Finally caught up.

I think the story is great with good world building, interesting magic and great characters-

My big problem though, is that even though using some change of POV's to flesh is the story a good I feel like you take it too far sometimes with Mars and his wives disappearing for too long.

{The Dragon Within} (Completed)

The premise is interesting, the characters, specially the MC, are very good.

The MC is prideful as a former drake should be, he is not the type to go around helping people but he might on his quest for redemption, although he is definitely not a goody two-shoes. He is ruthless and also knowledgeable about a lot of things but doesn't anything about human, dwarven and elven society so it's going to be interesting seeing travel through those lands.

The grammar is also quite good, specially by RRL standarts.

I have high hopes for this story, we'll just have to wait and see.

Across the Realms [Dropped]

The novel just started so it's impossible to tell how thing will turn out but so far it has been great, the cultivation system is interesting, the background of the MC is good without it being too OP or needing to be removed.

I'm also liking the MC and the other character so far but it's too soon to tell for sure.

A bit of romance spoiler, if you want to know a bit about it

Spoiler: Spoiler

 And the grammar is also quite good, specially for RRL standards. They are a few mistakes here and there but nothing unreadable and the author will fix them if you point them out.