I like the Dungeon stories, so my assessment and the fact that this story is marked among my favorites, may not be impartial.
Of course I should clarify that this story is not focused in detail on the construction of Dungeon, and the story feels somewhat coarse at times, but it is still pleasant or at least it is for me.

If it is read without being too demanding, it can turn out to be a good reading, with some nice touches, without being exceptional. There are better stories, but I definitely do not think reading this story is a waste of time.

Definitely this story is at least a solid 3 or 3.5 stars so far. That is to say that in RoyalRoad where one can find from illegible stories to large hidden gems. This story is quite above average, I could even say it is a diamond in the rough. Although it needs a bit of polishing to be able to really shine in a dazzling way. In addition to requiring more chapters, along with proper development. It definitely has potential.

Considering that the Dungeon Stories I like. Also, that this story turned out to be a good read, I rate it with 4.5 stars. (I give a +1 star bonus, for my preferences and why this story pleases me)

Chronicles of a Dungeon Core

I like it!
It's a story that may have been inspired by Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~ Saikyou no Danjon wa Kindai Toshi ~.
But it has its own twists and turns. Sometimes you can enjoy the naivety of the protagonist while in another you can hate it. It is not a perfect story and it has some twists that really caused a lot of controversy especially when:

Spoiler: Spoiler

 At the present time, the website where the author was loading his story no longer exists and, apparently, even in RoyalRoad has stopped updating. :(
I hope that the Author can return and that the story continues. But if it is not, I can only thank you for writing the story and sharing it up to this point. :)
I have enjoyed reading it and there are still some chapters that I have not read. Not because I was not interested in reading the story, but because I wanted to accumulate several chapters to enjoy a long reading.
I hope the Author is well. I really appreciate all the work that he dedicated in writing and sharing his story.

Lady Bunny

It's a fun and interesting story. In my opinion one of the best stories of RoyalRoad. The end may be a bit abrupt and I really wish the story would continue, but it is still a great work and they should read it if they have not done it.

Thanks to the Author Androg for writing it and publishing it.

(Oneshot) I Shouldn't Have Pretended to be the Female Lead

I recommend reading it is a enjoyable story and one of the best one-shot I've read.

My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem

Well lately I'm not attracted to the Harem genre. While I read things like: Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World, the time came when I could not stand the development I had and I dropped it. For that reason I doubt that in fact it goes to follow this history faithfully.
But the suggestive cover and the fact that at the moment in which I write this review or critical only has two chapters in RoyalRoad, I was attracted enough to read what is published.
And so far it looks like the typical story of being transported in another world and the fulfillment of your dreams or fantasies.
The writing is understandable, although I can not give a true review of the theme.
For all that I wrote so far, this story, even though it is new, could earn a rating of 2.5 from my perspective. This qualification would increase if it had more chapters.
If the author maintains the quality of writing and achieve a pleasant development could even reach 3.5 or 4 stars. It only needs more chapters.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 As a slight support to the author, I raise the rating that I give in RoyalToad up to 4.5 star.
This qualification is not completely reliable and does not have a reasonable justification.
But what I read about the story is understandable and even though it's not my favorite genre. I must say that as a man I am still attracted, even if it is somewhat questionable.
The true rating I should have is 4 stars at most, if I were consistent with the first part of my review. But I give him a .5 more for the low scores he already has and the future ones he will get from the trolls who do not even make a criticism.
For my part I will not say that I was never a troll. But even though I do not usually review or criticize the stories I read and I usually give an anonymous rating to the stories. The score I give is usually 3 stars or more. If I do not like the story, I just let it drop and it's really weird that it gives a Rating of 2.5 or less.
I don't usually give a review or criticism because:
1) I have nothing to add to those who already gave it, so usually I just give a thumbs up to the review that I like the most.
2) The fact that English is not my native language and sometimes my writing is unintelligible. 

Unexpected Consequences

Recommend the story, it really caught me. I also recommend reading the other stories of the author are equally fascinating, at least from my criterion. Even the story of "Empire in Crisis" that is currently in hiatus. It is a part of a set of stories that can be confusing at times but that when immersed in it gives you an incredible world construction.
While having multiple POVĀ“s in a chapter can result in a difficult reading for some. It is really one of the qualities that I believe make the stories of Palanca_preta unique. :)
It should be noted that in the stories there are two universes that although they share several things in their composition, they are two different universes.

Leaving things simple: I recommend this story as a good read and a fascinating world that you can discover once you get to understand it.