Eat and Grow Strong (Old)

Put a +18 tag so kids don't come this fiction is worse than drugs reads one chapter boom addicted !! Simply fulfilling but I cant say sure about the story development needs some extra thinking I guess 

The Daily Diary of a Mushroom

Even though it is a re:monster inspired story i'll just point out some annoying things in the story . Ok first one after chapter 8 Everything became confusing till the point i didn't know what is going on Right now ... Secondly the mc is a mushman or whatever ok sure why dont stay in the mushroom form and go for dryad after every chapter name is mushroom mushroom blah blah ,aka mc should have stayed as a mushroom .Lastly world building ok it was the biggest flaw in the story you went in and said about all kingdoms and clues for other kingdoms in 1 chapter and made an antagonist that is op on the level of gods (Propably Low leveled ones cough) but you could develop it slowly not right off oh look you need to defeat a god level enemy in 1 year so get ready ... that was the finale i didnt wanna read any further so i read till chapter 15 and some of highlights from the rest ... You could make it better without re:monster format after all day per day is boring that a huge flaw in re:monster system so yeah end of review (I dont recommend this novel or just read first 9 chapters the rest are confusing alot

Haven in a Dangerous World (Old)

This story ... well it was ok at the start MC is a girl , Who died and reincarneted in a different world with 6% of her memories ... well when did the story go downhill i wonder 

Spoiler: Spoiler


A New Kingdom: VR game

Not much i can say but the concept of a Kingdom building is really rare and unique but i really except something new in this story :D (Hope you continue ... DON'T MAKE IT A HAREM OR ANYTHING )

My cheat skill sucks

Half a star more cause of saitama egg face .. nothing more just i gave up readin in the second chapter the concept is shit i dont recommend reading 

The Slime Dungeon Chronicles (prequel)

almost 0 game elements ;-; just what i prefer

It gradually loses it's luster what i'm trying to say is that a dungeon is mostly preffered with a game-like system like a shop or a mana creation board or something Dungeon Heart indeed said he was inspired by this story but i can't see anything note worthy to point out expect that i really enjoyed the first arc but the rest kinda went slow ,i prefer a faster kind of story which ends in about 100-250 chapters and small chapters about 1500-2400 letters .I could recommend this story as a new kind of inspiration but i wouldn't read it again why? because it was boring after the second half of the second arc it really became luckluster almost boring .I could say though the grammar is alot better than other novels maybe this story could be better if you made a slime dungeon with slime golems ,slime soldiers maybe some kind of human - like structure for the slimes, the worst part about this story is propably the start which made 0 sense and at the end of the first arc which remembered some memories before he transmigrated/reincarnated which really was a downside but the last and final that ruined the story is that you never tried to explain how big is the kingdom , the other kingdoms etc. blah blah blah you know WORLD BUILDIND well i won't be harsh cause this is propably an amateur made story and i kinda have higher demands when it comes to game oriented things well dungeon is something i would prefer it to be a slime kingdom it could be more interesting and the world building could develop more effieciently  

Small Chests Are Fine Too

[Warning] Addiction 99,9% [Warning]

Someone hopefully puts tape in his mout.. i mean fingers forgot he is typing,break his keyboard such a dangerous fellow jeez stop making people addicted to your novels there other stuff to do like read your other story , read this story again , read your other story agai... WAIT ADDICTION ALERT (Good job man really great stories and research material ;) )

AI immortal god soul

 Ice buckets i need to rewrite my review ;-; oh well here it is ... The novel is okay read but the story is developing too fast in my opinion which leads to major flaws and such .Another flaw is that you write the MC name with small letters but everytime you write a name you need a Cap at the start E.G : george=Wrong George=Right ... Second mistake is that you made the MC name but you never gave him a surname or any characters in the story ... 3rd mistake is that your writing has many flaws and doesn't feel right. Maybe it's just me i just say this cause i want the author to learn and try to make his stories better after all a better story always make people more interested to reard ( maybe you can even develop your own way of writing which almost none of the books in this site have or on wattpad :P ) I'm rooting for this work to acquire a top 10 spot with other novels after all chinese styke novels are 10 times harder to write than a japanese style one  because chinese novels have their own kind of style and if you are interested to make this story even better than you need to read the humongous chinese mythology (it's pretty boring but could give you some inspiration how you wanna progress the story ) I'll keep following this story hopefully it comes to a happy end ..every end is just sad in my opinion