The Nothing Mage

The Nothing Mage
by Nixia
281 pages

Beware, oh friend, the Nothing Mage,

The man himself a blight,

With magic cursed and spells unseen,

That none can stand and fight.


Beware, oh King, the Nothing Mage,

A force that pierces all,

His nullfire blasts, destroy all life,

‘Till lords and empires fall.


Beware, oh love, the Nothing Mage,

A vengeful man is he,

So if you dare to draw his wrath,

Then nothing ye shall be.


When the time finally came for a representative of the Pinnacle Towers to awaken and evaluate young Declan’s mana, the boy had a clear idea of how the day would go.  The esteemed magus would awaken the teen’s dormant mana with a burst of his own, and Declan’s father would look on in pride as the visitor pronounced the boy a prodigy of fire magic, perfectly suited to follow in the general’s footsteps.  The reality was somewhat less than ideal.

Instead of discovering a massive untapped pool of red mana within the boy, the visitor found nothing at all.  Disgraced and disowned by his family, everything Declan knows about magic comes into question when he accidentally wields a mysterious and invisible force.  Join Declan on his journey of discovery through the magical kingdom of Teralia and into the famed Towers themselves.

|This is not a romance story; there is no sexual content.  There is a m/m kiss in one chapter.|

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He Who Fights With Monsters

He Who Fights With Monsters
by Shirtaloon
1.1k pages

Jason wakes up in a mysterious world of magic and monsters. He’ll face off against cannibals, cultists, wizards, monsters, and that’s just the first day. He’s going to need courage, he’s going to need wit and he’s going to need some magic powers of his own. But first, he’s going to need pants.

Follow Jason as he makes a place for himself in a world that is strange, yet sometimes strangely familiar. He’ll meet crime lords and aristocrats, gods and monsters on his path from would-be victim to heroic adventurer. At least, he tries to be heroic. It’s hard to be good when all your powers are evil.

Release schedule is 5 chapters per week, Monday-Friday.

Please note: I am Australian and this story is written in Australian English, so there will be less of the letter Z and more of the letter U.


This web novel is also available at scribblehub.com

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Exalted Warlock

Exalted Warlock
by abdirahman
261 pages

Magnus Tempest was a young man back on Earth, filled with hopes and dreams. That is until everything that tied him to Earth was taken and destroyed.

One night tormented with grief and contemplating dark thoughts. He stumbled upon a mysterious black gem-like shard, that whisked him away to another world called, Pandora.

A world part of the vast stage of the Known Cosmos.
1~2 chapter (3,000+ words a chapter) a week. On Saturday, and maybe Sunday if I have time.

Please be advised this is a slow burn, so if you do not like novels that go at a leisurely pace, then do not complain later. I have stated it right here and right now.

Also, constructive criticism and feedback are always welcomed!
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Twisted Branches

Twisted Branches
by jpuntuned
314 pages

The Old Gods won't sleep forever, and the Dread Beasts wish to reap the benefits of Yggdrasil and her children. Mankind relies on Aether Warriors and Mages to stand in the way.

Preparing to take the three trials of Magehood, Kat knows what she wants. If she can make it as a Sorceress, not only will she be able to venture into dangerous territories to procure rare materials for her father's once prosperous smithy, but also have the power to protect the ones she loves. However, life doesn't always go the way one hopes it will. There is more to the trial than her studies suggested. 

How will Kaitlyn Smythe make it in the world of blue bloods and affluent when all they see her as is a charity case?

How will she survive in the city of Ygg, when the nobles and drug traffickers are determined to bring it down before the Dread Beasts can get to it?

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Dungeon Engineer

Dungeon Engineer
by Hoophy97
391 pages

Engineer reborn as a dungeon core in a fantasy world.

Ike was a hobbyist clockmaker and former aerospace engineer enjoying his retirement on a habitat station orbiting Saturn. Unfortunately, his hard-earned peace was disturbed by a rapid decompression event and his resulting death.

Contrary to his expectations, Ike found himself reincarnated as a handicapped and supposedly-man-eating dungeon core in a fantastic realm of wonder, magic, dragons, and wizards! Faced with a luckless start in this hostile new world, Ike will have to employ his new-found near-perfect recall of his past life experiences along with ingenuity to survive and manifest his ambitions while struggling with morality.

Optional Extra Information (click 'Show' to reveal):


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Skulls of Atlantis: A Gamelit Pirate Adventure - 4 Chapter Sample

Skulls of Atlantis: A (...)
by edmcrae
21 pages

This is now a Five Chapter Sample. The full novel is available on Kindle Unlimited.

“Peer into the gizzards of your prize and see if you have the guts to take it.”

