1. Re: Application Information

      Beep bop! He~y! I'm Villain, Amateur Digital Artist( and writer)  I wanna join this group and this is one of my art samples (although I developed since last year, its still little :dizzy: )... (...)

    2. Re: Drafts

      Thanks guys! You were a lot of help!

    3. Re: Drafts

      I want to schedule drafts since I want it to be regularly updated... anyone knows how to?

    4. RE: Want an Isekai(Another World) novel? Try reading "The Untold Regalia."

      Hi guys! Honestly, I don't know where should I post this but, oh well! The updates are getting slower and slower... sorry about that guys. My Internet's Prepaid at the moment and I don't get many materials (...)

    5. Need DA that works for free...

      Need some artists who work for free or a willing one... But I can't pay you. All I need is a new cover for my story  The Untold Regalia... Which includes the MC at the right side showing his (Read the (...)

    6. RE: Want a Reincarnation-plot novel? Try reading "The Untold Regalia."

      Even though the genre has been done to death, this story has caught my attention. I've bookmarked it and will give it a read in bed later. :D Thanks man! Also, your story is awesome! got it (...)

    7. RE: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      Hello, I would like an editor for the synopsis of my novel. The link: The Untold Regalia If you can, please PM me for the results. Thanks in advance!

    8. Want an Isekai(Another World) novel? Try reading "The Untold Regalia."

      Yo guys wassup! I just posted my first novel I've ever constructed on RoyalRoadL. A world transfer story and the like. Well, you may see the story in Wattpad, too, since I extended my posts.  Anyhow, (...)