The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound

Legend? Ha! The Torment of Randidly Ghosthound Is More Like

I remember when I first started reading this story. Within the first ten chapters, I had understood, and appreciated just why it was called the LEGEND of Randidly Ghosthound.


Xtreme SPOILERS Abound!!!!!!




See the story starts off with this college student, Randy, who finds himself in a dungeon way above his level when the System Apocalypse comes to Earth. This has the fortunate (?) side effect of making him level up super fast as every enemy he faces is miles above his level. But despite this danger, Randy is determined to make his way out so he can find his two best friends and make sure they're okay.

Touching right?

So he finally conquers the dungeon (with some help) after a few months only to realise that due to dungeon time being dilated, it's actually only being a few days outside.

Awesome! Now Randidly can go find his friends, right? Wrong. Because the system hit the shuffle button on Earth and now no one knows where anyone is.

But the Legend of Randidly Ghosthound will not be deterred, so he saves some people (read: hundreds), and starts a town that he leaves under the leadership of others as he does not consider himself leader material (which he isn't).

And this is where everything starts to go to shit.

So there's a girl in the town who likes Randy, and he likes her too, but they keep dancing around their feelings for each other until it turns out their feelings were engineered by the system for some nonsensical reason that still makes no sense to me.

But wait! There's still room for their feelings to develop organically. Until she dies, and comes back to life as a villainous, evil bitch that nobody can stand.

Then there's the fact that literally anyone who can be a friend to Randy either dies, turns evil, is taken far away by the plot, acts like a jerk to him, or simply remains that character you only see from time to time.

Oh! And you remember the two best friends he's been looking for since the story started? He finally finds them, after years. And guess what? One's crazy and kind of an ass, while the other is an ass and kind of crazy.


The only things that ever go semi-right for Randidly are fights, everything else is just a piping hot mess, that leaves him a little more broken each time. It's almost like the author's taking the 'Hero must overcome adversity' trope to a whole other level. And the worst part is they try to advocate it with these lengthy introspections by the characters involved that make little (if any) sense.

And the icing on the cake are all the side characters who jump into the story intermittently, with their own sub-plots that are often left unresolved. So that instead of helping to flesh out the world of LoRG, they just add to the overall frustration that story as a whole seems to generate.

Now, don't get me wrong, the author did a lot of things right in the story. But if I'm being honest? All of this I've written doesn't even cover half the shit they did wrong.

The Stolen Shield

To be honest the author actually scared me for a second with that line in the summary about the story having a slow start.

Which it doesn't.

Of course, I can understand why many would complain that it does, as we are mostly used to isekai stories starting with the MC going to another world so the concept that they may have had a life before jumping demensions may actually be alien to some.

But not to me. This story has very normal pacing. It is neither fast nor is it slow. It is just in that sweet spot that the better authors manage to set up shop in; fast enough for your readers to not get bored, and casual enough to give you room to flesh out your characters/world. This is why works written by such authors (like our own honeymilk) manage to stand out from the mass of literature that currently saturates the internet and other media.

And boy, does this novel stand out? I could go into detail about how the writing flows together like Ed Sheeran lyrics, or how the characters are as real as those you would find in a Stephen King novel, but I don't need to do all that. You just need to read it for yourself to know that this, without a doubt, is one or the best stories ever hosted on RoyalRoad (I still miss the L, weird). And believe me when I say there have been many good ones.

Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4

The story is good, much better than most xianxia bullcrap I've read that's for sure. But the one thing that ruins it for me is the same reason why I dislike most cultivation novels; the MC. Although in this case, for very different reasons.

Han De (the MC) acts like someone who has a mental problem. And not the 'this is just a side effect of being a genius' type that Sheldon Cooper has, or the cinematic type that The Joker has, or even the type that Stinky Pete down the street has. No. This is the 'I've spent a lifetime immersing myself in silly Chinese literature and have now lost touch with reality' type of mental problem.

