1. Re: Narrating Various Web Novels from RR (List and current Releases)

      My Name is Commander Wutoshepard, and this is my favourite Narrator on the Forum!

    2. Re: From Inception to Self Publication: an all Inclusive Guide with Price and Process

      @ElderLich I don't do a Patreon for reasons.  However, I started getting PMs like "you should do one!" "I want to support your work!" after the first ARC, around CH 97 and get these consistently every (...)

    3. Re: Storylines We Hate

      I like how the post started not about harems and now its 100% debating about Harems :D  Hmm, I don't really have a particular story trope that I hate — but if I had to pick one, its the Urban Chinese (...)

    4. Re: Reviews: chapters read is important, amazon has star system right

      @kanadaj   Or so you think, but it would actually be a serious problem if we disabled rating without a review. Which I keep repeating over and over. Requiring reviews would mean you get far less ratings (...)

    5. Re: Trolling Author's

      @Ral  /Don't give negative reviews. Don't give low ratings. /I only hope that things don't get any worse. It is already bad as it is.  Chin up! I don't think refusing to vote is going to fix the (...)

    6. Re: Trolling Author's

      @flriley  My story is very much an old RR story, start from bottom rank, zero readership, bad editing, the works. I think I implemented Topweb around 500,000 words in out of 1.x million, so that (...)

    7. Re: Trolling Author's

      It happens at the top as well.  Ever time someone needs a leg up into the top 10, I get 0.5 rating. This is from someone who started at Rank 2000 + and made it to no.6.  Currently @ 35 x 0.5 stars and (...)

    8. Re: Looking for LitRPG with a female protagonist

      <----- Gwen's adventures in DnD Land(...)

    9. Re: Do you like reading comics or word books?

      For something like Youjo Senki  The manga / comic is god-like  The novel is god-awful to read in English. Zero language techniques, complete tell, no show. 

    10. Re: Movies that inspire your writing

       The Lion In Winter. !!! GREAT CHOICE!  My top 'scene stealing' films are  Lost in Translation  Ghost in the Shell (OG anime)  American Beauty  Dark City  Citizen Kane Metropolis  for travelling (...)

    11. Re: Ten years of writing and finally got on Royal Road.

      Welcome, more content creators = power to the people!

    12. Re: Strange Reason Readers Stopped Reading

      Howdy folks, Wutosama here.  I do have one of the most well-read books on RR, so here's the stats after 1.5 years and about 1 million words.  As you can see, 50% drop rate is pretty normal, especially (...)

    13. Re: Are stories on Royal Road a waste of time?

       You don't have to watch a Godfather Part II every day. Sometimes you need a Con Air.  Bravo. Well done. + Rep! 

    14. Re: A new author in need of writing tips!

      My advice is to mature your writing style For someone whose fifteen, broaden your reading is probably the no.1 best thing you can do. THAT and have fun writing. Don't let it become a chore.  I have (...)

    15. Re: Storylines We Hate

      Ha! This is a great thread! Great read!  So many narrative sins. Have you guys read a Korean one called Volcanic Age?  Volcanic Link What exists of the Manga is so good and it averts all of your (...)

    16. Re: Writer's Origin Stories

      Professionally, I am a cat  have a B. Arts B.Ed, I am based in Sydney, I have two humans cats, and I work with literature and language on a daily basis. Though certainly not the best writer on this website, (...)

    17. Re: Bots on RR?

      This is true. I got 32 0.5 ratings. Got 8 in one day at rank 40. Took a while to get past them, now they sit like cancer m. It takes 10-20 5 stars to offset one 0.5.