1. Re: Looking for comedic fantasy.

      Weird fantasy comedy? Try the two below. The Dungeon Hive is hilarious;  The Dungeon Hive There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns

    2. Re: Something lighthearted and funny

      You can read anything from Ghostman and RavensDagger. Most of their works would fit your criteria. Since you love Cinnamon Bun, you might want to take a look at these; A Budding Scientist in a Fantasy (...)

    3. Re: Sports litRPG?

      The LitRPG part is the problem. There's just not a lot of them under sports. Since you have already read Aced: A Slice of Life Tennis LitRPG, you might want to read the two below.  Dungeons Are Bad Business- (...)

    4. Re: God mc who makes a religion

      The Book of Zog: Rise of an Eldritch Horror - A newly birthed Eldritch horror arrived in a world and started a religion by accident. He then find that he enjoy the attention his worshippers is giving him, (...)

    5. Re: Dungeon core stories

      If you are looking for long dungeon core stories, then I would recommend the ones below.  The Dungeon Hive, The Dungeon Hive- Volume 2,The Dungeon Hive- Volume 3 There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns. (...)

    6. Re: looking for stories like dungeon without a system

      Dungeon stories without systems or rpg elements are rare. The only one I can think of is the Dungeon Hive Trilogy by Ghostman.  The Dungeon Hive The Dungeon Hive- Volume 2 The Dungeon Hive- Volume 3 (...)

    7. Re: What are some unusual stories on Royal Road?

      Dungeons Are Bad Business- MC is a dungeon master in a world where dungeons are like sport arenas and adventurers are like sport stars. Warning; this is a LitRPG.   Grandpa Sweet Fist- A superhero story (...)

    8. Re: Looking for original Superhero fiction

      Gadgeteer (The Crisis Nemeses Book 1) Grandpa Sweet Fist. Fluff   Infamous Capes and Cloaks: A VIllain's Tale Nine-to-Five Villainy Hacking Reality:  Somebody Stop Her

    9. Re: Story with morally questionable characters (somewhat evil)

      I am assuming you read Super Minion, so I would recommend Grandpa Sweet Fist. A great novel about a villain who was just released from prison after spending 20 years inside, and need to reconnect to his (...)

    10. Re: Want some good royal road series.

      You might want to take a look at these;  Bone And Amber: The Inside Story On The Return Of The Dinosaurs- This is a Jurassic Park fanfic, so be warned. A very unique take where the story is told in a (...)

    11. Re: What have been the best ONGOING or COMPLETED novels on RR?

      Name: Grandpa Sweet Fist Author: Ghostman Book Pages/Chapters: 379 pages/ 98 chapters Ongoing or Completed: Ongoing What made it the best for you:  Great story with a good combo of action, humor, and (...)

    12. Re: What are some hidden gems that have somehow lost traction?

      Grandpa Sweet Fist- A great novel that never gained traction because it is so unusual and takes a little too long to get going. It is a superhero story where the MC is a villain who needs to reconnect (...)

    13. Re: Influence Building

      You may wish to read Grandpa Sweet Fist. It is a superhero story where the MC has been released from prison and starts a villain group. You may also wish to take a look at The Accidental Pimp. It's a gritty (...)

    14. Re: Anything similar to Super Minion?

      You are looking for Grandpa Sweet Fist. It is a story of a villain who has just been released after 20 years in prison. It's funny, wacky, and has good world-building.  Grandpa Sweet Fist | Royal Road (...)

    15. Re: Any good Dungeon Core stories for a newbie to the genre?

      I am going to assume you have read most of the new dungeon cores stories. These are some of the older core stories I enjoyed. Some of them are even still ongoing.  Gaia Awakens Dungeon Core/Realm Heart (...)

    16. Re: Royal Road Recommendations?

      Lesser known webnovel that are good but not on the first three pages of the best rated and trending tab? Check these out; Grandpa Sweet Fist The Accidental Pimp Dungeon Scholar

    17. Re: Looking for good comedy stories

      The funniest novel on RRL has to be The Dungeon Hive. It had me rolling on the floor.

    18. Re: Solar punk recs?

      Not on RRL. I can only think of Murder in Heliopolis: A Solarpunk Mystery and...that's it.  

    19. Re: Creative or otherwise interesting worlds

      I find the worlds created by Ghostman to be very interesting. He usually put in a few twists to normal tropes and take it from there. You might want to try out his latest story, Grandpa Sweet Fist. A story (...)

    20. Re: Help me get my friend into RR! (Non-LitRPG/Gamelit) Fantasy/scifi recs please!

      You may try to get her into these non-LitRPG gems;  Beware Of Chicken  Grandpa Sweet Fist Hands Held in the Snow Heart of Dorkness The Accidental Pimp