1. Re: Help: Please review Tarros

      I'll swap reviews with you! Link in my sig. 

    2. Re: Regular Review Swaps

      Sure, can you get to chapter 9 though?  I'll try to have the review done by fFriday

    3. Re: Review Swap for "Albion Live"

      Sure, I'll have it done on friday. Mine is in my sig

    4. Re: Feedback On My Work!

      I'll review yours if you review mine. Link in the sig

    5. Re: Regular Review Swaps

      I wanted first impressions, but it doesn't look like people do that sort of thing here so I'll just do review swaps.  Mine is (...)

    6. Re: I Will Give You a Nice Review

      Also. If anyone here wants to review swap with me, let me know. 


      Sure, but review mine as well (maybe a bit less brutally tho :) ) . Its in the description. 

    8. Re: Review swap for my muuuusic story?

      Hey. I'm down for some review swapping. My story is in my sig

    9. Re: Dormammu, I've come to bargain.

      Done, done, and done. 

    10. Re: I want to make review swaps

      Hey. I'll swap with you. Check my signature 

    11. Re: Kingdom building theme novels.

      A fellow fan of kingdom building I see.  Try:  Apex Predator (RRL) Overlord (JP LN) Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken (JP WN) Life Reset (ENG) Finally my novel, New Legends, is heading in that direction. (...)

    12. Re: Good Kingdom Building stories?

      Apex Predator and Atros Imperium. They have somewhat spotty beginnings tho.  Not to self promote, I'm writing a novel that will inevitably become a kingdom building novel. Its called New Legends: (...)

    13. Re: Favorite hidden gems?

      Cough New Legends: A New Chapter in an Old Book: Cough

    14. Re: New Legends V1, The Beginnings Of A Rich, Expansive Fantasy World.

      As many times as it takes until you grow a pair and review my novel

    15. Re: Dormammu, I've come to bargain.

      I need some sauce. Good sauce. Spicy sauce. Szech- I'll stop there, I just want some first impressions. They don't even need to be full reviews. I just want to gauge how interesting my first 5 chapters (...)

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      Ayyy. Is this a review party? Count me in!

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      Well. I'd very much appreciate it!

    18. Re: I Will Give You a Nice Review

      Sounds like a sweet deal

    19. Re: New Legends V1, The Beginnings Of A Rich, Expansive Fantasy World.

      Syn: In the world of Ethel, sahir dominated. Towns, cities, regions, whole countries were engineered for the single purpose of producing mages. The ability to wield sahir was paramount. Those who could (...)

    20. Re: Hey. You There. Hey! You there, you there. (Looking For Feedback On My Fantasy Novel)

      11/10 musical renditions aside, I'm just looking for some feedback on my novel.  Its called New Legends Synopsis: Ethel, a world long shaped by those who practiced and understood the magical force (...)