Evil Overlord: The Makening

While the story can be quite funny at times, other reviews gave me the impression it was a comedy. It's not, it's quite serious actually. But it's not the grim setting I'm use to - I mean sure bad and awful stuff happens all the time but the people of this world are just kind of use to it? The evil of their world is just a fact of life, and they treat it as such. It's a fairly dark yet charming setting that puts a lot of effort into understanding the mindsets of the people in it. There's something not off-putting about someone being an a**hole when literally everyone is an a**hole. I just didn't realize there was so many flavors of a**holery.

But the real kicker is the narrative style and storytelling techniques. Everything is woven together by the web of Utter Domination - the story of how our villain came to be an Evil Overlord. Everything feels well-thought out and intentional, and the pacing is perfectly in tune with the development of Gar. The excerpts at the beginning of each chapter are definitely worth the read (I've seen this technique used before to lesser effect, the way it's written here is just so much more informal yet much more relevant to the chapter).

Good chapter length, release schedule so far is good, and there's enough to look forward to that I plan to wait for the next chapter to come out.

Super Minion

By far my favorite superhero story on this website. I love the main character's perspective, the side characters, and the ambient elements of the world. The small things like Odd Summer, calling humans "drones", and soda making packets at the diner really bring the story to life. While there is some statistical stuff, it's mostly cycles of runtime and total mass, not arbitrary numbers for strength/agility that will suffer majorly from power creep later, so I like that. In general, I'd just like to see more stories with non-human protagonists, because the perspective makes the story so much more interesting. That and it's nice to have an MC that's OP in some senses but could still easily be killed in many scenarios. Striking that balance can be difficult.


Anyway, keep up the good work! Please give us more!