Seventus Almagar

Seventus Almagar

    1. Re: Ya Know What? Go Ahead And Plug. Show Ya Stories

      I've never really plugged my story before, so I will do it just this once. Okay? Goddamn it! I feel dirty already. Name: Ghoulish Insanity. Genres/tags:  Comedy. Fantasy. OP. Reincarnated as monster. (...)

    2. Re: I can’t change my name?

      You inhumane monster. Do you no longer love your cat?!

    3. Re: I just want stories of evil people doing evil things!

      -Summoned Slaughterer- is the best "evil" MC story Ive read, its basically written in the vain of when the hero doesnt put up with the kingdoms bullshit, or their bullshit quest I disagree. That is (...)

    4. Re: Ideas For Novels

      Okay you can have a few. I've got hundreds in my dropbox folder anyway lol. Most are just lines but some are more fleshed out and brain-stormed. I will often just write down random stray thoughts and save (...)

    5. Re: What unpopular gaming opinions do you have?

      The best star wars game ever made is a mod to an old game called Jedi Knight jedi academy, and the mod is called Moviebattles II. Also, I don't get LoL, DotA 2 and other moba games, and I think battle (...)

    6. Re: Interesting reincarnation novel (non-human) on going or complete Adventure, Excitement, a jedi craves not these things, but I do! I was captured and kept in a basement by Frank, tortured and partially eaten, (...)

    7. Re: Greasemonkey script to prompt confirmation before closing draft.

      Neat. But why don't you write in word/office and transfer it over?

    8. Re: "Sexual Content" tag

      I don't know, but I always just err on the safe side and tag all of those on my stories just in case. It really depends on the definition of sexual content. Is an innuendo or suggestive writing sexual (...)

    9. Re: Interchanging between tenses

      Unfortunately, that's the thing about 1st person -- the reason why it is so problematical as a narrative voice. First person past assumes you are telling the story to someone.  Whether that is the reader (...)

    10. Re: General Opinions On This Opening Chapter?/Opening Chapters in General

      It is tough when first starting out, to receive harsh criticism. But you asked for it so don't blame me ;) and remember to keep on writing. You don't get good over night. So... Words cannot describe (...)

    11. Re: I wish you could "love" comments (as an author to people who comment)

      Yeah I definitely agree. I'd be nice to have a way to show that you've seen, acknowledged and like comments as an author.

    12. Re: What race would you choose?

      Whatever as long as the race has a very long lifespan. It always hurts me when I see stories where someone is transported, summoned, or chooses human in some sort of stuck/transferred to VR or reincarnation (...)

    13. Re: Why the hell do I see a ton of reviews criticizing grammar but mispelling it as grammer or gramer?

      I am currently working on a story with about 10 reviews.  Nine of them go out of their way to say that my grammar is virtually flawless with only the rare typo.  The 10th gives me a 0.5 on my grammar but (...)

    14. Re: Is it considered stealing an idea if

      Yeah what Felias said. When you put pen to paper, you will inevitably produce things that are similar to what others have done in the past, even if you try to write an original story. We are all influenced (...)

    15. Re: Stories that actually go through incest?

      Don't try looking for that kind of stuff if it is banned on this site, an autor would be stupid to write something that can be deleted at the first report. There are enough japanese novels to choose (...)

    16. Re: Stories that actually go through incest?

      Incest is actually against RR rules. It's not a particularly hard rule set in stone, as a lot of fictions in historical content will have legitimate mentions of incest as it was a less frowned upon style (...)

    17. Re: Is my dialogue cringe-worthy?

      Said tends to be invisible whereas using yelled, cried, whispered, etc... stands out The question then becomes, do you want it to stand out.  In purely genre writing the answer is no.  But sometimes (...)

    18. Re: system novels

      This one of mine has a system, litrpg tables etc.

    19. Re: Stories with amorphous monster Main Character that consumes things.

      I'm writing a story about a ghoul (Litrpg, woman died got reincarnated into monster type thing). I try mixing fluff and cuteness with the grotesque, and also do comedy as I progress her through the litrpg (...)

    20. Re: New Author here, is the cover important?

      My new story is approaching #300 on the rating and I've never used a cover for it (or any others for that matter). What I did to combat my lack of a cover was save up a bunch of chapters and release them (...)