1. RE: Looking for honest feedback on my first chapter (1400 words).

      I know how it's like to be writing your first chapter(s) and want to show-off with cool and sophisticated words, but unless you intend to keep writing in somewhat of a high style, don't write things like: (...)

    2. RE: Members' ongoing fictions

      Would be nice to have my fic added here :) The link is below, Tale of Vjaira. :)

    3. RE: How to Join Us

      Cookies, kek! Mmm, thanks.

    4. RE: How to Join Us

      Hm, I'd like to join. Seems like an active community ^.^

    5. Review swaps.

      The usual rules. You review my novel, I review yours. Full detailed reviews. Anyone interested please post in this thread :)

    6. RE: DanP Illustrations

      Hey! I myself often miss new PM's so I will also post here I guess. Would love to talk for a bit if you have time ;)

    7. Tale of Vjaira. [18+] (wuxia)

      If you like magic and martial arts, or have read some wuxia stories and liked them then my novel will be for you. Updated daily, link below in my signature :)

    8. RE: Recommend something good. by good...

      How about a wuxia then? Pretty sure my story has none of the elements you said you dislike, so give it a try!

    9. RE: WC's Mutual Reviews

      Yeah, I am busy not only with my own story, so I am completely fine with both of us taking a few weeks ^.^ I will keep editing and posting one chapter per day here, so you will have a lot of material to (...)

    10. RE: Review swapping

      Hm, i'd recommend waiting one week if you want to read up until being fully and nicely immersed into the story. Until I will have released chapters 13/14/15 ~

    11. RE: Review swapping

      Hrm? Each chapter (apart from the last part of chapter 1) is well over 3k words. There should be around 50k words worth of story up until chapter 7, if not 60k. ^.^ PS: Beggining of the middle... xD We (...)

    12. RE: Fiction Sins

      Haha, if you are willing to eat up the rather roughly edited parts, what I do not recommned at the moment, then just visit Wuxiaworld forums :P Otherwise, I will probably need around two months as I also (...)

    13. RE: Fiction Sins

      Thanks for some really god advices! Gonna use them to improve my synopsis and my story. If I may, I will also give you a few minor spoilers from chapters ahead? Perhaps you will be interested in reading (...)

    14. RE: Unmotivated and Pessimistic

      Mm, I will keep it short~ Basically, you need to accept that what you will be writing at first won't be perfect while still striving to improve all the time. It's hard to do, but doable. Also, you need (...)

    15. RE: Fiction Sins

      Hey guys! I'd like to request a review from all three of you, of course if you have time and nothing better to do ^.^

    16. RE: WC's Mutual Reviews

      I am in the middle of editing and posting my story here, but if you are free, it would be nice to get a review and some tips along with it ^.^

    17. RE: Review swapping

      Ugh, I've thought about it and also asked a friend of mine, so I will probably go through with a full editing of the whole thing... I will be adding at least one chapter per day until I reach my current (...)

    18. RE: Review swapping

      Hrm? Give me 2 more days, by then I will be finished with fixing the 100+ chapters that I have and posting them on RRL. The early ones are taking a lot of time to edit, as I had been so much worse at writing (...)

    19. RE: ISSTH Contest - Contestants

      ...? Nothing has changed, first the judges will select top 5 for each of the themes, then communities of RR and WW will vote in each set of fives.

    20. RE: ISSTH Contest - Contestants

      Oh, then good ^.^ Thanks for a quick reply :)