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SJ Reaver

    1. Re: What counts as being worthy of rep?

      I do it if I remember it and feel like it. It's not a matter of having rules or being worthy.

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    3. Re: Looking for a Few Good (or Bad!) Hooks

      Thank you for the hooks given here. I only wish I had asked for them sooner and had more time to prepare. I could have gone through more than the few I managed. The students were very receptive to the (...)

    4. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      Yuri is a genre featuring girl's love. Lesbian is not. The main character can be gay without the story being yuri.

    5. Re: Average amount of words written a day?

      I don't write daily. I'll average about 14k-20k a week but that might be writing every day or writing four days and not writing anything the other.

    6. Re: LGBTQIA Stories

      Yeah, Nighthunter is 'yuri,' in that the main character is a bisexual woman. High Artificer is my current story and the MC is a wlw.

    7. Re: Choosing Royal Road over actual publishing

      There are authors that self publish their existing story on amazon store, but it's both bad and d*ck move in my opinion. It's better to just set up a patreon and doing whatever you like. Yes, how (...)

    8. Re: How much do you write?

      I've written 60k in the last 28 days.

    9. Re: Discord? I have to agree with the mods about shutting down an official discord because it was probably killing the forums. Um, they didn't shut down the official discord.

    10. Re: Why can't author's fully delete chapters?

      it could be a setting thing, add a hide/unhide deleted chapters button/checkbox, then admins and authors might be happy? That already exists. I have premium, so maybe I see something different, (...)

    11. Re: Reaver's Reviews 01

      Okay, for those of you who got in, I will start on these tonight. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask.

    12. Re: Reaver's Reviews 01

    13. Re: Reaver's Reviews 01 [CLOSED]

      Plop a link to your RR fiction here. Just a link. I'll take up to ten. First come, first serve. 01. web-of-secrets-modern-cultivation 02. (...)

    14. Re: Why can't author's fully delete chapters?

      Because completely removing a chapter messes with the database. In lots of sites like this, when you delete a chapter, it still exists, but you can't see it. Unlike other sites, however, contacting (...)

    15. Re: problems in the current state of affairs of RRL and similar ecospheres

      1) the Russians did not start the Litrpg, the Koreans did. with arc, followed by LMS. that Russian guy that coined the world litrpg was inspired by LMS probably maybe, but he written his books after (...)

    16. Re: problems in the current state of affairs of RRL and similar ecospheres

      I think the best LitRPGs are English originals.  I give Russia props for establishing the genre and some of the Korean litrpgs are good, but China has an anemic litrpg scene. RR has slowly been (...)

    17. Re: What is better, Mass releasing like 50 chapters at once or a chapter a day?

      I really don't know if that is the case. My novel shot up into trending randomly with only gaining views/followers and no rankings at all. Also the trending algorithm was changed late last year so I (...)

    18. Re: Erased Reviews

      It's scummy but there's nothing to keep you from removing your review from their fiction. In regards to rankings, they reviewed your fiction in order to get a benefit and then removed it to get a (...)

    19. Re: What is better, Mass releasing like 50 chapters at once or a chapter a day?

      Trending isn't based on followers but ratings growth. Beware of Chicken was a 'victim' of its own success. Because it got popular so quickly, its ratings growth wasn't high. An example: Book1 - 1 (...)

    20. Re: Fan-Fics vs. Originals

      In general, fanfiction doesn't do well on RR. There are a handful of franchises that gain traction, usually Naruto and Pokemon, but if you look at Best Rated, Most Followed, and Popular this Week, it's (...)