World Core: Expansion

World Core: Expansion
by char11e
3 pages

A world core. A bizarre type of dungeon core, with the unlimited potential to grow into even it's own world.

Formed when a loose soul slips into a forming core, they use their past memories to build and grow, and if undefeated will emerge from it's home planet to form it's own.

One such world core is Alex, a former teen from Earth - a planet far removed from even the idea of dungeons or magic. However, what earthlings lack in their magical education, they make up for with science, ingenuity, adaptability, and imagination. So let's see just what he grows into, shall we?



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Small Chests Are Fine Too

Small Chests Are Fine (...)
by Exterminatus
561 pages

It is an undeniable fact that good things come in small packages. More often than not, it is necessary to trim the fat in order to bring what really matters to the forefront. Having extra bulk may seem like a good idea, but in reality it is merely a crutch that will one day become a hindrance, as it is no substitute for personality nor ability. Indeed, often times it is the small things in life that brighten up our daily lives and constantly remind us exactly why we do the things we do.

However, it is important to keep an open mind, for while bigger is not always better, there are also times when it is. This holds especially true when it comes to hopes and dreams, which have been known to require a suitably large container from time to time. And while dreaming big could potentially lead to massive dissapointment, one will never truly reach fulfilment if they think too small.

A truth that one small woman with meager aspirations is about to find out.

DISCLAIMER: This is a spin-off/side story of my main series, Everybody Loves Large Chests, which is also mandatory reading to understand this one. It runs parallel to the main plot, branching off from the chapter titled Upheaval 2, so there will be spoilers for anyone who hasn't reached that point.

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