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    1. Re: Reasonable expectations?

      I usually drop a story if it doesn't have 100 followers in a week. But I... 1) Am an established author 2) Write in the right genre 3) Have the right storytelling style 4) Do daily or semi-daily (...)

    2. Re: When your story doesn't really fit in a RR niche...

      1. Find someplace it does fit. 2. Alter it to fit 3. Accept that you won't be as popular as some fictions that do fit. You can still be popular with a non-niche fiction, however.

    3. Re: Where are the rules and basic how-tos?

      Assume that you'll use the WYS editor. Technically, you can edit the source code of your document, but they've stripped lots of abilities to improve site security and functionality on different devices. (...)

    4. Re: Real World Drug Use in Stories?

      I've written about drug use without issues.

    5. Re: Other authors, what would you consider slow/fast growth for a new project posted here?

      I usually want 100 followers in the first week and 1k-2k followers by the end of the first month and a half.

    6. Re: A call to Beta-Readers

      Interesting. So you want an editor, only a bad one. Good luck with that!

    7. Re: Is it just me, or is the forum very dead?

      Only that which has lived can die. :angel:

    8. Re: Hate-Reviews

      It doesn't matter how long you take to write something if the end-product is bad.

    9. Re: March Madness 2019 Contest

      I've had a few questions lobbed my way: Q: Are authors allowed to use their stories for review swaps? A: Yes. The authors I spoke with were mostly okay with review swaps being allowed. We're obviously (...)

    10. Re: March Madness 2019 Contest

      A wild Reaver appears!

    11. Re: March Madness 2019 Contest

      People have already started submitting their fictions. The contest has begun. It finishes at the end of March though, ye.

    12. Re: March Madness 2019 Contest

      This should be a NEW fiction. When I say ongoing, I mean that you don't have to finish it by the end of March. As opposed to a short story or one-shot.

    13. Re: March Madness 2019 Contest

      Greetings lovelies! It's time for another friendly contest and Neca has decided I'm in charge of explaining things. We have a number of new people joining in, so let's review the rules, conditions, (...)

    14. Re: Tana's Week of Reviews

      ... Why do people think I'm a heartless monster? It's not my fault that some writers are just terrible. "Yes, I eat people's babies, but only the ugly ones."

    15. Re: Tana's Week of Reviews

      Where is my popcorn emoji?

    16. Re: Premium on Chat Role

      rawr rawr rawr SJ Reaver#8308

    17. Re: Story Duel, Round 3

      You think to beat me? What a grand and intoxicating innocence. 

    18. Re: Story Duel, Round 3

      Once again, someone has offered themselves up to be humiliated by I, Reaver, the greatest and most bestest writer on RRL! This time, King Fraxinus and WhisperZero have decided to step up to the plate. (...)

    19. Re: Reaver’s Recs – Fresh Vintages

      What is better than stumbling upon a new and well-written story, following it, watching it gain an audience as the author builds up chapters, and then having your heart broken when it enters perma-hiatus? (...)

    20. Re: Suggestion: Anonymous Reviewing?

      I'd have no issue with reviewers being able to anonymously review novels. If someone became abusive or used reviews simply to troll, the author can report those reviews, and the admins/mods can see who (...)