Endless Paving

Endless Paving

    1. Re: What things that make you quit reading a novel after serveral chapters?

      @Apocryphal Really? Even the basically-human type conceptions of fantasy/sci-fi races like elves or Hylians from Zelda lore? Is it the fact that they are fantastical non-human humanoid, is there a threshold (...)

    2. Re: Searching for Goddess-like MC stories

      I haven’t heard of “Overseer” before so I might check that one out. I personally look out for “world-creation” stories like World Keeper and of course: Breath of Creation https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/9597/the-breath-of-creation-dropped (...)

    3. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      26 *Sigh* The thirty could never last.

    4. Re: Reading List Tip

      I’m not 100% on all the logic behind how this works, but I have found a weird discrepancy between The Favourites list as it is on it’s own page beneath Read Later and how it is sorted on your actual Profile (...)

    5. Re: Cover Art Showcase

      Daniel Greene has a nice video on youTube going through several book covers in traditional publishing and discussing his thoughts on their quality, trends, and what things to pay attention to from a reader (...)

    6. Re: Coffee or Tea?

      I do neither. For hot drinks I’d go for hot chocolate usually. For writing I find myself obsessed with High Fantasy and High Magic almost exclusively, though I also like tech admixtures like steampunk, (...)

    7. Re: What's the most popular genres here in RR?

      Well, the above mentioned for sure. But I’d say the most popular categories would be wish-fulfillment isekai, dungeon core stories of various kinds (especially reincarnation isekai), fantasy isekai reincarnation, (...)

    8. Re: Are guys okay with reading a fantasy novel about merfolk?

      Well, I’m pretty sure I’m already reading at least one fiction lime that. So yes. Depends on the story though, as always.

    9. Re: Any tips for "Show, Don't Tell?"

      Before I give my thoughts on how to do more Show than Tell I want to first begin with why you might not always actually want to Show given the right circumstances and why Showing is so good advice in general (...)

    10. Re: The Ethics of Consent with Reincarnation

      I would argue against the idea of “losing” the memories of your past life after you’ve already somehow gained them somewhere near birth or early childhood. Yes, we don’t retain many memories from childhood (...)

    11. Re: Starting a new novel advice needed.

      I have already made two attempts at novels on RR that I do eventually want to get back to, and have multiple plans for another attempt. The big question is how much of an outline you need to bet yourself (...)

    12. Re: I want to study programming

      For me I’d say the question of learning “programming” needs an additional focus of what kind of programming you want to do. Motivation is a key factor here because with programming there are easier ways (...)

    13. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      30 But I just really like this nice round number all of a sudden.

    14. Re: Thedude3445's Guide to Writing Cute Romance

      @TheDude3445 As far as I’ve experienced with making threads I usually feel like the ones I make get inexplicably buried by others as well. A big part I suspect will always be personal stakes and biases, (...)

    15. Re: The Ethics of Consent with Reincarnation

      I wouldn’t say memory is as big a component of our “Self” as people would think, though they do shape our conscious thought heavily. I’d argue that “habits” form a much larger portion of our “Self”. Much (...)

    16. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      30 No, I don’t think I will.

    17. Re: Content with Controversial Topics: Sexuality and Relationships

      @I’mFiction You seem crazy to me not because you are complaining about a thing that might be a problem, but because you are complaining about a problem that I have little reason to believe exists. There (...)

    18. Re: Content with Controversial Topics: Sexuality and Relationships

      Alright, my first reaction is wtf what is everyone talking about. After some consideration, I’m pretty sure you’re talking somehow about the nuance of the mature content limitations and of course this: (...)