Although I have only read one chapter (because that is all that is currently out), I am interested to see where the author is taking this. It is a nice build up of tension with hints of a world that is not quite right.

This sounds like a very serious GameLit with a different kind of VINES. 

VINES: A Short Story

This short story is delightful. The humor is spot on. The audio version provided by the author is beautiful... Both versions ;) But most importantly, there are VINES. And the vines must grow.

I suggest giving this short story a chance. And especially the audio version which is absolutely worth it.


But seriously, this comedy is fun

While I have only read ONE single chapter, this chapter does not disappoint. It has everything! Cultivation, levels, death, souls, villains, world building, and comedy that transcends the mundane and does not disappoint. But, most importantly, it has VINES!

The vines are here. The vines are the future. And there will be Cultivine.

Lemongrass - A Cultivation Story

Xianxia and Cyberpunk in a Mecha-Blender

This story is both fun and dark, just like any good Cyberpunk or Xianxia.


The story’s style and pacing in the beginning suffers from the origin of it... It was originally written for a short story or novella contest making the first story arc feel a little rushed if a reader doesn't know that at the start. The story after the first arc was written in a more web novel format and the pacing feels a lot better.

The descriptions tend to be minimal but as a minimalist writer myself, I didn't have too much of an issue with that but some readers might.

I listened to this novel through a web text to speech app, and I found that the prose flowed well when said aloud. I found no issues with either sentence structure or wrongly used words. It is very well done.

The character is a delightfully odd. She’s trying to gain strength to take her familly’s land back from some kind of very strong rusty mecha beasts. She doesn't get an MC halo and often finds herself in dangerous situations beyond her ability to deal with, but she does her best even if she makes mistakes. Probably her biggest flaw is that she trusts too much. I find this a very realistic flaw in a character coming to the big dangerous city for the first time. It is also why I like this character. Instead of growing wary and distrustful of everyone she would still pick up the luggage of someone who died in front of her to return it to their family, rather than let it be confiscated by the corrupt cops. She also has a tendency to overthing about Confusion.

She makes friends with Rose, a girl who reveals in chaos and is a terrible person to be friends with, but she does have her own issues, even if they're not always shown until later.

In conclusion, if you're looking for something different that is both dark and fun, I highly recommend this story.

Rolling Stone

This is an awesome story for someone looking for a GameLit with a non-humanoid main character! Our adorable Stone starts off as a bit slow, as one would expect from a tiny rock, but he quickly learns, thank's to his poor patient Partner. He begins by killing ants to farm XP and it takes off from there. The humor is excellent.

This story is written in omniscient, present tense, which seems to work well for this story. I enjoyed it even if I am not a fan of present tense.

There are a few minor grammar and spelling errors in the beginning chapters but they disappear as the story progresses.

The humor and the world was very entertaining and well done! The author adds notes about different aspects of the world that pertain to what happened in the chapters, at the end of the chapter and I found those interesting. This story is a classic weak-to-strong story, but the difference is that Stone starts off very weak and gets strong very quickly for a very tiny stone. I enjoyed it very much.

The characters were all portrayed very well, between the slow Stone, the frustrated Partner, and all of the classic bearded Dwarves. The verbal play between Stone and his partner really kept the pace of the story going for me.

All in all, I enjoyed this story and I hope others will find it fun as well.

Righteous Sovereign, Shameless Rogue (hiatus/rewrite)

Reminiscent of a Translated Seinen Xianxia/Xuanhuan

Disclaimer - the author asked for an honest review from me but I refused originally because of the harem tag. He then explained that the story would provably be closer to serial monogamy so I agreed to give it a chance and review it. Also, since I've currently read only up to chapter 9 this is just my initial review. If I decide to read more I'll edit this accordingly.

This story's beginning is a little confusing as  (in my opinion) the author introduces too many characters to really keep track of everyone between the prologue and the side story but the two characters who seem to matter to the story the most are the wonderful badmouth, Lin Qingtian and the MC, Li Xianyi. The badass Lin Qingtian has a lot of super cool secrets that we slowly learn about over the course of there first 9 chapters, one of which has to do with the MC. Li Xianyi is a 16yo transmigrator from modern day Earth. He transmigrates into the body of a little boy who shows up in a very mysterious way.

In the beginning, the MC is a little reminiscent of the MC from the beginning of Er Gen's A Will Eternal  except that he's a little more afraid of everything, runs away more and actually has the mind of a perverted teenage boy. That last part is what I'm personally most bothered by while reading this, but I know a lot of readers of Seinen stories will be fine with it. I can see the author is going to give the MC a character arc, and that he will grow and change throughout the story. Then there is, Lin Qingtian who I really adore and who we spend the most time with through these first 9 chapters. She is a badass woman who don't take shit from anyone and it is truly refreshing to see that in a Seinen type of story. I also enjoy how she bullies the MC. ( I think the part where she she hits the MC a lot when she first meets him is a little too cliché for my tastes and kind of feels a little out of character at that point in the story. It's not that I'm against her being violent against the little boy MC – now that I know what she can do – as much as I think she would be more creative with her violence towards him. Like calmly adjust her clothing and then twist his pinky finger or arm and then spank his bottom like the 5yo he is when he first appears, before escalating into giving him a concussion, but your mileage may vary on that.) Frankly, I hope the MC never gets to bully her back but let's see where the author takes this.

