1. Re: A dungeon core that is not a person in a box?

      You're looking for 'The Dungeon Hive'. It's a trilogy of stories where the core is a hive of spirits, and there's not a single human in it. The whole trilogy is fantasy-comedy and I'll leave a link to (...)

    2. Re: Looking For Robots (Not Mecha)

      Not robots but 'The Suit-Maker' has a guy making clockwork and steampunk Battlesuits. 

    3. Re: Does anyone have any free story ideas to share

      Once upon a time, the world has many base class but in the modern world only 3 Base Class are left; The Warrior, the Mage, and the Healer. The world consider these 3 Base Classes to be the strongest, after (...)

    4. Re: Anything like "There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns."?

      The Dungeon Hive- The Slime Dungeon- The Wandering Inn- (...)

    5. Re: Wuxia/Martial Arts story in modern setting

      I know of Street Cultivation and Martial Art Master on Webnovels, but is there any other good Wuxia/Martial Arts stories that is set in a modern setting? Please note that I'm not counting VR stories but (...)

    6. Re: Good wuxia

      'Street Cultivation - a modern wuxia/litrpg hybrid' is new but looks promising- 'Seize The Sky' is on hiatus but (...)

    7. Re: What's the god-tier fiction around these parts?

      These are my picks; please note they are the stranger, more unusual stories here on RRL. Hero City- Supervillainy and Other Poor Career Choices- (...)

    8. Re: Recommendations/Looking for Crafting/Merchant Stories

      If it does not have to be in the fantasy genre, then you can take a look at these;  Luxury Cafe Owner- Supervillainy and Other Poor Career (...)

    9. Re: Advise novels with the protagonist artisan or scientist.

      Story is about a 30+ man who create suits like a lower-grade Tony Stark. The main attraction I think is the setting which is a little different from normal as the writer takes his time giving out info (...)

    10. Re: Space/sci-fi recommendations - giving and looking for

      For Mechs and Iron Man fans, here's two stories for you.  Titan Warriors- The Suit Maker- (...)

    11. Re: Looking for novels with cultivation in a modern setting

      Cultivation Chat Group-

    12. Re: Considering abandoning Wattpad

      It's up to you but from what I see, readers go to Wattpad mostly for romance and drama. Unless your story is in those genres, it's hard to get readers there. 

    13. Re: Looking for humorous stories with a darker twist without being too grim.

      I would suggest Threadbare and The Dungeon Hive.

    14. Re: Dungeon Ideas

      The Caring Dungeon has the twin-dungeon idea you're looking for though they're Forest and Dark dungeons.

    15. Re: Lookig for a good dungeon core novel (s)

      If you're looking for something really different, try The Dungeon Hive by Ghostman. It is a fantasy comedy and is also completed. Conisdering how many stories get dropped, it's doublely different.     (...)

    16. Re: weird, different, off, etc...

      It's a dungeon story but a very strange unusual and funny dungeon story. The Dungeon Hive-

    17. Re: Recommendations for some good Litrpg books here

      Just look at the top of the Active-only Ranking, most of them are LitRPG. I would suggest Threadbare and The Wandering Inn. They are wonderful.  

    18. RE: Fantasy comedy

      The Dungeon Hive from Ghostman- It's completed and there's even a sequel also on RRL. The Daily Diary of a VRMMO-playing Dragon by Virlyce- It's (...)

    19. RE: Ideas for Stories

      Cultivation LitRPG! A land where cultivation techniques are treated like skills in Fantasy LitRPG and there are levels where a 'voice' would inform the MC whenever he/she levels up. Reason would be due (...)

    20. RE: world creation original one if possible

      'The Dungeon Hive' by Ghostman springs to mind. It shows the orgins of fantasy creatures like Werewolves, Harpies etc and the creation (the writer call it evolution) of a fantasy world. There's even a (...)