Tori Transmigrated

MC has the patience of a mountain sage.

This is perhaps the finest Transmigration story I have ever read. It has great pacing, an expansive and interesting world and cast, a comprehensible and sympathetic protagonist, and a deeply annoying and loathsome antagonist. 

The Style is great, a isekai/transmigration/game world WITHOUT A FREAKING GAME INTERFACE AND A HARD MAGIC SYSTEM so unbelievably refreshing to be reading a soft magic system these days.

The story is detailed, with a nice hint of the authors (no doubt deeply troubled) search history in the fine details and historical info.

The Grammar is good. Hard to write a lot about something like grammar unless there are flaws.

The CHARACTER! So good. I just wanna strangle the antagonist and her bevy of stupid little brainwashed gamewashed harem candidates.  But, all her actions are set to play into a universe where she will be utterly crushed if she tries to make a true stand. This seems to be slowly shifting, and her little victories are SO DAMM SATISFYING!!

This story is so good you guys. Please please give it a shot and luxuriate in the bliss that is not having to watch numbers go up for nine thousand chapters. A soft magic system, a compelling villain MC, a Mary Sue enemy, oh yes, it's all coming together!

Magical Girl Kari: Apocalypse System (Mahou Shoujo LitRPG)

A well written story starring a flawed but interesting character. A cutesy trope turned on its ear, as the MC has no interest in being an adorable heroine magical girl. Anger issues, jealousy, and a toolbox full of nothing but hammers, Kari is set to become a monster to monsters and mankind alike.

There will be blood, and I am making popcorn.

Dirk Cooper: Paranormal Real Estate

Now, obviously this is a bit of a premature review. You can't go about reading a single chapter and deciding the quality of an entire story from it. That would be crazy.

Luckily I don't give a damn.

This story has so much potential and pizzazz slammed into the very beginning that if the entire rest of the story simply coasts gently downhill it will still be an amazing tale. 

The sheer cheek and charm of it alone is worth a read.

The Style: punchy and unrepentant! Like Mike Tyson in a ballgown!

The Story: surprising depth! Like that stream all those kids drowned in!

The Grammar: perfect!

The Character: oh, oh the CHARACTER! That, is where things really shine! In a single chapter I know, like, and want to know more about the funky duck that is Dirk Cooper.

To the readers: I hope you agree and don't care if you don't. 

To the writer: this is glorious and I can't wait to read more. I'm riveted with curiosity to see where you lead us from here!

Okay, for seriously? How many words are 200?! Advanced reviews must be at least 200 words, and I could have sworn I hit that number a while back... my desire to practice conciseness has once again bitten me in the rear. We good?

Mark of the Fool: A Progression Fantasy

This story is fun to read! The characters are well written and well rounded, and the adventure (short as it is for now) is genuinely gripping! If you think a Fool must be an unwitting companion and cause of chaos, then prepare to be proven wrong. Take a spin with the smartest, least chaotic, and most likely to succeed Fool you will ever read!

Beneath the Dragoneye Moons

Colorful characters in a colorful world.

I'm gonna get the minutiae out of the way first. 

Style: standard first person storytelling, really well done. The pacing is very nice, good detail when needed, but it doesnt drag and it doesn't skip from fight to fight like a murder hobo Chronicle. 

Story: A lovely tale of a young woman striving to be more than her surroundings demand, and making a fair bit of a racket doing it! It's fun to watch a hero who faces obstacles beyond those that can punched into submission. How will she break the limits of her society, and will she do so in a way that opens the path for others, or is she merely one of the exceptions to the rule?

Grammar: is good. What else is there to say?

Character: while it might be nice to have more solid physical character descriptions, there are no flat characters here, beyond maybe Kerberos, but that may be remedied sometime in the future. All characters are notable, unique, well thought out, and well executed. This is a vibrant world, full of vibrant people.

Thanks to those who read this far, and thanks to the author for writing this wonderful work!

Oh, and congrats on your wee baby!!

Invincible Canadian Hermaphrodite Goddess Cultivator.

This story is exactly what it says it is. A overpowered Canadian lass with a wopping great wing-wang kicks the crap out of a lot of stereotyped wuxia and isekai characters. Which is great!

Where this story thrives is in the action.

Everything else is pretty meh, if I'm to be honest.

The characters don't get developed, and they are very much not nuanced.

The story is rushed, nonsensical, and kinda funny.

The style is punchy, in-your-face, and aggressive.

The grammar is fine, a few errors but nothing ridiculous.

To me, this story has a lot of potential, but its pacing is way too fast. Thanks for reading, and thanks to the author for writing this.


Cinnamon Bun

This is a sweet story.

The style is fun, bouncy, and the pace is somehow both fast and pleasant.

The story is still in its infancy, but the course ahead has been laid straight to adventure, friendship, and wonder.

The grammar is clean.

The characters are well defined and consistent. Their quirks and interactions are a delight. 

Thanks to the author for this sweet piece of writing, and I hope to still be having adventures alongside Miss Bunch in the distant future.


When I heard about this story from a friend, I was mildly intrigued. 

But when I read the synopsis I stopped after the words "Saturday morning cartoon villain."

And I screamed, at the top of my lungs, YEEEAAAAH!!!

I have been missing the wacky, overblown, incomprehensible, frankly ridiculous plotting of the Saturday morning villain for years.

This story is funny, light, and well written. The pace is (perhaps) too fast, but I think the author like the rest of us just wanted to bite into the meat of absurdity that is kid cartoon villainy.

I hope things slow down a tad, and allow for further hijinks and hilarity between doomsday devices, but regardless of the pacing I am well and truly hooked.

Wake of the Ravager

This is a wonderful story!

The MC is foolish but not incompetent, the ladies are practically more thorn than rose, and the "System" is a hack.

Story is coherent and fun to follow.

Grammar is quite well done.

Style is both happily familiar and wonderfully different.

And the characters are fun, believable, and interesting.

A Beginner's Guide to Napping, Sunbathing, and Slaughtering Your Prey

This is the most inventive and interesting litrpg I've ever read.

Perhaps the best part about it is that the MC never really goes through the whole "new world" shock and surprise phase, and skips right over the training montages and gets right to the murder.

Which I quite liked.

The style is familiar, the plot hasn't really started rolling, the grammar is good, and the characters are where this story really shines so far.

Its gonna be a character driven plot for sure.

Marbles are the best prey.