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SJ Reaver

    1. Re: Do writers sabotage each other here?

      Yes, and rating sniping for when someone is deliberately trying to lower your position on Best Rated.

    2. Re: Please help me regarding abusive admins deleting reviews using spurious allegations

      This issue seems to have been cleared up, but the OP was probably justified in making the thread to figure out the situation. They could have contacted the admins directly. They claim they were unable (...)

    3. Re: Do writers sabotage each other here?

      I mean, if you have a problem with a book you leave a reason why, right? No. The majority of ratings I give are without comment. Do writers mark other books with a similar genre down in order to (...)

    4. Re: Critique and the point of writing on a site like RoyalRoad

      What is the point of posting your novel on a site like this one, if you can't accept any form of critique? As a form of self-expression and/or the pleasure of people who enjoy your work. When (...)

    5. Re: How do you imagine your fiction in your head? Little of colomn A. Little of colomn B.

    6. Re: How many active authors are currently on Royal Road?

      It would help if you told us what an 'active author' meant to you. There have been about 3k stories updated in the last 30 days.

    7. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      My question is to the readers. What is the optimum frequency of sexual content for you? Every chapter, every 3rd chapter, none at all... etc. Just curious. Every chapter, if appropriate. Never, (...)

    8. Re: Multiple 1st person perspective switching is a literary crime. Am I wrong?

      Yes, you are wrong. So I've read enough works on this site to know what I like, what I don't like, and what I despise. No aspect of literature should be judged solely on its appearance on Royal (...)

    9. Re: Are prologues bad? Do readers feel misled?

      Prologues are not bad. They can be misleading.

    10. Re: How to Writering--Reaver's Guide!

      6. I am sick of these motherfucking tonal breaks in my motherfucking stories Chapters 1 - 15: Lighthearted adventuring and exploration Chapter 16: The author realizes things are getting staid, so (...)

    11. Re: How to Writering--Reaver's Guide!

      4. What is the best time to release a chapter? 12:05 PM GMT. If you release exactly at 12:00 PM, you will be pushed off by a bunch of scheduled chapter updates. 5. I've heard you want to release (...)

    12. Re: How to Writering--Reaver's Guide!

      3. It's okay to use passive voice Or it would be if it were possible in English, which it is not. Latin has passive voice. English has passive sentence structure. Journalism has a strong influence (...)

    13. Re: How to Writering--Reaver's Guide!

      2. The vivid and continuous dream The purpose of writering is to create in the reader's mind a vivid and continuous dream. Vividness comes from language that stimulates and evokes. Weak language (...)

    14. How to Writering--Reaver's Guide!

      I thought I made writering guide before but cannot find it. So this will be a thread with my fiction writering observations and thoughts. And my thoughts are small so I will not waste too much of your (...)

    15. Re: Is there an optimal time to post a new chapter?

      4 am pst. You'll have to convert for your local time zone.

    16. Re: New Border [Official]

      Who is the artist?

    17. Re: What counts as being worthy of rep?

      I do it if I remember it and feel like it. It's not a matter of having rules or being worthy.

    18. Re: I AM HERE

    19. Re: Looking for a Few Good (or Bad!) Hooks

      Thank you for the hooks given here. I only wish I had asked for them sooner and had more time to prepare. I could have gone through more than the few I managed. The students were very receptive to the (...)