Font size changes continually

A fun afternoon of reading, except for the formatting problems. The font size changes every couple of chapters, even when the override formatting option is turned on. Can adjust manually, but it's still an unnecessary interruption to do so.

The style is appropriate for the type of story, few significant grammar errors(a couple of missing letters and I-s). The general story is the very bog-standard Human->Monster reincarnation so go eat and grow while using human mind powers for advantage over the competition, the long-term interest is in the eventual reconnection and co-operation with the colony instead of forever being alone and unique. Human interludes provide greater world context and plot hooks, I have great hopes for the development of your Legion of the Dead.

Everybody Loves Large Chests

This is the story of a boy, no wait he's dead. This is the story of a girl, no wait she's dead too. This is the story of a chest, with absolutely nothing special about it at all, no wait that's boring.

This is the story of a world, rich in background both original and vast, with slight clich├ęs but in a good way. This is a story of consistency, where the rules are established and respected. This is the story of characters, who remain true to their motivations and past actions, while growing and advancing on their personal paths throughout.

This is a copy-paste of my Amazon review because I'm bored at work and need to do more than read sometimes.


An original, intriguing world with great promise. Lively and interesting characters with enormous potential for depth... and Growth.

You may have started this story just for NaNoWriMo, but I sincerely hope you can continue it to a satisfying end, wherever that may be.