I really love how this world the author creates is based off ancient China but (so far) seems to lack the oppression of women that you sometimes see in worlds based off of ancient China. So far I don't see any "reputation ruined" or "take responsibility" type of things either. And it makes sense since this world has cultivation (magic), which tends to equalize the combat capabilities between genders. (At least this is the case in the first 9 chapters)

This story is written in omniciant, like most translated Xianxia I've read. While I think the author starts out focusing on a few too many characters outside of the main two in the beginning, aside from that and a few areas I think the author could describe in a little more detail, the style is very well done. I also love the end chapter notes that describe certian things that might confuse western readers. Those notes are very well done and highly enjoyable for people who like to read translated stories. 

I gave the story section only 4 stars because there are a few too many places where we're introduced to things that, I'm sure make sense to the author but as a reader, we don't need to know about in the beginning. In my opinion, things like that should be kept hidden, and only explained later when the information is relevant (this is mostly in the second part of the prologue and in the first side story, though I also think the unnamed person in the side story should be named since we figure it out rather quickly and using "the woman" instead of the name or "she" just makes it difficult to read). I also only gave it four stars because of the few clichè instances that were not made up for by ingenious things. That said, I still see a lot of potential in this story which I hope the author will fulfill. The author is also very humorous which is awesome!

There are very few grammar and spelling errors, which is refreshing to see in a story reminiscent of a translated web novel. The author also has a pretty good vocabulary! You, however, will see a lot of words repeat within a sentence or paragraph, but that is also similar to translated works so your mileage may vary on that!

As I've mentioned before, the MC isn't really my cup of tea and is the main reason I'm unsure if I'll continue to read further. This is mostly personal preference so if you're fine with pervert-minded adolescent MCs then don't let this hold you back! Especially since I believe the author plans to let him change and grow. And the reason why I might continue reading the story is for Lin Qingtian who is awesome! I hope she can stay awesome!

The Courting of Life and Death

This beautifully written story is exactly what the title of the series suggests, a very subtle love triangle between a hidden necromancer (A doctor who never gives up), the Lady of Death (a being not exactly of his plane?), and his very much alive childhood friend Elizabeth.

The style of the story is very good, like reading a French Regency or early Victorian Era romance where magic, Daimons, and the Fae exsist but are rarely seen. 

The story itself if very slow as we explore this dark hidden world of necromancy that is different from the norm you'd see in games but also, way cooler. The romance is also very slow burn (but not the slowest of burns I've encountered) and it's very nice and sweet.

This story had no or few grammar and spelling errors. Be warned that some French words are used in place of the English equivalent.

Each character is fully developed though at this point we still know only the bare minimum about each person.

This is a very interesting fantasy romance, and if you're looking for something slightly dark and interesting then I highly recommend that you take a look!


Capo: Rise of a Gang Lord

A Fantastic Addition to the GameLit Genre

This beautifully written story is about a young man who, when given the choice to go down a respectable path or a dark path chose the latter. Fans of GTA will definitely enjoy it!

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of books about gangsters and the mafia (though I'll play the hell out of a good GTA game) but once I learned more about the actual system it started to read closer to how GameLit based on gangsters should read. It takes time to fully reveal the whole game system, but that is understandable when it is so different from what's currently out there. I think, as the story progresses it will continue to get better and better.

It was pleasant to read such a perfectly written prose. I noticed no horrible grammar or spelling errors.

The main character seems like a Nice Guy (tm) at first but his decisions slowly make you realize that, like most of those types, they're not necessarily "nice." I do hope that we see some grim humor from him at some point because he's been pretty serious throughout the story so far and I think when dealing with these kinds of law breaking situations you have to have add a bit of humor or you'll go insane (but that could just be my love and preference to have comedy, grim or otherwise, in the stories I read). There is definitely some comedy there in the names of the gangs and the brand names that are different from the real world but I hope to see more of that humor expressed by the character himself as he loosens up.

The side characters are all pretty fantastic and have beautifully constructed personalities. At this point there does seem to be a lack of non-love interest, non-librarian female characters but I hope that this is only the case because we're not far into the novel.   After those hipsters, I wouldn't be surprised if there where whole gangs of badass women toting guns and stealing cars.

All in all, this is a fantastic start to an interesting story!


Crafting for the Win!

This story is well written with a nice intelligent female lead who is trying her hardest to survive in a future with magic, droids and strange monsters. She does an amazing job!

The story was written in first person present tense which is not my favorite tense but the author pulls it off. There are a few spelling errors but there are not many of them and the author seems to be working hard to fix any that people come across.

While I personally am not a huge fan (in general) of post-apocalyptic and survival themes, I think they are done well here and work well with the potion creating and rune crafting that I see in the story. And I'm looking forward to see how the character uses those skills to get out of her current situation. Seriously, her current situation is stressing me out. 


Other than that, I think I'd like to see her communicate with more people and make some friends.


This story is beautifully written and worth the read!

The world building is insinteresting! The author doesn't give long paragraphs of exposition and instead weaves it into the story.

The characters are well written and you can easily see each person's personality and they react accordingly. I admit that I am awfully stressed for our main character at this point in the story. It's like watching a teenager who grew up homeschooled, without internet and without any friends running away to go live in NYC all by themselves. You just know that something terrible is going to happen to them, but you hope nothing does. Fortunately, she isn't dumb, just not well informed about a lot of things that pertain to the outside world. Not her fault, but it stresses me out.