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      Hi, I'm mrezman! I only have one fiction with around ~150 pages right now, but I have it all planned out basically so I'm hoping to finish it within like 1-2 years. It's a classic wuxia-style fiction, (...)

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      Pledging time! o/ I solemnly swear that I am up to no good will finish my story The Order of Sekhmet. Also, because if I didn't, Rowan will probably hunt me down and force me to continue, even if I (...)

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      Hello @Nanaya12

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      I was told that I can do 3 votes. I vote for Emu I vote for Emu I vote for Emu

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      @Nanaya12 Here is a discord link. Please join it and talk to Baker. He will get you accepted into the WriTe

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      Hi there @Nanaya12, what would you like to know?

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      Already done, good sir. Oinos and Baker already mentioned it earlier today ^_^)b Oinos said that he has a lot of things to do but the moment he gets time he will do it. However, I was asked to post (...)

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      Hello, Mr. Oinos. I would like to add my fiction, "A saga of Alviona, a girl who would be known as Crimson Queen" to the pledge please. I already am a member of WriTe (Pandora). Please let me know if (...)

    9. Re: The Extremely Comprehensive List of Yuri Web Novels

      Welp. No shame in admitting it but I already revealed my first lovebirds and they are going to get their advancement in a few chapters (aside chapter 15 that is). The potaggonist is also starting to have (...)

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      Well, since my main protagonist is infertile and can not have kids, I do confirm that my fiction is going to be a yuri. She will get married, but I do not wish to spoil it that far, since the character (...)