Dawn of the Void - a LitRPG Apocalypse

Wow. What an awesome read.

The main character has so much depth and is so raw at times you just can't help but want to know more of his story. The only extra main character so far actually interesting enough to make me not wish her to be killed off (you-know-what-I-mean)

The world they're trudging through is so visceral and believable and just amazingly fleshed out.

I've seen a lot of authors base their stories on the real word and usually it's some kind of tin can version of reality, just hollow and flimsy... but this guy knows the grit and shit of this world and really dialed it in for this story.

It's a gritty, witty, dirty survival story with all the guilty pleasures of power progression wrapped in a world where shit still matters...

There's some typos here and there and the occasional "huh?" on a sentence that was probably half rewriten before posting but at the pace of release I welcome it!

You can tell this author is carefully meticulously wording and rewording. 

No "deja vu" moments where you saw nearly the same description of a situation 5 times before, or even overused Bing words that become irritating as time goes on...

I always know where everything is happening, I can practically hear and taste the fight scenes and purple prose is sitting untouched on this authors desk.

My only gripe now is that I'm catching up too fast...

I love it!

Read it now!

The Menocht Loop

The best loop story there is

The best loop story there is.


The style, the story, and the scope.

The style of the story is detailed without being a walk-about through a thesaurus. The world is fleshed out but the author lets you make some reasoning yourself, which I find builds the best images while reading.

The story. Gripping, edge of your seat stuff. Imagine waking up on a roller coaster at the apex of a double corkscrew loop de loop(get it??). Yeah it's wild and crazy at first, but I challenge you to not be entertained! It isn't for maaaany chapters that you finally figure out what the heck is going on, but what a ride!

The scope. 

Now this is where it got me. It goes beyond what you would see in other timeloops, and it transitions without totalling breaking down and losing its steam in the process. The loop is everything you want it to be, but when you actually get some answers, you really start to get into it. You learn who the character is, why he's in this place and feel for him as he goes from the centre of the known universe, to a stranger in his own skin. You go from being a nobody, desiccating on a dingey in the middle of the ocean, to being the linchpin in international warfare... if this was a motion picture the travel budget would be huge!

In summary, if you love loop stories, progression, likeable MCs, underdog to underGOD stories, I say this one is for you.

As always, my only regret is everytime I binge, I run out of chapters!

AnimeCon Harem

Why Aren’t more people reading??

Is it the romance tag?

the word Harem in the title?

The awesome but somewhat racy coverArt?

I’ll tell you I was sceptical in the beginning but this reads much less like a story driven by sex and more like a story that doesn’t wholly avoid sex and pretend that the characters therein are somehow devoid of basic human instincts. 

The story isn’t afraid to go there but it is by FAR not the only thing you’re reading.

I’m completely caught up on the chapters here and I’ll say I’ve only felt it got heavy maybe 2 or 3 times? The rest was like, “hell yeah I’d grab that ass, too”. It’s damn refreshing to have a real and relatable story for a change.

Besides the harem charm hijinks... which is a cool plot driver but, yeah, a bit silly.

To me the story is really a different read to the popular stuff on this site. You don’t have any menu screens, no grinding skills, but you still have an OP protag, hahah... somehow...

The characters really feel alive and the way the story itself reads is all about the feelings and journey they’re experience.

When I read the story I really feel alive and takes me back to some wild days of my past, where you’re just flying from one random-ass situation to the next. Really just being young I guess.

The writer is obviously talented and makes it clear in their ability to bring this out of you, while making the world and these people really come alive.

Don’t skip this one with a cursory glance. People like us readers here should know better than anyone to not judge a book by its’ cover.

Ben's Damn Adventure: The Prince Has No Pants

This is a solidly written page turner... Er, clicker? 


... anyway! I have to say I feel as though the writer earnestly connects with this his work in a way that is very engaging for the reader and beneficial for the flow of the narrative.

I’m here writing this due to that same earnest shameless prodding to write a review! Hahah but seriously I love it.

So far it feels great and it’s just a really fun story to read.

I can’t wait to see where this goes!

PS: I took a star off for character just because I don’t know him well enough yet and it a bit shallow to prematurely 5 star the story; I’ll update this when I get a feel for the guy!

Growing Strong

Binge read up to date, like all the rest of us. 

Really worth the time and I strongly recommend it.

The writer uses an intuitive writing style and you burn through the chapters fast.

On top of that, some major credit is due for such a unique combat style and class for the protag. Kudos.

Only gripe would be release speed.

Twice a week? That's just cruel! 


Really enjoying this story so far.

Right up there with "Paladin" in terms of the storytelling quality and writing, in my opinion.

My only complaint (like many others) is that the MC seems just a bit too skittish for what he is supposed be.

I take that with a grain of salt however, as it paves the way for some badassification that should feel more visceral and satisfying with all of the ground work being put in.

That is if the author chooses to go that route.

So I am taking a half star off for that, til further notice.

Great story and am excited to see where it goes!

The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound

Binged this one over a week from beginning to end.

Very fun read.

A bit unpolished at times, but the improvement from the first chapter to the 100th or so is extremely noticeable.

The author's extreme dedication to releases doesn't hurt either!

I am thoroughly enjoying this story and would would highly recommend it.

I have never been this addicted to something that didn't have a major health advisory on the side of the box.

This story doesn't need a review. If you are reading this comment, stop.

Stop right now and go open the first chapter of this story.

Any further delaying would simply be an injustice.



Go now!