SJ Reaver

SJ Reaver

    1. Nighthunter - Nanowrimo 2017

      The world shifts and Alexa finds herself trapped in a world far more dark and deadly than the one she knows. Her new body is stronger and faster, and she feels a connection to the magic around her, but (...)

    2. RE: WriTE Halloween Contest

      Neat! Thanks for running this.

    3. RE: Do you want the story to end?

      I'd like there to be a plot and a resolution of that plot. Just because a specific story ends doesn't mean the author can't write another story featuring that character. Think of it as a TV show. There's (...)

    4. RE: Quotes, dialog, and tracking who is speaking.

      Some other thoughts: Dialogue should have as much resemblance to the way people 'really talk' as the plot of the story does to the way people 'really live.' If you're writing a story about a middle-aged (...)

    5. RE: Speed versus Quality

      "Quantity has a quality all its own."

    6. RE: Looking for any older stories

      The Gam3 is from 2 years ago.

    7. RE: Tense in writing.

      In English literature, novels traditionally use past tense. Plays (and now screenplays) are traditionally written in present tense. John Updike wrote one of the first novels that was all present tense, (...)

    8. RE: How does one come up with ideas for fictions?

      "A good poet imitates; a great poet steals." - TS Eliot.