Crystal High

Decent idea, basic prose

This story is about a young man, who's grown up in a world with super powers, but seemingly doesn't have any (it's inactive and might be something like super healing). As a Sagaru he's a bullied existence. With luck and training he nonetheless manages to join an advanced combat school.

Overall I'm not convinced of the worldbuilding of the dog eat dog world, but the main problem of this story would be the rather basic prose. It reads a bit like a highschool students first attempt at storywriting and maybe it is. If you like that sort of story it's okay, if you're not a particular fan of the genre I'd look elsewhere.

Eternal Mana

Rough but decent first attempt

The story is about a person that's been Isekaied to a fantasy world. He starts out as a peasant orphan, but manages to quickly improve his situation thanks to the "reward system" that gives him more or less random rewards and later shows his stats.

First he starts out as a fisherman, farmer and gatherer, then he advances to become a hunter until he's recruited into the local mage/cultivator academy. There he's learning magic, herbology and sigilogy (aka runecrafting).

Overall it's a decent enough story for the genre, but there's a bunch of weakpoints. First the grammar of this story leaves you wanting. It's not utterly horrible, but it's pretty rough and the way this story is written seems somewhat anime-esque on ocassion. If you can deal with web-translation of chinese Xianxia you can deal with this. Overall the writer might be advised to get a beta-reader though.

Second, the worldbuilding could be better. There's things like 7 years old joining the magic academy to dodge a potential draft... I'm not sure what kind of world that is, but recruiting children is generally considered an utter waste and a sign of desperation. On the other hand the author clearly put a lot of thoughts into the cultivation system. Between cultivators and mages that seem to be practicing two different techniques there's a lot of variance and things the MC can learn or not learn. While the MC has a cheat, he's clearly playing the same game as everyone else.

Third, there isn't much of a plot. This story seems very slice of lifeish and the protagonist generally does what seems most opportune. He doesn't seem to have many goals and there's not much driving him. It's kind of realistic in a way, but as a result there isn't much tension.

I'm pretty split about the character overall. On one hand he seems to know when to back down and not take a challenge - a are thing in stories such as this - but on the other hand he seems over talented. While he seems to be a college student reincarnated into his orphan boy self, he shouldn't be that omni talented. It would have been better if he specialised instead of this "good at all things crafting" thing he's got going on. Overall he seems a bit weird for an Isekai/Reincarnator. We don't really learn much about his backstory and what is driving him. Much of the time he could just be another random orphan with a system.

That said, for all of its flaws I enjoyed reading this story. If you like Xian'xias, and crafting style stories this might be for you. The LITRPG elements are very limited, so don't expect frequent skill gains and blue boxes. Overall there's much room for improvement, but nonetheless a story you will enjoy if you're into fantasy slice of life inserts.

The Summoning

Summoned to become Dungeon Creatures

This story has a unique twist to the summoned/Isekai genre. We're dealing with a dorm of college students here that was summoned to a magical / litrpg realm. But unlike most other isekais these guys weren't summoned to fight the demon lord, but summoned by a dungeon to serve as its minions (including respawn).

So far the students are still in the preparation phase before the dungeon opens their area to adventurers, but it's become obvious that the main protagonist is the hardass politician type of leader. I'm getting a bit of a slimy feel from him, but I suppose that's realistic in a way since that sort of person always seems to float upwards. Not someone I'd like to be friends with though.

Overall much potential and the author mentioned he's going to update soon.


Grim Dark Pokemon with Prison power dynamics

Well, the title basically says it all. The story is about a planet in a sci-fi world that hosts some pokemon expis that are harvested by the local interstellar polity for materials. Now the pokemon planet has some anti-technology field, so they can't do it directly and need psions to dominate the pokemon to have them fight and harvest for them.

Since the whole affair is pretty dangerous and we're talking an evil capitalist interstellar polity here they're using convicts as slave labour. That's where our protagonist comes in. Being a slum-grown psion she somehow managed to get in conflict with the heir of some megacorp and put her into coma. So she gets transferred to said planet to "protect" her from the vengeance of the Plutocrats.

This isn't the out-of-the-way post she expected, but a prison/death camp for the most hardy prisoners. Immediately proven in the introduction by Dr. Oak who quickly kills one of the prisoners for attacking him. Prison/labour camp power dynamics ensue especially since it becomes more and more clear this whole affair is for life. (Likely short life)

Overall I'm not sure why this is called a parody. It's just a grim dark version of pokemon with a hardass MC.

The Outer Sphere

Interesting story, sympathetic protagonist

Edit: Warning, the following review only applies to the story pre chapter 100. Apparently the author lost interest in his previous plot and did a very hard reset.


I think most of us know magic system apocalypse stories. A few have found a permament place amongst the top 20 of RR. But most of them have either unsympathetic protagonists and/or overpowered protagonists.

