1. Re: Quick Help With Some Motivation

      Nah, it doesn't sound better. However, I'm starting to feel like you simply haven't read enough to realize it just yet, so me repeating the same thing over and over is more or less pointless. It might (...)

    2. Re: Quick Help With Some Motivation

      Making one of - supposedly important - antagonists an inconsistent uter hypocrite isn't a good move. You can't have someone righteous know that his woman was killed because she was commiting serious crimes (...)

    3. Re: Quick Help With Some Motivation

      Motivation is fine, but you need to flesh it out more. Is being a bounty hunter against the law or did the soldier act out of his own jursdiction? Why is it exactly your MC that warrants the soldier's (...)

    4. Re: How do i get followers

      Well, apart from what was pointed out already: - Have a nice cover. - Have an interesting introduction. - Be clear about what genre your story is in the said introduction. - Spark reader's interest (...)

    5. Re: Copy Pasted Stories loosing formating.

      I'm terrified by the long essay explanatons here. I will be honest, I didn't read them. My spacing problem was solved by using ctrl+leftshift+V instead of ctrl+V as I used to. Solved this issue for me. (...)

    6. Re: Quick Help With Some Motivation

      My answer would really depend on whether you're aiming to write a short story or a more developed story and whether you're a starting write or if you already have some experience. In case you only want (...)

    7. RE: Start to Finish (Where to start? Where to go?)

      So you have the whole universe worked out; characters, their links, what happens throughout history, etc. You have the potential start and end points for multiple stories, but how do you decide where (...)

    8. RE: I am so tired of harems

      I too am tired of Harems ruining good stories. I'm to the point where I'm considering writing a short satire about what actually happens at the end of every harem novel... You know, how the women all (...)

    9. RE: What gender do you prefer for a protagonist?

      I didn't read many female-centered novels. In fact, I only read fantasy books with female leads (by Trundi Canavan) and I liked them a lot. However, I never came to 'want to look for' online novels with (...)

    10. RE: Ideas for stories that I'm too lazy/unskilled/busy to write. Feel free to take them.

      "So here are some ideas for stories that I think are completely original, underused, or simply my own preference." Yeah,

    11. RE: How long should a chapter be?

      Well, 2k chapters in my experience are unifromly received as short by readers... but maybe I'm biased because I read mainly trnaslated novels.

    12. RE: How long should a chapter be?

      You are all following silly stereotypes with this 'attention span'. How about you actually see what kind of content is popular nowdays? The 4 minute videos were a thing 10 years ago. Now videos that are (...)

    13. RE: How people feel about torture/rape in a story?

      People like identifying with characters in the story, especially with MC and the main side characters and companions. Having one of them be raped or rape someome puts people off, while torture is still (...)

    14. RE: How long should a chapter be?

      You all make reasonable points. In short: >2K words/chapters Require higher writing skills to work >5K words/chapter Sweet spot. >10K words/chapter Appealing to users with longer attention spans. (...)

    15. RE: *IMPORTANT FOR AUTHORS* [Qidian is hosting a major writing competetion]

      Coming off on a tangent, is it possible for our content to be taken by the QI? I am thinking that as a countermeasure, I would include extremely racist shit about Chinese on my stories so that it won't (...)

    16. RE: *IMPORTANT FOR AUTHORS* [Qidian is hosting a major writing competetion]

      Okay everyone, if you were thinking "Wow such a great chance, better promote my writing there!"... then please hold your horses and do some research on what kind of people you are planning to work with. (...)

    17. RE: Non-LitRPG stories.

      More self-advertisement, done. Link in signature, naturally~

    18. RE: Looking for a great story with actually good grammar

      There are still some minor mistakes in my early chapters, but I'm pretty sure the level of grammar is good overall. Give my main story a try, link in signature :)

    19. RE: looking for someone to willingly write my book since i cant.

      I guess we can see why the OP 'can't' write a novel; I myself on the other hand can't read this wall of text without any punctuation or sense. At least put some effort into explaining and putting forth (...)

    20. Save the Free Internet.

      Do you enjoy using the internet in its current form? Or would you prefer to have a restricted access to only a part of it for which some huge company paid your ISP to show you? Use five minutes of your (...)