1. Re: I'm going to return from my Hiatus soon and to celebrate decided to update my cover!

      That looks very nice! If I had one suggestion to give for it, I would move Mia up just a little bit, so her face is more centred between the upper and lower text. Thank you for the feedback! You (...)

    2. Re: I'm going to return from my Hiatus soon! To celebrate I decided to update my cover!

      So, I'm finally returning from my maternity leave after almost 2 years! To celebrate (and because creating art helps me get into the mood for writing) I decided to update my cover! I also created some (...)

    3. RE: Let me review your story, no need to review swap

      Please, if you have the time, could you review my story Tome of Stealth? It is a LitRPG with two leading characters, one an arcane assassin and the other a bard healer/buffer. I’m not sure if you’re even (...)

    4. RE: Feedback swap request for Non-Harem LitRPGs

      Hmm. Interesting! It doesn't seem to have the LitRPG tag but it has assassins so I'll give it a shot  :)  I'm too busy today, 4/4/2018 because I have to finish editing my next post and then go to work (...)

    5. RE: 'Harems' - what's your opinion?

      Sorry, dude! Didn't mean to insult you. I really didn't. I don't know you or your education, and you don't know me. We are utter strangers to each other so let's keep this civil (I know I started it but (...)

    6. Feedback swap request for Non-Harem LitRPGs

      My writers group keeps telling me that giving feedback to other people's work helps a writer improve as much as getting feedback. I believe it too!  I'm willing to give feedback through an IM on any (...)

    7. RE: 'Harems' - what's your opinion?

      Dude. It's just my opinion. Chill. I could be wrong. So could you. I'm just some random stranger on the internet just as you are to me. You're going to meet people here who disagree with you. It's okay. (...)

    8. RE: 'Harems' - what's your opinion?

      Um speaking historically. No, the reverse where the husband is the woman’s property, is not generally a thing. Not in the same way and not for a majority of cultures and people. And if you think so WTF (...)

    9. RE: 'Harems' - what's your opinion?

      I knew I’d get someone :). Anyway, standard harems are absolutely sexist because for thousands of years men have kept women as property. To me harems feel like a man collecting each piece of property. (...)

    10. RE: 'Harems' - what's your opinion?

      I find standard harems to be sexist and repulsive even when the author is trying to make each girl into a real person beyond their troupe. But I’ve also watched too many bad harem anime that was supposed (...)

    11. LitRPG about an arcane assassin, a bard healer and a heist - Tome of Stealth

      If you have a chance please check out my novel Tome of Stealth. This is the second novel I've posted to RRL but the first in the Passivity Precept Saga. Any and all feedback is appreciated! https://royalroadl.com/fiction/17405/tome-of-stealth (...)

    12. RE: Writing Help for Noobs

      For the blue boxes. When I wrote Cold Steel Dig I ended up using the insert table function. You won’t see it here but when you go to publish it will be an icon that looks like a spreadsheet.  I highly (...)

    13. RE: Requesting opinions and suggestions on my LitRPG's Synopsis

      OMG! You are awesome! Thank you so much!

    14. Requesting opinions and suggestions on my LitRPG's Synopsis

      Hello! If you have a moment could you please review my cover copy? I'll be adding the story this Friday so it's hopefully up by April 1st, and I'd like your opinion if it sounds interesting. Copy (...)

    15. RE: Isekai with strong, empowered female leads?

      No romance but I just finished my book (at almost 90k words) with a strong female lead that goes to another world to save her brother. It's GameLit/LitRPG https://royalroadl.com/fiction/13883/cold-steel-dig

    16. RE: I am so tired of harems

      I too am tired of Harems ruining good stories. I'm to the point where I'm considering writing a short satire about what actually happens at the end of every harem novel... You know, how the women all inevitably (...)

    17. RE: Reviewing fantasy stories. Don't need anything in return.

      Hi, This breaks the 10 or less chapters rule so feel free to ignore this. It does follow all the other rules. It is GameLit about a high school girl who goes into a mining game to save her brother. (...)

    18. RE: Female MC?

      I’m writing a GameLit story with a Female MC. She has to save her brother from the unbeatable boss in a mining game. If you have the time please check it out. I hope it is what you’re looking for. If (...)

    19. RE: Stories with underdog protagonist that doesn't get random power-ups

      If you have time you might try my story about a high school girl who just wants to get her brother back from an unbeatable boss in a mining game. The character does level up but there is always a reason (...)

    20. RE: Any Strange Stories For Their Genre

      My story is a little weird. It’s a YA GameLit with a female protagonist. The best way I can describe it is the Labyrinth meets Dark Fae in a game similar to Dig Out! Although there are some LitRPG elements (...)