more its great, the character fits into the story perfectly and i want more. its pretty fun to read too

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The New World

Run right out and read it

Lit-rpg story pretty self explanatory right but what happens when you mix in some dark souls, an mc who swears like a sailor, a futursitic sci-fi alien setting with magic mixed in. You get the new world.

It follows daniel hillside who goes from average guy to sylvester stallone level badass, with mystical abilities and a living armour.

Its based off of randidly ghosthound with the mc starting in a dungeon, but thats where comparision ends beacuse the author goes Ham. 

The world building is done slowly and surely, no unneccesary exposition only important information and stuff that you have to think about, the world is layered, characters arent one dimensional, they have dreams, spirations, pasts, fears and joys.

Fight scenes are refreshing and rewarding because there is no mumbo jumbo spell destroyo, just good old fashioned fighting that flows together and creates pretty good scenes.

Long chapters, a great author who mastered his art, a fun mc who you relate and sympathise with, realistic actions and thoughts and litrpg.

Read it.

Adventures of an Old Dreamer

Boi, the only thing I can say and need to say is the mc is amazing. Hes an old man and acts like one holy &(*&* you have no idea how many xianxias and xuanhuans I've read where mc is lik +10000000 years old but acts like a narcissitic prick of a teenager but here, we have a badass wise old man. Its fun interesing and honestly the mc' relatable in aspects, hes very..human. read it.

The Hungry Jaws

Reminds me of a snakes life, if it can keep this tone, direction and style along with more interesting combat sections and a cooler status than a snakes life it'll probably end up in trending and hopefully best rated

Blood Creed

Blood creed follows the story of a young orphan who chances upon a special book that changes his life.

It has great grammar, an enthralling plot, pretty cool characters and a smart, young capable mc who has a few badass moments already.

Its only 9 chapters long right now but you only need to read up to the fourth to get sucked in.

The Afterlife, And How To Survive It (Barely)

Only 13 chapters so this will be a minor review, will update when more chapters are added.

The story isnot your average reincarnation tale thanks to a few key points coming in the form of the worlds system, the main character and the overall style of the story.

It has great grammar, a decent flow, and a very smooth plot after the rewrite of a couple chapters to make the plot more whole. Fairly cool and flashy fight scenes which scream badass and the mc isn't a bitch, is fairly likeable and smart.

Mystic Swordsman

First review for a great story

REDUX: Wasn't happy with my first review as it wasn't as detailed

Mage hunter follows the journey of Lucas, a streetsmart young thief who makes a mistake that costs him, dearly, he goes through a variety of tribulations and problems to approach godhood and revenge on those who wronged him.

Mage hunter is a fairly unique story but this is mainly attributed to the plot, cultivation ideas, fights and characters and their abilities but it carries some very common themes yet they don't hold the story back. It is a plot based story supported by it characters and so far the plot is unique and the characters are developing very well. The fights are quick, cool and really flashy and destructive, it has a cool cultivation system and theirs a mixture of magic in their as well. The two paths to cultivate are magi and knight which are really different and are held up by different principles but we've only seen a lot about the knight path.

The main charcter goes from being young and hopeful in his lifestyle as a thief to being a hardened, spiteful yet hpeful slave who transforms into a supremely arrogant, cold and calcultaing indiviual who kills for pride. Other characters develop tooo such as Draak, their true feelings aren't expressly said but their interactions and dialogue clue you in, a great illustration of show don't tell by the author. Each character is 3 dimensional with their own ambitions, beliefs and wants.

The story is multi faceted and layered, with connecting plot lines and great world building with unique nations and gods. It has a rich history that is slowly unmasked by the main character.

It has its own fair share of problems though, firstly we can begin with the grammar but this is mainly attributed to the lack of an editor and it doesn't take away from the story too much and secondly the fairly cliche and slow begginig but it is neccesary and finalyy the Protagonists age of being only 10 and doing the stuff he's doing but that can be a result of his special background and doesn't really affect the story as he isn't ridiculously op as in recent chapters a character was fought who was on par with if not streonger then the mc in pure power terms.

It is a fairly consistent and unique read with a lot of chapters and really epic moments, it has great world building and unique lore, great character development and a mixture of cultivation and magic yet it has minor flaws here and there but they don't take away from the story as a whole.


Dungeon Heart

This is a fun, innovative dungeon story that begins the same as all others but then becomes something thats amazing, think the bound dungeon but better. It follows the soul of a dead dwarf being reincarnated into a core. All the characters are 3 dimensional and develop over the course of the text, even adventureers and outside characters like kings, theres no unnecesary harem and no wastage of chapters. Everything is important. All the parts where it talks about the dungeons growth are by my opinion the best points in the story because there interesting, cool and descriptive as hell. You'd be foolish not to read it. Even though it has a couple kinks here and there the author gets better and bettter along with the dungeon. Theres no annoying dungeon pixies which try to roast the dungeon when he doesn't know something or some lustful creation that wants to f him. He also cultivates, and uses his past knowledge appropriately and isn't delayed and focuses on protecting himself and his family. He doesn't see the dungeon as an amusment park like in Dungeon instinct or a death trap, its more or less his masterpiece and ultimate challenge, which is a refreshing change and interesting. Monster evolutions are also pretty cool and interesting, and names aren't handed out like candy, theyre all earned.

The Light Knight

Its a fun story with some common tropes but it still develops an interesting and cohesive story that gels together really well, theres no wasted space and all the information is relevant and even though you could argue its bland its still fairly new and cool.

If you want a fun read, with an intersting world and infinete possibilities for the future then read this and sure it is unpolished its tsill good and the author gets better every chapter.

It follows Ethan, a reincarnated being who was born as the son of a farmer aimng to reach untoched heights and be the next alexander or ceaser.

Magic is still mysterious and being explored but also interesting. Fight scenes are cool. Dialouge is kinda generic