SJ Reaver

SJ Reaver

King of Fools : Silver Tongue

Not many LitRPGs that focus on wargame mechanics. Jasper is such a loser in life that a trickster god-of-fools dumps him into a new world in which people fight across hex-based biomes.

The story strikes a balance between having a complex world with several magic systems and unusual ways of ‘leveling’ and while keeping the pace brisk. While the foolish protagonist, his thoughts, and his insult-based powers deliver the funny, the characters and setting are always handled in a serious manner. It’s funny without being fluffy.

Right now, Jasper is exploring the world and we’re getting to know his companions. There isn’t a sense of purpose driving him. It will be interesting to see where his loyalties end up given his infiltration powers means he is able to fit with people on any side of a war.


It feels as though Jasper might develop a love interest with someone who is an ‘enemy.’ That’s always an interesting balancing act and good for drama.


Grammar is solid and prose is good. Descriptions tend to be less flowery than previous works by this author, which keeps with the very grounded perspective of the MC.


If this one continues to update, I can easily see it becoming a top ten on RR.


Eldest: Awakening After the End

I read and I like.

Monsters in this author's works are not monsters. They are the humans humanity has left behind. Those who are too poor, too weak, or too strange. This author catches them from tumbling too far between the cracks and brings them back to the light, showing us the dignity and worth of those others discard.

Here we have a MC born in literal trash. His dungeon is the pit where the city throws its waste and refuge. Yet he survives because he loves what others look down on. Now we get to see him rise.