SJ Reaver

SJ Reaver

    1. Re: What are your writing goals?

      Stay on a story for one month or 100k words.

    2. Re: Broken record topic- Best time to post a story

      1. If you publish at the top of the hour, you're likely to get pushed off the front page faster by people who've scheduled their releases. 2. If you publish while Wing is doing New Releases, you'll get (...)

    3. Re: Long chapter questions

      A few questions that would do me good knowing. 3000+ words a long chapter, right? Are long chapters a turn off? If my chapter are generally that long, a consistent schedule, for me, would be (...)

    4. Re: What do you think of School Life novels?

      It's fine. I appreciate that school-oriented stories have a built-in structure.

    5. Re: Is it necessary for characters to be likeable?

      There's also a difference in intensity when it comes to likability. You can have characters that are broadly liked and those who are broadly disliked, but there are also characters who are hated by (...)

    6. Re: Not Many Followers On Trending Tab Anymore?

      Yes. You hit trending earlier (before you have lots of chapters) and you leave it sooner (before you get lots of followers). I can't say whether it's a good or a bad thing. Before it was a larger boost (...)

    7. Re: How is this follow and view count possible

      Is it I Got Trapped In a Dungeon Brick? Also, I find talking shit about people's stories behind their back pretty sad. (...)

    8. Re: The Xianxia tag should have a '/cultivation' at the end

      Since litRPGs are inherently cultivation as well, that would apply under this argument. No, they are not. Cultivation is based on Chinese folk-religion, Taoism, and Buddism. There are western (...)

    9. Re: Are comments (or lack of them) good or bad?

      1. If you're getting lots of comments, it's typically because you've wrote something people find interesting. 2. The author's craving for comments is bad. Though if your desire for affirmation drives (...)

    10. Re: Writers: How fast did your reader base grow?

      Why are people necroing threads like this? Great growth is 100 followers after a week of posting. Good growth is 30. Anything lower than that is average to poor. Long-term, there's a trending vs (...)

    11. Re: Is it necessary for characters to be likeable?

      I had a question-Is it necessary for a character to be likeable to be interesting? No. If you're asking 'is it important for the protagonist to be likable if I want people to read my stuff' the (...)

    12. Re: SPOILERS Need advice managing expectations vs giving spoilers.

      1. Your story does drag. It has nothing to do with it not being enough of an action-adventure or not managing expectations. People are telling you that it drags because it needs to be edited down. (...)

    13. Re: I'm new to RoyalRoad and would like some suggestions

      I basically will read anything as long as it's interesting or at least somewhat well-written. I've just been making my way down the best rated list, but I'd like to know if there are any books here that (...)

    14. Re: The Benefits of *Writing* Reviews & Comments

      The more I forced myself to explain why something needed to be changed, the better I became at identifying it.  This is true. This is why it's a good idea to write comments and reviews all the (...)

    15. Re: How many chapters is too many chapters to you guys?

      If it's a good novel, even one is too much. Paradise Lost was 93,090 words. Anything more than that is too much for a novel.

    16. Re: Real Life Companies in a Story?

      Disney will wipe you off the face of the earth if it sees you playing with some of its IP. Most other companies are okay.

    17. Re: SPOILERS Need advice managing expectations vs giving spoilers.

      Okay, I'm not sure why you think this chapter is an issue specifically. The only negative comment is that someone's heart hurts, which makes sense given the MC almost died. There's also a long conversation (...)

    18. Re: SPOILERS Need advice managing expectations vs giving spoilers.

      Funny enough, I'd just gotten to that chapter.

    19. Re: SPOILERS Need advice managing expectations vs giving spoilers.

      So, I'm caught in a problem of my own making. I got a bit too smart for myself and set up my story so that it looks like the MC was going to pull a captain Kirk. By that I mean land on a planet, save (...)