SJ Reaver

SJ Reaver

    1. Re: Best ways to describe a character looking/redirecting its attention towards another one?

      I don't think it will. When have you read a good book that goes, "John looked at the house. It was ancient, the roof so shoddy it looked like it probably leaked. There were wilted flowers on the windows. (...)

    2. Re: Explosive Royal Road Growth?

      Interesting! Can someone please tell me how old this site is? I would definitely like to know the traffic for this and the growth over time. I think the site is wayyy more engaging than some other websites (...)

    3. Re: 6k followers!

      That is something to celebrate.

    4. Re: What are your writing goals?

      Finish my current chapter by Monday. It's a difficult one. I got 100 followers in a week, so 1000 followers in three weeks.

    5. Re: Hitting trending has actually been a curse

      These folks are hungry ghosts. You can't write enough to feed the void. We live in an era of free entertainment, and plenty of people read to avoid thinking about whatever's wrong with their lives. And (...)

    6. Re: Is the Marxist culture creeping into rrl?

      ...then there's the new age cultural Marxism that most people aren't aware of... Because it doesn't exist. It's just people slapping 'Maxist' on politics and behaviors they don't like despite it (...)

    7. Re: Amazon Terms of Service

      KU allows you to post 10% of your book on other sites. Regular Kindle is non-exclusive and allows you to publish in other venues.

    8. Re: New member with some questions

      I like premium and would suggest writers get it. I'm not sure why readers would get it unless they want to support the site or hate ads. In general, if you could see it in an R-rated movie, you (...)

    9. Re: Disabled anonymous ratings

      I noticed recently that certain stories on here have disabled anonymous ratings...  is this a new thing? I’m assuming its a beta thing that’s been kept quiet. Interesting. It's a few months old. (...)

    10. Re: How would you make someone hate humanity (without Videogames)

      Well, depending on the personality, some people are inclined to hate other humans. For an average person, simply educating themselves on the horrible things people do or experiencing it first hand (...)

    11. Re: Why my stories from Webnovel are getting rejected?

      Usually, they give you the reason why a fiction was rejected in the rejection. What did it say?

    12. Re: Wattpad - Short Story Writers Wanted!

      I have to admit, going to the Royal Road forum to advertise for an anthology not open to Royal Road authors? Ballsy as hell. I kinda like it.

    13. Re: Let's Be Honest

      I'm quite new here still, but 2025 has been having some steady uploads, though it's not that popular and still new For a second, I thought you were from the future. I wanted to know if I'd finished (...)

    14. Re: RoyalRoad is the first site I've found that listens to its members

      Yeah, it only took *looks at calendar* three years for them to implement it! But yes, I do appreciate being listened to. Kana koins when?

    15. Re: A question about posting my work Verified content: The content must be submitted by the author or someone with permission from the author. Any content that is available on other sites will (...)

    16. Re: Webnovels

      I don't worry about it. Comments are typically off-the-cuff reactions to what a person has just read.

    17. Re: How do you write Satire?

      Satire is hard when the real world already gave us Donald Trump for President. Satire presumes that your reader has a cultural baseline of 'this is obviously ridiculous,' on which to build a criticism (...)

    18. Re: How are people locating my novel to read?

      Not sure if this is assistance request per say but I didn't know if it fit general either.  I am generally curious how people are finding my novel between postings. Is it just advanced search tags? (...)

    19. Re: Broken record topic- Best time to post a story

      Interesting! BTW with is ''Wing is doing New Releases" ? Sorry I am still new here. Wing is the site owner. When you submit a fic, she's the one that approves it. New Releases are the newly (...)