This isn't the case here. The protagonist is neither a psychopath, nor an unredeemable White Knight. He's a smart person, thrown into a shitty situation and given a decent cheat. And that's all it is. Not an insurmountable advantage, not a god-mode. Overall the guy largely succeeds on his smarts. He's the guy to use traps and run away or surrender if necessary.

As for the story it's a sytem/mana apocalypse setting. The protagonist is basically just trying to survive and thrive. Friends and enemies derive from either the setting or his quest for survival. That said his ultimate goal is to find love and live a happy life, not to become the ultimate power.

There's some hints of more plot behind this, but as of chapter 35 it's still largely about adjusting to the apocalypse.

A Blacksmith's Tale. A LitRPG Story

Pretty interesting. I mean I don't see why anyone would play that game. It's a pay to win scam turned up to 11, but the story is pretty interesting. Maybe there needs to be some more worldbuilding later in the story. (Not at the beginning since it's rather slow anyway)

Honestly curious where it'll go. I'd just recommend the author to be careful with the pacing since they're updating pretty slowly. So more isn't necessarily better.

Rise of the Midnight King

While the teaser of this story hints at something rather lewd, the reincarnated protagonist hasn't done much in that regard. Not sure if that was intended to change, but so far it was thankfully only adults plowing each other.

Overall an interesting concept for a Xian'xia story, though it sadly suffers from webnovel pacing. The author wrote 20 chapters and the MC still hasn't left the "childhood phase". Probably also the reason why there wasn't all that much response in the comments since it's basically following standard tropes.

I mean there isn't all that much tension with young masters threatening when you've got a deus ex machina as a protector. The author would have been well advised to utilise less classical xianxia tropes/xianxia plot and instead stick closer and develop that which makes the story unique.

Overall a decent Xianxia, sadly it stops before he even meets the waifu again.

The Summon

First attempt at writing and it shows

Overall this is basically a version of the summoned as a familiar story. Only this time the summoner isn't a noble, but a commoner. So far so interesting.

It's just that the story is rather information dumpy and conversation is very stilted. Like okay, you make a story about a boy being summoned, but in chapter 2 you have a teacher interlude where you basically explain all the riddles the boy and his summoner would have to discover.

It's unusual to say for a webnovel (since they usually go too far into the other direction), but it's generally better to "show" things in character than to have other characters "tell" them. This doesn't mean you need to write 5 chapters every time there's a dinner, but it's generally better for the story to let characters discover things themselves then just telling the readers via interlude.

Overall a decent first attempt at writing, and probably good for people who're fans of the genre, but a bit too rough for general appeal.

Ashes of Eternity

Interesting story, strong on some tropes

After reading the first four chapters, I think I've got enough of a first impression of this story.

Overall there seems to be two strands. The scientist emperor's return and a rags to riches story of a street rat following in the wake of the scientist emperor's return.

The story is well written so far, the only criticism I could offer at this stage would be to not rely too hard on tropes and clicheed plots. The whole rise of the scientist empire and subsequent fall of civilisation opens a bunch of questions and makes galactic civilisation look really idiotic. Like can't they wipe their ass without the scientist emperor? I hope that'll be explained better in the coming chapters. Meanwhile street rats make good "hard men" protagonists, but they can be hard to identify with.

Overall interesting story so far.

Thank you for writing.

Street Cultivation - a modern wuxia/litrpg hybrid

An Aversion of Xian'xia isn't necessarily better

To be honest, I tried liking this story, but I really couldn't manage. Basically this story is set in a "modern" Xian'xia setting where the rich are cultivators and cultivators are the rich. The middle class also gets to cultivate and has power and the poor get fucked. A bit like real life in that way.

Now the protagonist starts out as an "undeserving poor" as the author calls it. But as I said, starts out, as the story progresses he does everything to deserve his poverty. He has no wealth, more pride than a king, a sister that's very sick and a healthcare system like the US. Basically he starts out rather fucked.

The thing is this is an aversion of Xian'xia. Meaning instead of heavenly encounters or just plain luck, he's got encounters with assholes, bad luck and bad decisions. I don't think there's one chapter after the first where he doesn't get fucked over. Being beaten up, inheriting his parents debts, joining an underground fighting ring, getting crippled, ending up effectively a slave, then gaining a billionaire heir as his personal enemy.

Honestly that's the latest chapter and where I stopped caring about this story. The MC is an overly prideful fuckup machine and the story so far has been how he stumbles from bad encounter to bad luck to fuckup to bad luck to bad encounter. Basically the MC is a classical authors chew toy. Where a normal Xian'xia protagonist would be an author avatar that has more luck than brains this one is the very opposite.

And to be honest, where classical Xian'xia gets boring because you just know the character will get the next OP thing for certain, this one gets boring because you just know a new chapter a new torment. And it won't get better because the MC is just the kind of never-do-well that has enough intelligence to fuck himself over where a dumber or smarter person would have just done nothing and coasted along.