1. Re: The Very First .5

      Of course, why would anyone complain about free five stars. Those are tasty. If only there was an achievement for the first bitter star though, just the first one. And, oh, it doesn't hurt at all. I'm (...)

    2. Re: The Very First .5

      Since the very first uploaded chapter, I've been waiting and dreading for this day. And it finally happened. I thought it would happen sooner, quicker, but it didn't. Then I hoped it would happen later, (...)

    3. Re: Cover comparison...

      I prefer the one with details. Black void is just black void, to me it looks more interesting with the details on, lessening the black void. It also gives a feeling that the bridge & portal are in some (...)

    4. Re: Change the order of chapters

      You can reorder chapters in you Story's dashboard. Content -> Chapters  -> Reorder (Top right above the chapters) (And yes, there was no prologue requirement, just any kind of chapter when submitting)

    5. Re: Do you prefer reading/writng on mobile or desktop?

      For e-books I always read them on a phone, for Novels on here: desktop. I can't really imagine writing on mobile that wouldn't be using a blue-tooth keyboard of sorts. At least my writing speed on phone (...)

    6. Re: January Thread - Promote your Story The only way forward is through magic. All Eloise wanted was to turn her maths exam papers in. Now she's trapped in a different world and is surrounded by monsters. (...)

    7. Re: Free Review for New Authors

      Hello, I'd appreciate if you could check out my story then. I'd be interested in how the pacing looks to others, as well as the flow of prose. Thank you.

    8. Re: Phoenix Border

      Though at first I thought it was Fire Fox, the border looks great.

    9. Re: How fast writer are you?

      To write 700-900 words, for me it takes twenty minutes. So 3000 words would be hour and a half or so. Yet jolting the words is the quick part, what takes the longest time is going through the chapter again (...)

    10. Re: How long have you been writing for?

      I'm of an opinion that it's never too late to start writing. Starting early is well and good to get technical writing experience, but starting late you have experience from living, reading, breathing. (...)

    11. Re: Old reader, new writer

      Good day, everyone. I've been lurking and reading web novels here ever since the website still had the 'L' in it's name. Mainly reading fantasy ones, but if it's well written, I like reading off-genre (...)