Catherine 2.0

I feel a warning is in order. The title of the story, the cover image, the description and even the tags imply the story is mainly a drama or slice of life focused around the gender bender mishap of Catherine and William.

And for the first 20 or so chapters it is, and it's great. 5/5. The only complaint I had was about the occasional breaking of the 4th wall, which I do not enjoy in my fiction. The rest was excellent, however. Chef's kiss.

But then the author completely switches the direction, pacing and basically the genre of the story away from a carefully thought out gender bender slice of life drama to an action packed urban fantasy filled with classsers, reincarnators, returners, magical wolves, angels and demons, basically anything and everything you can think of and that is related to fantasy in any shape or form.

The scope of the story is forcefully expanded from a personal drama to a conflict on the scale of a multiverse. Politics between worlds and their implications on earth. Large-scale action scenes, people dying all over the place. Magic cast willy-nilly in what initially was just a modern world with a lil' bit of a supernatural twist. Now it's full fantasy.

The careful pacing and character building disappear as we get introduced to many new characters, concepts and situations that have next to no build up or reasoning. Why a story about Catherine (2.0) needs classers, magical bag inventories, magic pet wolves, LitRPG stats and every other Royalroad trope under the sun? And why suddenly introduce these concepts 20+ chapters down the road with no build up?

Catherine or Cat now isn't any of those things and the story even acknowledges it by not giving the abilities to her. Author attributes all the aforementioned tropes nearly entirely to secondary characters, which adds nothing to Catherine's and William's story. It instead muddles the focus of the story, or rather changes it completely.

Apparently, some of the newly introduced characters and world building come from author's previous work which I have not read. The description also doesn't show that this is a sequel requiring additional reading elsewhere. So the 180° in pacing and plot direction gave me a whiplash.

At the end of the day, this is not what I signed up for. This is not what the front page of the story communicates or what the first ~20 chapters are about. This story is at least two (if not more) unrelated stories slapped together and it does not work for me.

Stalked by an Eldritch Deity in Love!

There's a lot to like in this read. The world building so far has been especially nice with lots of (to me at least) new fantasy ideas that freshen up the genre. Although, it can also be a bit vague at times  and seems to require some pre-requisite knowledge of Greek and Norse mythology as deities and beings from these are namedropped but not expanded on. I appreciate that the story does not go into long tangents of info dumping though. And I could infer the meaning of most of the mythological stuff mentioned so far.

The plot is also quite intriguing and moves at a good pace. The leads are already competent (but not all powerful) so we get into the good stuff from the get go without a long build up slaying innocent forest creatures for a hundred chapters.

The POV swapping can be spazzy though and happens a bit too often for my liking. As soon as I'm immersed in one character's viewpoint, it swaps to another. But I also appreciate the multiple viewpoints, it works for the story told well.

Would love to see more character growth going forward. The characters seem to grow ability wise but not so much as people. But then this is more a plot driven rather than character driven story so it still works. And there are a lot of characters so it's not like the mains have had that much screen time. A lot of future potential here. 

The insta-love could've used a bit more build up, though. They go from acquaintances to intimate lovers too fast. Otherwise a really solid story so far though.

Looking forward to new chapters.

Angel In The Pandemic

This is my kind of wholesome fluff. Can't get much better than this. The only thing wrong with the story is that chapters are on the short side but it updates relatively frequently so I can't ask for more.

I guess the characters could be a lil' less caricature like and with a bit more depth but they're developed enough that the story just works (for me). Especially in more recent chapters where Althea shows some of her more human sides beyond the perfect beauty and innocent adorableness.

Love Crafted

Cute and good fun, I had a great time.

This is like great comfort food. Good humor, lots of cuteness, some offscreen yuri thrown into the mix. There's no great depth, but there's lots of fun to be had in this read. Glad I gave it a go. This really made my terrible day much brighter and for that I give this 5 stars.

Beware Of Chicken

For my tastes, this hits all the right notes - slice of life, actually funny comedic moments, great characters that experience significant character growth and also act like relatable human beings (even the animal characters are amazing). And it updates frequently. I love this and I need more of this.

Essence of the Dragon

Great start, I hope this novel gets updated consistently. 

Kobold Whisperer

Recommended for all fantasy fans

So far it's been real good. One of the better novels on the site for sure. Wish there was more stories like this with actual content instead of endless blue screens that serve as a meaningless filler. 

Catgirl in the Pantry: Sample Chapters and Bonus Content

The writing just doesn't flow well, it's a bit dry, a bit stiff and the reactions and interactions seem... forced? Artificial? Real people wouldn't act like this in that situation. Trust is established almost instantly not only between complete strangers but strangers of different species. Why? That's not how people work.

World hopping also is handled more like an everyday routine and not like an event of grand proportions. They basically just shrug it off.

Solid idea, but it lacks execution. 

Mai Girl

Suspiciously similar and considerably worse written than this story: