Von Neumann

Good start for a new auther and a new storie on my watch list


Slow story progression n short chaps


Edit has improved


14 chaps worth of setup .. would give it a pass till at least it hits chap 100

Will change score later

God of Sacrifice

I am enjoying the story do not understand grammer nazies but trolls gotta troll

A Future Destroyed - A Post-Modern Fantasy LitRPG

So far storywise a bit too OP mc BUT as was said befor it is a setup for a bigger story .. humans vs everybody else


MC does need to be fleshed a bit more is a little flat

Farming For Gold

The story is well written with a decent MC read up to chap38 on a dif site

The Outer Sphere

Up to chap 100 .. just keeps on gettn better

Druidic Cultivation

Up to chap 3 .. as long as you keep same level will def buy when publish

Grand Magus

like it but not yet original

Am up to chap 38 story has borrowed heavely from magus but it looks like THIS could be the main split of the story where auther gets original .. only time will tell

(ON HIATUS) Immortal Mage

Very good setup nice to have an OP MC where they still need to work hard and with the setup you can keep on "reseting" the story

Crown of Heroes


So far LOVE the story

Chaps are long enough to get your fix and well writen

Time between chaps is a pain but auther has a life to live so understand that issue .. do hope auther will publish will buy