Captan Grace Deadeye Cortez lives in a virtual game world called “Skulls”. She just doesn’t know it. Skulls is an 18th Century alternate Earth where magic and monsters exist alongside muskets and marauding pirates. 

Now Atlantis has risen from the depths and Deadeye aims to plunder the city and capture its fabled Star of Atlantis, an artifact that will enable her ship to travel vast distances in the blink of an eye.

With Inkman, Jonesy, Sandwich, Mad Maggie and a host of motley corsairs from a score of different nations, Deadeye will shoot and swash her way through anyone and any thing that crosses her bow. But our plucky pirate captain is in for the shock of her buccaneering life. 

There’s a reason Atlantis has returned from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. An ancient god is awakening, straining against the arcane chains that were forged to bind Him. Should He break free, the whole world will feel the tidal waves of His wrath. 

Captain Deadeye and her crew will need to look lively and level up if they are to defeat this antediluvian evil. Especially if they want to get mind-bogglingly rich in the process.

Skulls of Atlantis is a Gamelit pirate adventure where characters level up and improve their abilities. Deadeye can also upgrade her ship, The Albatross. The game mechanics are shown as notifications called “the otherwords”. They are designed to work with the story, not interrupt your reading experience.


  • Female MC
  • Light game mechanics
  • Sea Battles
  • Moderate pirate language
  • Moderate violence
  • Sexual references
  • Lovecraftian monsters

Does not feature…

  • LitRPG power fantasy
  • Explicit sex
  • Coarse language
  • Harem
  • Gore and ultra-violence
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I don't want to be the Hive Queen

I don't want to be the (...)
by ValetheHowl
438 pages

Marcus is a young man that had a very bad day at work. 
First, he had a horrible customer during his shift. Then he got fired by his boss. And after that, he got shot to death during a robbery. 
And to top it all of, he awakened with the body of a weak and strange creature in a fantasy world full of deadly monsters. 

And that's just Monday!

Now Marcus will have to find a way to survive as a Vex Queen, but to do so his bravery and determination are not enough. He needs to build a hive that will protect him, as it won't be just monsters that he'll have to face... 


The release schedule for this novel should be one chapter per week.

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Taking on the magical world

Taking on the magical (...)
by abdirahman
408 pages

Caelum Lovegood is born into the Harry Potter universe and he has memories from his past life. With knowledge of how future events are going to play, what does he plan to do.

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Blood Seekers -- The Monolith

Blood Seekers -- The (...)
by stephenroark
291 pages

Blood Seekers - Book 1, is now on Amazon, including the final chapters not posted here!





“You will die!”

That's what the developers of Blood Seekers promised them...

The most challenging MMO ever created—that’s how they advertised it. Taglines like, “Not your granddaddy’s game,” and, “Only for the hardest of the hardcore,” had gamers going crazy. Set in a gothic, Lovecraftian world, with fully realized A.I. NPCS, gamers were desperate to get their hands on the new game and dive in, and Clay was one of them. It was going to be tough, but he was ready for it.

What he wasn’t ready for, was countless players having their minds hijacked and being transformed into mindless, hostile creatures filled with nothing but hate who killed anyone on sight. They called them the Bloodless.

Clay’s best and only friend, Rey, moved across the country she was twelve, but they kept in touch online, playing countless games together, and when Blood Seekers was released, they were both ready to step up to the plate and face the new challenge together. But now, Rey has been taken by the plague, her mind held hostage as one of the Bloodless.

A mysterious black monolith has appeared at the center of the highest level zone in the game, a place no one has even come close to. Some say it will provide us with answers. Others say it will only lead to more questions.

Who’s behind all this? Why are people’s minds being taken? Will we ever get to bring them back? How many more will be lost if we stay logged in?

Nothing is certain, but if there’s any chance that reaching the monolith will bring Rey back back, then Clay will do everything he can to reach it.

This is Book 1 in a new series from Stephen Roark! I will be posting chapters here until the book is done and published on Amazon!

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Samsara Overlord

Samsara Overlord
by abdirahman
13 pages

All souls return to River of Resurrection, it is in this river you will always end up in at the end of your life. The River of Resurrection has one duty, to erase all of your memery and send you on to your next life, depending on your Karma. Feng Shui is back in the River of Ressurrection for the second time and why the hell does he have the memery of his last two lives.


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Mother of Learning

Mother of Learning
by nobody103
2.8k pages

Zorian is a teenage mage of humble birth and slightly above-average skill, attending his third year of education at Cyoria's magical academy. He is a driven and irritable young man, consumed by a desire to ensure his own future and free himself of the influence of his family, whom he resents for favoring his brothers over him. Consequently, he has no time for pointless distractions or paying attention to other people's problems.

