Polaris Archon

Polaris Archon

Hannah Forteza and her Forte Persona

 The synopsis, well it was vague, for sure, but that mysteriousness made me take the first step into the story.

The Grammar is near perfect, only with some wrong choices of preposition which I'm also guilty of, but that can be much tolerated.



Characters. The first one seemed interesting enough, with the author really fleshing out their details since chapter 1.

The problem is with the style. The fleshing out of characters is okay to be a little lengthy, but what made it unreadable was that all the character's actions are too detailed, that you start to yawn through half of the narrative. It's so detailed that, even the degree of which the first character turned the key, was identified.

Sorry author-san I can only give you four stars, I hope you don't get discouraged by this. One piece of advice is don't over-describe actions. This novel will go a long way with a little tweak.

Ryley Allard: Demon Law Expert

What's there to say other than this story is unique? 

-Swimming in sarcasm, swimming in satirical remarks, swimming in lenny faces (goddamn Lylli) and swimming in con artistry. Goddamn author this is ace attorney only with horns and horny involved, please just die... And on a side note, even though this story is top-worthy, it won't gather much attention since 70% of RRL readers are five-year-old LitRPG retards. 

Ever So Slight Change (Hiatus on Prologue, i hate myself)

There really isn't anything yet aside from the prologue so I can't perform an honest review. But the prologue shows untold potential. That's coming from someone who's so not a fan of prologues.

The Orderly Powergame (Dodeca's Short Stories)

 I'm giving a friendly review (somehow) here. The story well, the stories are nothing short of creativity, and though I'm not a fan of short story collections, I like where this project is starting. Starting with a witch hunt, I like that. 


Some minor issues would be, first, the paragraphs are dense. Maybe it's just me since my writing style tends to give the reader space breaks. It's not that big an issue, it just makes you feel like you're reading newspaper. 

A space every two or three lines probably won't hurt. Probably. 


Next, the grammar is fine. Maybe give each stories two to three proofread runs or more to check for missing spaces and typographical errors. 


Last, though probably the least. The way you close in dialogues is err... Unique? It weirded me out but after a while, I got used to it. 

So all in all, to the readers, do check this collection out. But it's not for those who can't keep their temper down when they see an error. Just point it out and the author will fix it. Like I said, probably. 


PS: I wrote this review during my writing break, which is not a lot of time, so please don't roast me for errors.