1. RE: Shimitsu (YioShu) Gallery.. I take requests!

      Holy sh*t amazing work~ The guy will certainly be ecstatic ^.^

    2. RE: Shimitsu (YioShu) Gallery.. I take requests!

      ^.^ Thanks for an update, hehe.

    3. RE: Smart MC But Not Arrogant

      Hrm, the wisdom ('smartness') of MC isn't really anything I focus on much in my story, but it's a fantasy setting indeed. Give it a try if you are looking for a new story to read :)

    4. RE: Shimitsu (YioShu) Gallery.. I take requests!

      Just the wolf :) (Though the pic you put there is strange, as if it was still meant for the previous guy and not me, hehe) (Unless by 'something like this' you mean something like the background in that (...)

    5. RE: Shimitsu (YioShu) Gallery.. I take requests!

      Oh, I can't pass an opportunity to make a request to someone so good! I already have someone drawing my characters, so let's go with something else. I will provide a small part of the chapter where the (...)

    6. RE: Looking for a mentor :)

      Same for me, it takes at least 5-6h to get a quality ~4k words chapter done... 4h if 'm really fast and writing flows well. I could do 1h if i didn't think about what I'm writing at all, but the quality (...)

    7. RE: Hi - need some help with revenge

      Hello penguins. So yeah. I wasn't sure where to put it. I need some help in deciding what kind of revenge I should take. But first - let me explain. Long, long, long time ago - today - I was recommended (...)

    8. RE: A good harem story. Does it exist? Is it possible to make?

      I think that most common problem with harems is that girls are way too accepting of the fact that the MC has multiple wives. Yes they will frown at it once or twice, but in the end it won't matter at all (...)

    9. RE: Underrated/New Promising Novels - Help ~~~

      Oh, so we can shamelessly self-promote? Let me join! xD

    10. RE: Need recommendations!

      Mhm, as above, a bit random xD Give my story a try since you appear to be bored :)

    11. RE: HEEEELP!!! Looking For A Genuine Mage

      Then read mine :P Should fit your criteria :)

    12. RE: Looking for a mentor :)

      It's always a bit scary when you ask for reviews/criticism, or when you put out your story for the first time. It's also normal to be concerned with bad/harsh feedback, just as it's important to acknowledge (...)

    13. RE: New stories to watch out for

      Hm, you can give my story a try if you are in need of new things to read :)

    14. RE: I want to review others, but no need review trade.

      Since you appear to have some free time I will shamelessly recommend my own novel to read :) Do read the warnings below the introduction on the main page though; if you don't like those things, then I (...)

    15. RE: Dense MC's

      Thoughts on dense MCs? I hate them with passion. Well, okay, that might be a bit of an overexaggeration, but I still dislike them very much. Mind you a dense character is perfectly fine, but if it's MC (...)

    16. RE: Dialogue coming off as unnatural

      I think you are misunderstanding the critique itself; I'm pretty sure the guy is telling you that the interactions themselves feel unnatural and scripted, not that the way characters speak is unnatural, (...)

    17. RE: Recommend me a Gender Bender that is not Yuri/Yaoi

      Genderbender that is not a yaoi or yuri... isn't that an oxymoron? If MC was a man first and turns into a woman, then if he keeps liking women it's yuri physically, if he starts liking men isn't it like (...)

    18. RE: Conservative/Silent users.

      Just write more and keep releasing chapters. If your novel is good then you will start getting reviews sooner or later. If you are really impatient then you can apply for some review swaps in the forums.

    19. RE: I need your advice in my story please

      As far as plot-building goes, in my experience there are two basic ways you should operate. The first option is to write your story with enough detail that readers can understand the world and the characters (...)

    20. RE: Review swaps.

      With 27 pages of yours I think settling for simple reviews rather than advanced would be a better option. ;) Unles of course you come to like my novel and will end up reading it whole... hehe. Edit: I'm (...)