SJ Reaver

SJ Reaver

    1. Re: How long does it take for a completely new story to take off?

      Hey! So I just joined Royal Road a few days ago, and posted my first story three days ago. After three days, my story has gotten 8 followers and 5 favorites. Does anybody know whether this is good (...)

    2. Re: When Did Stats Become "Not Enough" ? (LItRPG-centered)

      LitRPGs have never followed the actual designs of MMOs. Way of the Shaman, one of the first 'big' LitRPGs from Russia, it about a dude who gets a crappy class in an MMO that is secretly OP and powerful (...)

    3. Re: April Thread - Promote your story Heroes are summoned from our world to fight the Demon Lords... and fail. Humanity falls, enslaved and turned into livestock, (...)

    4. Re: Are you affected?

      As a side note about the bet on 100.000k deaths... if Corona is a true threat as it is reported right now, there should be millions. Wait, you're saying that Austria, a country of 10 million, will only (...)

    5. Re: Are you affected?

      Let's just wait for the death tolls at the end of the year and check then whether it was media induced hysteria or a bad flu season. If only there were an organization built around World Health (...)

    6. Re: Are you affected?

      I'm sick. My city has shut down. I am an American. Also, my state of 3 million people has 800 testing kits. My neighbors are not just stalking up on TP but on guns and ammo.  Let's do the math for (...)

    7. Re: Recs: Web-novel Coronavirus Edition

      Is it hot in here or is it my fever? :peoconfused:  My city goes under lockdown tomorrow but that's fine because I'm as sick as a dog. I've been told to self-isolate and not even think of harassing (...)

    8. Re: An isekai where the protagonist becomes religious

      Oh cool, Nighthunter got a mention. Yes, Alexa experiences a state of spiritual madness or ecstasy when it comes to her chosen goddess. Though she performs a few rituals, she's more a prophet wandering (...)

    9. Re: Reasonable expectations?

      I usually drop a story if it doesn't have 100 followers in a week. But I... 1) Am an established author 2) Write in the right genre 3) Have the right storytelling style 4) Do daily or semi-daily (...)

    10. Re: When your story doesn't really fit in a RR niche...

      1. Find someplace it does fit. 2. Alter it to fit 3. Accept that you won't be as popular as some fictions that do fit. You can still be popular with a non-niche fiction, however.

    11. Re: Where are the rules and basic how-tos?

      Assume that you'll use the WYS editor. Technically, you can edit the source code of your document, but they've stripped lots of abilities to improve site security and functionality on different devices. (...)

    12. Re: Real World Drug Use in Stories?

      I've written about drug use without issues.

    13. Re: Other authors, what would you consider slow/fast growth for a new project posted here?

      I usually want 100 followers in the first week and 1k-2k followers by the end of the first month and a half.

    14. Re: A call to Beta-Readers

      Interesting. So you want an editor, only a bad one. Good luck with that!

    15. Re: Is it just me, or is the forum very dead?

      Only that which has lived can die. :angel:

    16. Re: Hate-Reviews

      It doesn't matter how long you take to write something if the end-product is bad.

    17. Re: March Madness 2019 Contest

      I've had a few questions lobbed my way: Q: Are authors allowed to use their stories for review swaps? A: Yes. The authors I spoke with were mostly okay with review swaps being allowed. We're obviously (...)

    18. Re: March Madness 2019 Contest

      A wild Reaver appears!

    19. Re: March Madness 2019 Contest

      People have already started submitting their fictions. The contest has begun. It finishes at the end of March though, ye.

    20. Re: March Madness 2019 Contest

      This should be a NEW fiction. When I say ongoing, I mean that you don't have to finish it by the end of March. As opposed to a short story or one-shot.