The Elemental Arena

The Elemental Arena
641 pages

*A Rational-Adjacent litRPG Survival Series.*

The time for the trials has come, pitting the mortal species of the galaxy against one another.  By completing challenges, clearing dungeons, and defeating rival species, the players may forge themselves stronger and smarter.  But only one species will be declared the winner.

Earth has finally qualified...

...and participation is mandatory.  

A twenty-nine year old data entry clerk works together with a group of internationally diverse players to survive.  Learning synergistic skills and using teamwork, can humanity achieve an upset?  If they don't, their lives are forfeit.


Author's note:  Chapters will be anywhere from 6k to 10k in words, varying based on the plot beats instead of specific word counts.  

Realistic actions and teamwork will be important aspects of my story.  I'm trying something a little different in writing a realism focused litRPG, hoping to capture the essence of how real people would react to their situation.  People are complex and don't always get along.  I don't recommend starting the series expecting wish fulfillment tropes just because it's tagged litRPG.  It's a survival story with the game settings on Hell difficulty.  The plot hasn't gotten there yet, but in the future of the series I want to recreate my nostalgia of forty person raids on Ragnaros, but with the high stakes of boss battles in Sword Art Online. I also love puzzle rooms so expect one of those each book.

Warnings: mild PG-rated language, graphic violence and gore, and graphic medical content.

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