100% Love & Recommend this Book! ^.^

Such a Wonderful Story, full of Wonder, Comedy, Fantasy, & Everything Nice!!!

I Love All the Characters, Love the Narrator's little comments within the Story.

Love how it doesn't drag with too much detail, but gets straight to the point without the story feeling lacking.

I just really love love love this book, I hope to see Romance Develop more between Characters, but I'm still reading. So fingers crossed. :P

I'd like to take a moment to Thank the Author for this Incredible piece of work. Love Your Book!! Sprinkles You with 1,000 Gold Stars and Miniature Rubber Duckies. :)

I’m a girl, but I like another girl?!

I absolutely Love your book! It's The Best "Yuri" type book that I've read so far. It's very well written, and if you made any mistakes.. I hadn't noticed because I was too busy being sucked into your Story. It was purely Captivating! I have to admit that it also turned Me on sooo much. ^.^ I love the Characters that you have created. The Comedy and the Drama is perfectly placed. I'm excited and anxiously awaiting for more Chapters. Thank You for writing such a wonderful Book. I hope you intend to sell it in the future on Kindle or turn it into a paper novel, or something. Because even if I finish reading it. I still want to be able to buy it, to own and read it again and again. So... "Thank You" for writing. :)