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Heaven Dream

    1. Re: Amateur cover artist looking for victims

      Is this still available? I'd like to take the offer.

    2. Pinoy ka ba? Tara sali ka na!

      Hello sa mga pinoy dyan. Gumawa kame ng discord group na all pinoy members and we are recruiting members. Kung gusto mong maging author pero hirap kang mag english, sali ka samen makakapagsulat ka (...)

    3. RE: Willing to proofread stories.

      Hello. I don’t exactly know where to post this, but I’ve always been interested in reviewing stories and being a beta reader/proofreader for stories. I don’t really want anything in return, though (...)

    4. RE: Check out my novel: 'Ethereal Hevens'

      The synopsis is broken. Oh, sorry. I've already edited the synopsis. Thanks for pointing it out for me. By the way, I had updated a new chapter. It has 15 chapters now. You can try to read it. (...)

    5. RE: Check out my novel: 'Ethereal Hevens'

      Just give it a try. I already have 14 chapters and every chapter has a lot of words.

    6. Check out my novel: 'Ethereal Hevens'

      I'm making a novel that has 11 chapters now, I hope somebody will help me and conduct a review or just give some comments and feedbacks about my work. Title: Ethereal Heavens:Genesis Synopsis: (...)

    7. RE: LF> Wuxia

      I am making a novel entitled "Ethereal Heavens: Genesis" It is a about a young man who by chance becomes a cultivator. By now it has 12 chapters, if you don't mind, you can read it because it is a wuxia (...)

    8. Check out my novel, Ethereal Heavens!

      I have a novel here and I want someone to check this out and give some feedback like comments and especially review, in order to hone my skill as a writer. Now it has 9 chapters. Here is the liink: (...)

    9. RE: Let me review your story, no need to review swap

      Good Day! So, I will take this great offer I badly need a review right now. I need some good review coming from you sir. Thank you for reviewing, sorry for the burden.  The link is in my signature (...)

    10. Etherial Heavens, recommending again. I badly need a help, please help

      I'm having a hard time on deciding if I must continue my novel, please help me.      I've been away for almost 6 months because I got a job and I always get tired when I got home so I just rest and I (...)

    11. RE: Why most of the authors drop their stories

      Dropping a few stories is fine, but if you suddenly find yourself starting stuff without finishing then it becomes a problem. People improve with everything they write. That said, if you never finish (...)

    12. RE: Check Out My New Novel

      Hi, I'm just a passerby and I saw your thread. What I observed is that, you're having a problem in making a decent synopsis. I'm not a professional writer but, let me give you some advice, although (...)

    13. RE: Check out my new novel: 'Ethereal Heavens'

      Woah man nice Novel. I was searching for these kind of novels for a while now xD I'm glad you like it. Thanks for your review.

    14. RE: novels with mc who cant cultivate in world of cultivation

      Try mine The MC is an ordinary man from the world of mortals. But he became a cultivator when a man from other world(world of cultivators) became his master and thought him the things about cultivation (...)

    15. RE: Check out my new novel: 'Ethereal Heavens'

      Done, read it, and left a few comments. Great job! Thanks!

    16. RE: How do you plan a story?

      I'm not a professional writer but, let me give you some advice. Go get a piece of paper or any app that can help you in writing. Start with 'Free-writing'. In free-writing, you can set at least 15 (...)

    17. RE: Maromar's review list

      A nice offer you got here, since it is the case, let me accept this! My novel is entitled 'Ethereal Heavens' and here is the link http://royalroadl.com/fiction/13047/ethereal-heavens It is about an ordinary (...)

    18. RE: WC's Mutual Reviews 2.0

      Hi WC, Can you please review mine too. I saw the way you review stories and it piques my interest. Hope you'll have time in reviewing my work. I will also review yours. The link is in my signarure. (...)

    19. RE: I need help finding a story

      I think its 'My entire class was summomed to another world except for me.' The title is long so, its hard to remember. I hope this is the one you're finding. This novel is slightly famous. So, i thought (...)

    20. RE: In need of reviewers. I will also review yours

      I read your story and left a review, it's pretty good. My only gripe is some things feel a bit rushed (like in the latest chapter Tromer brings a whole branch of some sort of noble family over to his (...)