1. Save the Free Internet.

      Do you enjoy using the internet in its current form? Or would you prefer to have a restricted access to only a part of it for which some huge company paid your ISP to show you? Use five minutes of your (...)

    2. RE: Review swaps.

      First one - I would reword to make it simpler to connect For example: People were feasting and dancing at the town's plaza with music playing in the background. Second, make-up is uncountable, so 'in (...)

    3. RE: Review swaps.

      I need a review, but do I need to read your, oh gosh, 1000+ pages of story? My fiction is only 67 pages long. Hah, that's not actual; there's actually 1500 pages already xD Also, I looked at a bit (...)

    4. RE: A long novel with a lot of pages and long chapters.

      Yes yes, the daily self-advertising is here! Give my strory a try :) Link in my signature.

    5. RE: Shimitsu (YioShu) Gallery.. I take requests!

      It look amazing, thank you! :) Makes me want to put up another request, lol. xD Can I join the queue again? :D

    6. RE: Novel with single/dual attributed MC

      Hm, if you consider water/ice to be interesting enough then give my story a try. It does cover the rest of your requirements :)

    7. RE: I don't know if there is any story like this...

      It's a traslated chinese novel and one that concentrates on movies instead of anime/novels, but it's exactly the shifting between words theme you wanted. Terror Infinity.

    8. RE: Words per Chapter

      I do 3,5k-4k words per chapter. It really depends how fast or slow paced your novel is. If it's on the slower spectrum like mine, then 1k words wouldn't be nearly enough for one sitting.

    9. RE: A story with a MC that's not retarded

      Hah, all I will say is that what one might consider simple and straightforward can hide many more mysteries behind it. I will try looking up how to make a better synopsis though, thanks :)

    10. RE: A story with a MC that's not retarded

      Well, it is a statement; it's the background of MC which in itself isn't directly mentioned in the chapters at all. It's more of an introduction than a synopsis I guess. I could change it somehow... but (...)

    11. RE: Shimitsu (YioShu) Gallery.. I take requests!

      I don't know how I feel about tarot card version, I have no idea how that would look like... lol. As for the style, someone told me he tought my novel would have a high fantasy style because of the title, (...)

    12. RE: A story with a MC that's not retarded

      Thx, I will! Oh and I don't care if your promoting yourself, as long as they meet the criteria.... wait do they? By the way not to insult you or anything, but ur synopsis needs some work. Personal (...)

    13. RE: A story with a MC that's not retarded

      The daily amount of shameless self-promoting

    14. RE: Describing something that is hard, or near impossible to put into words?

      There are no things too complex to describe. There are only people too inexperienced to accomplish that ;) On a brighter note; I used to spend a lot of time wondering how to put my ideas and thoughts (...)

    15. RE: Review swaps.

      If you don't want to use tables, then I don't have any good advice for stats as I'm not an RPG writer myself. I just said that listing stats in 20 lines of text counts as bad editing in my eyes. Try asking (...)

    16. RE: Review swaps.

      Not an info dump; I mean what I said. A badly edited text, lol. Don't put words in my mouth ;)

    17. RE: Review swaps.

      If you think editing properly on RRl isn't worth the effort then it's your call mate ;)

    18. RE: Review swaps.

      I won't be swapping any reviews for a month of so; I have my second term exams now and am also writing a lot. No time for that. I took a brief look at your story though; it would be nice if you made (...)