The Dragon Clan Revived

There might or might not be spoilers bellow this line! YE WERE WARNED!




This fiction got me really interested, most likely like pretty much everyone got some interest in it, since it has dragon as mc. One of the best choices for mc XD. Still it has some minor problems that will be fixed with time and more chapters.

Hmm, the progresion of the story is quite nice right now and is steady. The mc seems a bit op but that is compared to the enemies he defeated and they aren't something special, so as to mc power level one can't really tell right now, but to be fair he is A dragon so him being powerfull is reasonable.

Female development is good and im eager for future development, but at the same time one would hope for some more unique and unexpected female companions. Also It would be awesome if the females get some side stories or more character development and their own limelight XD.

Right now the mc lack a solid plan for the future.

Also would be nice if he clarified his stance towards other races, from his now draconic point of view. Who will he be antagonistic againts and who will he have loose alliances.

Still lacking the foundations and plans for his clan revival. Right now he seems like he just wants to collect the women but has no want to do them, well it might seem reasonable but let's be real he is a man, he is a dragon who by sharing some draconic and snake tendencies are lusty and horny individuals. So his self control makes him a bit harder to like.

For now that is all I can say, with more chapters I might change the review but that is for the future...



The Iron Teeth:  A Goblin's Tale

A progressive tale of a goblins rise to power and his survival, steady character development and slow progression of his power make it more fun to read. The world looks quite solid and well developed at least for now. There are quite a few characters with their own well developed traits and stories. Althrough him being a goblin and one of his races driving purposes are lust, so him lacking substancial female development saddens me a bit. All in all it is still a very good story, with steady and frequant releases and perfect grammar. Keep on rolling! :D

Cursed by a goddess...

Well the fiction is interesting, since it is one of the fewer undead mc fictions. I hope that the author doesn't drop it and finishes it. At first the mc was too weak, but right now , chapter 8, the mc is finally getting from being totally weak to at least a standard power level. I hope you will include more attempts by the goddess of beauty to kill, annoy and mess with mc. But at the same time create a way for the mc to get back at Kohena, most preferably by tentacle raping her. 


Of Course there are some problems with it, that the author i hope will fix. Things like some sentences are missing words or some letters are not there. That is taking away from the enjoyment in reading it, but it seems the text is improving a bit.  Also at least i personally would like more world building to make it a bit more interesting and to get more info on the various gods,races,countries that will be featured in the fiction. A bestiary would be wonderful.


Well my verdict would be that this fiction is an interesting read for when your bored, and might turn out to be a gem in the long run if the author invest a bit of time in either proofreading it himself or ask for volunteers. 4/5 score would be fair including the future potential of the fiction and giving a bit leeway for grammar mistakes.

Spectral Regalia

Great ff, actualy one of the best ff on this website. The few negative reviews dont do it any justice. The points they point out are mostly invalid, one might even think they didnt read it or are just jelious.

Releases are steady, the story progresses at a decent pace. There are some points that atleast i personally think could be done differently, but oh well. MC power seems to have some balance unlike quite a few other ff's. The OP god is funny. The angels seem to get too much free reign atleast in my opinion.

Overall I think you should read it yourself and judge it by yourself.

Axe from North

MC reaction versus His parents point of view is just priceless XD. Still a bit  lacking in the reasons why the north is so dangerous but still good. Im interested in what weapons the northmen favor and what weapon the mc will use himself. I personally would want him to use 2-hand axe for the barbarian feel or either glaive,spear for agi build. Also interested in what is beyond the frontier. What can I say, the mc is interesting and a bit out of touch with reality atleast at the start. The rest of the characters are also interesting but still lacking in info about them. Overall the info on the world is lacking. But the mc’s antics provide a lot of comic relief XD


Also im interested in his allignment, will he be chaotic neutral like most barbarians or go other routes? It be awesome if he leaned more to darkness and was a bit more selfish.


Keep on the good work, and althrough a  bit selfish but please more and faster. Also picture of the mc, other people and a cover picture would be awesome.

Paths of Destiny

I liked the way the story is going. Chapters could be a bit longer and prologue could have had more info on the world and so on.  I got a bit confused about the girl. For the time being it comes out interesting and from atleast the way it is now , "travels on the road less traveled". I found no problems with the grammar. Cant say much about character but from the little bits shown I found it likeble and fresh. Mc isnt too overpowered  yet..

Keep on the good work your doing and im awaiting more chapters, cheers!!