Endless Paving

Endless Paving

    1. Re: Rename ( ?° ?? ?°)

      Sudden One. You’re just jealous. :P

    2. Re: Soo I just got this :Your fiction has been rejected due to political themes. What's that about?

      Open a support ticket. For all I know they have legitimate issue with your book, but I’m sure a mod can clarify what happened and potentially sort this out if you contact them. You could also go ping (...)

    3. Re: When your story doesn't really fit in a RR niche...

      Indo not know too much about other sites but from what I’ve understood there aren’t all that many good ones, and the one harder to find would have very little traffic anyway. You can post through Blogspot (...)

    4. Re: Does anyone have any free story ideas to share

      A spectral dream city where every person who enters has their own realm of reality that no one else can enter unless they will it. But the dead also leave behind their realms to be explored for secrets (...)

    5. Re: Best New Fictions Of 2019?

      It was harder to make a top five than I thought it would be. A lot of the stuff I like is just shy of 13 months old or so apparently, and I don’t want to pick stuff that don’t have much content yet. Hiatus (...)

    6. Re: Made a cover ART was wondering if it is good enough... [Sixth Finger]

      I think the original is fine, and the guy above me lost a bit of the stylized look it started with. The eyebrow and ears thing also helped the first one be more expressive. Simpler can be better, and we (...)

    7. Re: Creating Inspiration

      SciShow Psych has a lot of content that can be useful to pretty much everyone, they even have an compilation about weird internet psycology. But since they decided to include a segment about inspiration (...)

    8. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      8 I went to sleep. In the morning I could see 2020 everywhere. That’s never happened before.

    9. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      +10 You mean New Year’s Disevening? No, no one calls if that.

    10. Re: Philosophical NPC

      It would basically be a matrix red pill, but for artificial life. They’d be the same as normal protagonists realising the world isn’t real/they are in a game with the possible exception of having some (...)

    11. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      +6 It’s happy 30th for me.

    12. Re: How does litrpg stories end? (not virtual reality ones)

      Frankly? They don’t. But theoretically... There would be several option for a minimally satisfying ending depending on the context of the story and it’s world. The nuclear option would be just ending (...)

    13. Re: Evil Genie

      Granted. You are now a mosquito. I wish you all happy holidays. :P

    14. Re: earth invaded

      Spellgun. Probably

    15. Re: Novel Rewrite

      It’s purely personal choice, but posting an entirely new book is usually avoided since it’s harder to keep the existing audience through that process. Especially since RR has no way to follow authors or (...)

    16. Re: Is my writing too intimidating?

      If I would have to give advice to improve any narrative writing, and it is important to not just dump all my ideas on these things as one I have found, then it would be to pay attention to expectations. (...)