeks, having progressed from crying on the couch to crying on her son's bed, in the room that he spent so much of his time. When it all finally threatens to overwhelm her again, she stands to leave, bumping his chair and awakening his computer.

The voices filtering through the illuminted virtual reality headset are from three of David's best friends. Seperated by thousands of miles in the real world, they had come together inside of the virtual world of Silenia to quest for fame and fortune. At first she is unable to face them, unsure how to tell them that their friend is gone. Once she enters Silenia herself, she discovers that the virtual friendships David forged are as strong as any in reality. 

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by dm xanadu
34 pages

This is a sample of the first draft of Tallrock. The edited chapters, and full book are available on amazon. 

An untapped frontier. Reaping and sowing. Redemption through growth.
Matt is running from a life that he no longer wants, and he’s found a solution. By logging in to the newest game, Livia, he gains chances that he can’t get anywhere else. Matt chooses to cut out a new life for himself on the edge of civilization, by venturing to the frontier town of Tallrock. As soon as he gains his class, the newly minted Cycle Mage has one goal: farming.

Now known in-game as Kastigan, he gains a starting bonus parcel of virgin land that he will need to convert to farmland from the ground up. Kastigan needs to decide what to grow, what animals to raise, and who to hire; all while dealing with a Legion Commander who hates him for no apparent reason, surviving in the wild land where monsters roam freely, and uncovering lost relics from a forgotten time.
If he succeeds, he will create a new home for himself. If he fails, he will lose not only his farm, but all the workers, crops, and beasts that he has spent every last penny to acquire.

Feel free to join the discord community.

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Dungeon Heart

Dungeon Heart
by MinningDragon
110 pages

The death of an old dwarf, the reincarnation of an old soul into a dungeon. He was expecting a peacefull, lonely death, and now he is a dungeon. Well, it could be worse, after all, dwarves are at home underground. Now he has to re-discover how to survive in this new life. He and his creations must carve out their place in the world with their own hands. 

Note: Currently trying to update every Tuesday  week.

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Devious Dungeon [Dropped]

Devious Dungeon [Dropped] (...)
by Kraggy
227 pages

A man seeks his own path, deviating from the norms.

For his own goals and desires, he seeks a path uncharted.

For the sake of satiating his curiosity, he sought to tresspass in the domain of the divines.

Achieving something none had before, he transcended his limits.

Denied was he from fruits of his labor, cheated and cast away to be forgotten.

Yet he was given a chance, a gamble to reclaim what was lost.

Did he lose more than he gained, or did he stumble upon a yet another path untrodden?



Hiya, first story I started to write. This story has no definite goal as of yet, as I'm using it to improve my writing skills as english isn't my native language. Main theme is going to be dungeon building. Is the theme cliché? Well yes, yes it is. And I don't care, as I'm going to try add some new twists and turns while experimenting with my writing.

In the future, story will contain more mature content, you have been warned.

Thus speaking, constructive criticism is welcomed, random bashers and weeaboos are promptly ignored. Updates are sporadic in nature, happening when inspiration strikes.

I do not own the copyrights of the cover. These rights belong to the respective artist.

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Arnar the Dungeon

Arnar the Dungeon
by Wredniak
185 pages

Arnar is a dungeon core. Everybody knows dungeons are evil, man-eating entities hell-bent on killing and absorbing whatever wanders inside their depths. The problem is no one ever told him that. Well, the truth is no one ever told him anything and he refused powers-that-be when they tried to make him into the proper dungeon. That should teach them not resurrect people into dungeon cores.

Now it is too late. He has a perfect plan to become the best dungeon on the continent and nothing will stand in his way. Especially something called common sense. 

Disclaimer of sorts:

I am non-native English writer that used to write mostly for himself. After my last computer decided to die on me taking all my works with it I lost the desire to write for quite a long time. This is my attempt to go find motivation to write again as this was my favourite hobby. The idea is to be held accountable. 

As for being non-native, I don't believe that should be a major issue as I feel my proficiency in English to be sufficient enough to not be too much of the distraction. That said, be forewarned that the rules governing punctuation are beyond my grasp. All I can do is try not to completely suck at that.

As mentioned this is an attempt to motivate me to write again so any message, encouragement or constructive criticism will go long way.

The cover was created with the help of http://fantasynamegenerators.com/emblem-creator.php

I hope you will enjoy my story. 

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Rise of the Goblin Dungeon

Rise of the Goblin Dungeon (...)
by Daaki
329 pages

Jason loved to play dungeon games. The feeling of power to govern over a kingdom of monsters brought him utter deligth. Now his dream will come true and he will become a Dungeon Lord himself. Will he prevail or will the self depicted Lord go under along with his new found home.


This is my first fiction and english is not my native. Just to have you warned. 

With this I want to do a little experiment, if anyone has an idea or wants to see something happen (for example some kind of monster or adventurer to show up etc) write in the comments and maybe I'll integrate it into the story if it fits.

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Dungeon Instinct

Dungeon Instinct
by AaronDragon
530 pages

The multiverse is a big place, and it is also constantly in flux. As such sometimes mistakes occur, impossibilities that should have never come into existence. An aspect of corruption born naturally of a mortal and a divine, a Void that is a singularity instead of a duality, a being that came to be before existence ever was, a forgotten that is not damned, the possibilities are infinite and limitless, and thus so are the possible mistakes in this grand multiverse. But are not mistakes more entertaining to watch?

For Kelic the Blightborn, life was suffering. Born of a holy Templar dedicated to serving the Forgotten Guardian and a powerful abyssal demon queen that raped said Templar, Kelic’s first sight and sensation in Quellios and its realms was being baptized in the life-blood of his dying father. Tortured in the 1425th level of the abyss for ten years, Kelic was only set free of this constant nightmare of an existence by the unintended results of the Ascendant Angel’s rise to true divinity.

His freedom from the abyss was not the paradise that the young Kelic thought however, as he was branded a BlightBorn, or a child of tragedy that brings only misfortune, by the people of Quellios. Abused by all he ever knew or met the boy found solace in only in the things of beauty and the act of reading, a skill he taught himself. His latent ability to comprehend and remember all of what he read and the sheer speed of his reading gained the attention of a prominent figure of Evrette Academy Island. Taken in by the famous mage Fredrick Dunhousen, Kelic lived in peace for the first time in his young life… that is until he was killed.

Follow the tale of a newly born dungeon core in the world of Eserthet, that has only one single purpose. One single purpose it decided for itself...

[{(Note, this story contains: torture, gore, violence, sexual content, and other mature stuff. read at your own risk.)}]

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by Solistia
268 pages

From the nothingness I appeared. Bodiless, voiceless, ageless, I have only thoughts and emotions to guide me. My one connection to the world lies in the hearts of a small colony of lizards, just on the cusp of maturing. I reach out to them without hands, inspiring them to be more than what they are, shaping their bodies from visions of lost memories. But where do the memories come from? I am always left with more questions than answers. In my lonely shapeless existence the lizards cannot hear my words, and they cannot feel my touch, and I must wonder, do I even really exist? --- Called emotional, abstract, and beautiful by readers, this story is an observational account of a disembodied entity that has the power to influence and change a race of mildly intelligent lizard creatures. Memories of a previous life often serve as inspiration, but also generate questions as to whom the entity might have been before it became an Overseer. (presented in short chapters) (Thank you readers for getting my story into the top 5 ;u; ~<3) [Overseer has moved, please see Final Annoucement]

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