A Snake's Rise

A Snake's Rise
by Kenaren
0 pages


Torga's back and he's hungrier than ever. 

In this second book following Torga's journey, he's going to battle kings, mythical beasts, tyrants, and even gods on his quest to find and protect his wife.

Come join him as he rises to power and becomes a living legend...

(Cover is the creature Torga's body was based on.)

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(Link to the first story--

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The War of our Stars (SWTOR Fan fiction)

The War of our Stars (...)
by MajesticPurpleMartin
257 pages



Also, I used "The Old Republic", as I couldn't fit in "Star Wars".......

Yes, the title does mean something.


I guess this is a SWTOR Alternate Universe Fanfiction?



I used glowtxt, Microsoft word, and paint to make that.

I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURE, I got it when I searched up "copyright free". 

Also, I just used glowtxt, but if whoever made glowtxt wants me to stop, I'll get rid of it. 


Whilst this is a fanfiction of SWTOR, the setting is VERY different, you will not see any SWTOR characters within this Novel, there will be places both made up and already existing in SWTOR. 

Take for example, whilst the Dark Council still exists, it will have completely different members. 

Also, there are minor changes to the history before and during the Old Republic, but there is little overall change, with the main character starting out at a similar time to a starting character.




Star Wars the Old Republic Fanfiction. 

You'll understand the title, not in the first chapter, but as Frederick goes to outer space.


Before the Rule of Two, there were multitudes of Sith and Jedi. 

Numbering thousands of both Sith and Jedi, a great war between the Empire and Republic has existed since time immemorial.

From our World, a young boy named Frederick is born into the Galaxy of Star Wars, born into an Imperial Family, he lives up to the expectations of becoming a powerful Sith. 

But all he wants to do is to survive....

But by surviving, he does more so than simply surviving.


Many have made star wars fanfictions, and this one will probably...... 

(I have read, watched and played Star Wars, so here you go)



NOTES: Action and Adventure are a bit light for the first few Planetary Arcs. I'm terrible at comedy and romance will come will really late. 

 Absolutely terrible until Corellia. 



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I got reincarnated and got a creation cheat

I got reincarnated and (...)
by andrewmarcel
298 pages

An abused child died to his father and mother. His mother wanted him dead the moment his birth and said he is a mistake. His father did drugs and gambled when he lost he abused him. He didn't even have a name he was 5 when he died to abused he then woke up in a white room and saw a man standing in front of him in greek clothes and looked a bit holy. The man said to him " I'm sorry I didn't want you to die and accidentilly killed you forgive me sorry I will give you a new life with better parents and a cheat. now watch adventure the world and use his cheat and enjoy his life with better parents.

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I Am the

I Am the "God of Death", (...)
by Freww6
296 pages


The original to I Am the "God of Death", Whatever That Means.



I DO NOT OWN THE SONGS USED IN THIS STORY. THE SONGS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE SONG WRITERS. The song writers will be listed with the song that is used.

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A Man and His Greatsword

A Man and His Greatsword (...)
by Sir Luciel
211 pages

Michael Adkins is a unique 28-year-old man. Born with above average strength and emerald green eyes, he always wanted to live in a fantasy world. He was very much into fantasy light novels, manga, and anime, especially a certain one that involves a black armored man with a large greatsword. Michael always dreamed of going on an adventure in a fantasy world. On a whim, Michael is summoned by the god of Alorah, one of the fantasy worlds he had always read about! Alorah's God, Eden, gives Michael a choice of three bonuses and a custom class to take with him into Alorah. This is the start of Michael's fantasy adventures.

P.S. This is my first novel, I'm writing this since there were little novels I've found with a main character that wields a greatsword. Don't expect anything good. There will be a lot of mistakes, so please help me with that!

P.P.S The later chapters will (hopefully) be much less cringy than the early ones. Please give it a shot!

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The Raven Effect

The Raven Effect
by TalinSkybow
84 pages

As childhood friends re-connect and fall in love, all that they know about their lives and those in it, is about to change.

Family secrets long forgotten are unearthed... Murder for Hire, Kidnapping, Devestation...

The past is in the past... The present is surrounded by danger... There may be no future...

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by Magic_Rune
3 pages

A mask can only hide so much, but this child hides everything from her voice to her past, she is masked.

a khr fanfic

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Colossus' Dream

Colossus' Dream
by Danetello
219 pages

An ancient elemental is awoken in a time that is not his own. He sets off to finally complete the dream he has always had. Armed with the chance granted to him by the strange new system, he will set off on a journey throughout the ages.

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The Daily Life of a Divine Soul

The Daily Life of a Divine (...)
by LazyCasual
136 pages

Finding himself at the verge of entering the Sea of Souls after dying a sudden and unexpected death, Leng Yu was not allowed to rest easy as he was dragged back into the world of the living by a great evil! Forcing his poor soul to become the medium that will devour two of the most powerful experts of another world! Yu is then granted a new and terrifying body that can withstand his newfound divine might by the God of the other world! 

Join Leng Yu as he lives a carefree life in the most brutal continent of this other world. Obtaining a Spirit Queen as his wife, exploring the world's wide array of fragrant teas as well as causing countless jaws to drop and numerous eyes to widen as he does!


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Cultivating Monster

Cultivating Monster
by Sitna
97 pages


beings who raid, destroy, steal and kill all those whom they deem fit.

Do you want to be a monster?

In the world filled with death, would you rather be the bloodthirsy Cultivator, the smart Mage, the evil Necromancer, the honorable swordsman, the sneaky assassin, the greedy and lustful pirate or the hate-filled Monster?

Can't there be a mix? What if you mix the powers of the typical reincarnated hero along with the everlasting theory of cultivation? And what if you also throw in a personality forged through pain and hate?

Turns out, there can be a mix. Take a human, dip it into a world where everybody hates it, teach him the wonders of what power can give you, then, throw it into a world where he can obtain the power it wants. 


I had a sudden moment of enlightment from reading 'Different World along with One Piece system'. I truly liked that novel, so I raccomend it. I took inspiration in the idea and sort of copied it, so I won't claim this to be completely original, as it's not.

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Ophidian Aspect

Ophidian Aspect
by Diragon
916 pages

While going about his normal life, one day a giant ship appears towering over his town, and Drake dives into a new world created by the aliens who have taken a liking to the mythology and fantasy of earth's stories.

Faced with the reality of choosing a new race suited to this deadly world, he embarks on a journey to discover his new abilities and tries to make his way through his transformed world.

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My life story in different world

My life story in different (...)
by Monti
2 pages

Author note:

First: English is not my native language, be prepared to lots of mistakes ( really a lot!)

Second: I'm writing this for myself and don't know when I get tired of it, maybe after first chapter or 10 or 20

There are god with little fucked up head

World, where magic and such was set loose

And our little soul that was set out to journey that will change that world......or not?

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