1. Re: Power Armor Recommendations (Cyberpunk) (Gadgets)

      I read about the complaints some reader have about The Mech Touch and The Suit-Maker, but I don't agree. The Mech Touch is a space opera with out-of-this-world ideas like spirituality and mechs possessing (...)

    2. Re: A Changing World

      That's right. A slow change and how the people within the world cope with the changing times. 

    3. Re: MC is the owner or part of a guild

      You are looking for The Guild System. It's not on RRL though.

    4. Re: A Changing World

      I am looking for novels where a world undergo a great change. One of my favorite novels was 'Pursuing Immortality' where a normal world slowly change into a cultivation world. Unfortunately, it hasn't (...)

    5. Re: Power Armor Recommendations (Cyberpunk) (Gadgets)

      The Suit-Maker- The MC is a cyborg who design and builds power armor (called battlesuits in this story). There's a hard sci-fi feel to the story so be warned. (...)

    6. Re: A dungeon core that is not a person in a box?

      You're looking for 'The Dungeon Hive'. It's a trilogy of stories where the core is a hive of spirits, and there's not a single human in it. The whole trilogy is fantasy-comedy and I'll leave a link to (...)

    7. Re: Looking For Robots (Not Mecha)

      Not robots but 'The Suit-Maker' has a guy making clockwork and steampunk Battlesuits. 

    8. Re: Does anyone have any free story ideas to share

      Once upon a time, the world has many base class but in the modern world only 3 Base Class are left; The Warrior, the Mage, and the Healer. The world consider these 3 Base Classes to be the strongest, after (...)

    9. Re: Anything like "There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns."?

      The Dungeon Hive- The Slime Dungeon- The Wandering Inn- (...)

    10. Re: Wuxia/Martial Arts story in modern setting

      I know of Street Cultivation and Martial Art Master on Webnovels, but is there any other good Wuxia/Martial Arts stories that is set in a modern setting? Please note that I'm not counting VR stories but (...)

    11. Re: Good wuxia

      'Street Cultivation - a modern wuxia/litrpg hybrid' is new but looks promising- 'Seize The Sky' is on hiatus but (...)

    12. Re: What's the god-tier fiction around these parts?

      These are my picks; please note they are the stranger, more unusual stories here on RRL. Hero City- Supervillainy and Other Poor Career Choices- (...)

    13. Re: Recommendations/Looking for Crafting/Merchant Stories

      If it does not have to be in the fantasy genre, then you can take a look at these;  Luxury Cafe Owner- Supervillainy and Other Poor Career (...)

    14. Re: Advise novels with the protagonist artisan or scientist.

      Story is about a 30+ man who create suits like a lower-grade Tony Stark. The main attraction I think is the setting which is a little different from normal as the writer takes his time giving out info (...)

    15. Re: Space/sci-fi recommendations - giving and looking for

      For Mechs and Iron Man fans, here's two stories for you.  Titan Warriors- The Suit Maker- (...)

    16. Re: Looking for novels with cultivation in a modern setting

      Cultivation Chat Group-

    17. Re: Considering abandoning Wattpad

      It's up to you but from what I see, readers go to Wattpad mostly for romance and drama. Unless your story is in those genres, it's hard to get readers there. 

    18. Re: Looking for humorous stories with a darker twist without being too grim.

      I would suggest Threadbare and The Dungeon Hive.

    19. Re: Dungeon Ideas

      The Caring Dungeon has the twin-dungeon idea you're looking for though they're Forest and Dark dungeons.

    20. Re: Lookig for a good dungeon core novel (s)

      If you're looking for something really different, try The Dungeon Hive by Ghostman. It is a fantasy comedy and is also completed. Conisdering how many stories get dropped, it's doublely different.     (...)