As it happens, time is something he is about to get plenty of. On the eve of the Cyoria's annual summer festival, he is killed and brought back to the beginning of the month, just before he was about to take a train to Cyoria. Suddenly trapped in a time loop with no clear end or exit, Zorian will have to look both within and without to unravel the mystery before him. And he does have to unravel it, for the time loop hadn't been made for his sake and dangers lurk everywhere...

Repetition is the mother of learning, but Zorian will have to first make sure he survives to try again - in a world of magic, even a time traveler isn't safe from those who wish him ill.


Next Chapter Target Date: December, 2019 (No Exact Date)

The story updates with a new chapter every 3-4 weeks. I aim for one chapter every 3 weeks, but real life sometimes interferes with that and I end up taking an extra week to finish things.

If anyone is interested, I have a story-related worldbuilding site that can be found here. I don't update it as often as I should, but there is a fair amount of content there already. It also contains a page with all the fanart, fan translations, audio books and the like - you can reach it directly by clicking this link.

I have a patreon account for those kind people that want to give me money. It also contains info for those who want to donate via paypal.

The story was originally posted on fictionpress, back in 2011. When I reached chapter 91, I started uploading the story to RoyalRoad, one chapter per day. The story will continue to be updated on fictionpress as well as here, and can be reached by clicking on this link if somebody is interested, though at this point there is nothing there that isn't also on RoyalRoad.


The cover you see on the side has been made by a fellow RoyalRoad user Sydorow. Thank you for your time and art skills.

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In the Shadow of Heaven

In the Shadow of Heaven
by javert
2.8k pages


Yan BarCarran has never felt at home. She’s an orphan among her extended family, a spacer among the ground dwellers while at school, and a one-in-a-million oddity born with the ability to use the God-given power. Still, at least at the Academy, an elite theological school where those with the power are sent to train, she knows where she stands. Her peaceful life falls apart when she receives her apprenticeship invitation at graduation.

Aymon Sandreas is the de facto leader of the Empire. He commands hundreds of powerful starships and keeps order among the planets under his rule. He’s also getting older, and the time has come for him to choose apprentices, one of whom will eventually become his chosen successor. He picks three students: the spiritual and talented Yan, the mysterious and troubled Kino, and the impulsive and striving Sid.

Now in the dead center of politics, Yan faces danger from would-be assassins and political rivals. If she doesn’t learn well enough and fast enough, she’ll die before she ever has a chance to make a difference. Between her fellow apprentices, the reformed criminal tasked with teaching her survival, and even her powerful master, Yan isn’t sure who to trust in this dangerous new world.

Sometimes, the right choice is the hardest thing to see.

Usually updates twice a week.

Additional Information

In the Shadow of Heaven is partially about the banality of evil, partially about broken people finding each other (for better or for worse), and partially about the nature of belief. It's science fiction with mild fantasy elements. Best described as a character focused drama, ItSoH is fairly slow in the beginning, but it picks up speed as it goes. It's an ensemble style story, and though Yan is the main character, there are many chapters that follow other characters and story arcs (specifically in the second act).

Religion is a central element to the story, but this story is not an endorsement of any particular religion (or religion in general) and definitely not an attempt to proselytize to the reader. It's more of an exploration of what belief makes people do, rather than being a story that presupposes a religious truth.

The primary romance is F/F, but it is not the only romance or the focus of the story.


ACT ONE: New Creatures with New Hearts

Yan starts her apprenticeship and does her best to get along with all of the personalities she has to work with. She begins to understand what might be required of her as a political figure, and learns exactly how far she's willing to go to survive.

Highlights include family drama, budding romance, a fake gunfight, a real pirate attack, and a military coup.

Complete act. Chapters 1-42, plus an interlude.

To catch up on the story faster, you may consider reading the abridged act one.

Table of Contents / Reference Sheet for part one can be found here. Contains spoilers.

ACT TWO: The Realms of the Unreal

An unexpected attack disrupts the precarious balance of the world. Sid and Sylva take center stage as they each fight to recover what has been lost. Yan has her long dark night of the soul. Aymon struggles to hold together an alliance that is on the brink of collapse.

Highlights include a murder mystery, political intrigue, betrayal, unexpected alliances, kidnapping, secret identities, dramatic escapes, and shocking revelations.

Complete act. Chapters 43-89, plus a bonus chapter.

To catch up on the story faster, you may consider reading the abridged act 2.

ACT THREE: The Eyes that See the Glory

The lines are drawn in the sand, and no one can avoid making choices that will shift the nature of the universe forever.

Highlights include reunions and partings, killing and healing, laughing and weeping, keeping silence and speaking, casting away stones and gathering stones together, and a time to every purpose under heaven. The end of ItSoH.

Act currently in progress. Chapters 90-current.

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