Don't get me wrong. I understand that his situation is anything but ordinary (not to mention dangerous), what with all the tropes being tossed around, but his overall behaviour so far has shown a level of callousness that strongly suggests he does not consider this world to be fully... real, for lack of a better word. I mean his treatment of Ning Bi (his disciple) is just... that's a child under your fucking care, she's not some... Anyway, I'm taking a break from the story for now. Maybe I'll return to it in the future, who knows?

All that aside though, please note that author did do good work with rest of the story.

The Luckless Mage of Greidwhen Academy

If you're reading this review, stop. I'm frigging serious. STOP. Scroll to the top of the page instead and follow and favorite this story. NOW. DO IT. Because this story needs way more visibility than it currently has. I don't care whether you're on the fence about it, or want to wait until there are more chapters, JUST. FOLLOW. THE. DAMN. THING.

The Archaic Ring

Some things didn't sit well with me

So, yeah. I like the story. The simple fact that I bingeread the whole thing is all the proof that is needed.

However... How do I put this? The author seems to not have realised that he's doing the same thing that every other xianxia LN has done, oddly enough, because of how good a writer he is. (Or, who knows, maybe he has but just doesn't care).

Let's recap.

SPOILERS (you've been warned)

We have Nolan. Our average, amazing, book-smart, street-smart, nice, rude, disciplined, bitchy, noble, cheating, pragmatic, principled, realist and, sort of, idealist (yes, I know some of those are contradictory) young man, who also happens to be a genius strategist. Or, at least, one whose strategies always works against the enemy, no matter what Sun Tzu has to say about it. And did I also mention he can make gunpowder?

Oh! But don't fret, he's far from perfect, he makes mistakes like everyone else (though his (almost) always turn out to have been the right decision).

See what I'm getting at? And that's just the tip of the iceberg. The MC just happens upon a cultivation method that's several times better than any other one, has a ring that keeps him from getting agitated so HE can always make coolheaded decisions, and don't get me started on the lead-supporting female, Nyla, who has the back story to be an MC in her own right, yet has fallen into the pattern of "whatever MC-sama decides." Most of the events in this book are so... Typical and rather obvious, but because of how skilled the author is at painting with his words, the story actually keeps a reader interested for much longer than the average xianxia LN will.

So, was it a waste of time?

No, not even. It was fun, it was interesting and I loved the fact that the author clearly put in a lot of work.

But is it a cut above the rest like some claim?

Nope! Not at all. Because while it was interesting, as I've already said, there are so many things about it that don't sit well with me that I just can't bring myself to say the story is anything better than good.

So yeah, go right ahead and read it. Sure you'll have some complaints but eh, no story's perfect.


RR didn't let me use the title I wanted

It was clear from the first chapter that Zombie Slayer had the potential to be a thrilling read, and even now, at the end of book one, I still feel the same.

The only problem though, is that it hasn't.

Don't get me wrong, I like the story, but the truth remains that, no matter how I feel about it, I can't deny that it's written more like a summary than an actual novel, and this causes the characters to appear rather two-dimensional as there is not enough interaction between them and the reader.

Of course, the author has mentioned rewriting the story, in an attempt to rectify this issue, but who knows when that'll be.

That singular problem aside, the story, as I've already implied, is worth a read. It combines litRPG elements, action, and could probably be romance to make the little we see of the characters enjoyable.

Whew! That was a rant. Long story short, read it. You should like it.

Dungeon Heart

Amazing! Simply Amazing!!

Hooked from the first paragraph, I literally read all 48 chapters almost nonstop.

Definitely worthy to be called a masterpiece and the best story I've read on this site.

Sure, it's not perfect, with it's annoying typos and sparse releases, but I can safely say that even those do not--or maybe cannot--dampen the story.

Read it! You should love it.

Oliver's Wishes

A litRPG with a touch of sci-fi, fantasy, action and humor, not to mention its host of enjoyable characters; this is certainly a page turner.

While its being unedited is certainly a bummer, the author's evident skill in story-crafting makes it hardly noticeable once you really get going.

Suffice it to say, this is one of the best works on this site.