1. Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday.

      I'll leave the next review on wednesday or thursday, some time issues again~

    2. Re: In a Classic Harem Is a Male MC

      Archetype is something that is the standard, so no.

    3. Re: Check My Premise Line (Objective Feedback Please)

      Does it work for you? Do you "see" the whole story or at least get a picture of it? Does it pull you in? Can you see the beginning, middle, and end? Would you write this yourself if you came up with the (...)

    4. Re: Advice to Teenage Writers

      (...) write stuff you absolutely have no interest in, write intentionally poorly-- just do it often, and keep it short enough that you can stew on it without getting too attached. Have fun writing before (...)

    5. Re: Bots on RR?

      Sometimes I feel like an advanced review should be a requirement to leave any kind of a rating on the story... Or at least split the ratings into the ones from reviews and the ones from just one click. (...)

    6. Re: Bots on RR?

      Perhaps it's just a weird coincidence, but I had the exactly same thing. Got to 4.5 4.6 stars early on, then the mass 0,5 reviews hit. I know my story isn't good enough yet to deserve the 4,5 in overall (...)

    7. Re: Copy Pasted Stories loosing formating.

      Weird? It always works for me, hell it even worked today in the morgning. Maybe the new version of word is the problem here? I always was wary before upgrading anything of Microsoft's.

    8. Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday.

      As a heads up, I had a busier sunday than I expected, and I want to read deeper into the first story from the thread, so I'll send the review somewhere tomorrow in the morning or in the early afternoon.

    9. Re: Do I have a world building problem?

      Hm, you're right. I was too subjective in my response and only considered my own experience, maybe OP is the type that needs thorough preparations to write. I truly don't spend much time writing down my (...)

    10. Re: Do I have a world building problem?

      60-200 pages of worldbuilding is nothing short of excessive as far as my perception goes. What would you even include there to make it 60-pages long, much less 200? I really would like to know, maybe I'm (...)

    11. Re: Do I have a world building problem?

      I wanted to reply in a nice way with quotations, but I'm too lazy to do it so I will just do simple old quoting with " " "No, even if it is your thousandths it wouldn't be perfect. Some details would (...)

    12. Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday.

      Hey! I'm looking for stories to review. Leave a link to your story and expect me to leave a review on Sunday. I'll review at least 1 story, starting from the earliest that appear here, on each Sunday. (...)

    13. Re: Should I merge my chapters to make them longer?

      I personally wouldn't read chapters that are 300-600 words because I simply wouldn't be able to get immersed into the story and whoom, gotta click next chapter again. Even 600-900 words seem way too short (...)

    14. Re: Do I have a world building problem?

      It is possible to have a 'well-functioning world', but only if it's not your first story. Demanding one's first creation to be perfectly internally consistent is not a realistic standard. However, once (...)

    15. Re: How do i get followers

      Find an artist and pay him/her for making  it, most usually ;p

    16. Re: Quick Help With Some Motivation

      Okay, now we are gettin somewhere - you brough up 'a character they will love to hate', and you also said that you want a legit reason for the soldier to hate - not just dislike - the MC. So, while you (...)

    17. Re: Quick Help With Some Motivation

      Nah, it doesn't sound better. However, I'm starting to feel like you simply haven't read enough to realize it just yet, so me repeating the same thing over and over is more or less pointless. It might (...)

    18. Re: Quick Help With Some Motivation

      Making one of - supposedly important - antagonists an inconsistent uter hypocrite isn't a good move. You can't have someone righteous know that his woman was killed because she was commiting serious crimes (...)

    19. Re: Quick Help With Some Motivation

      Motivation is fine, but you need to flesh it out more. Is being a bounty hunter against the law or did the soldier act out of his own jursdiction? Why is it exactly your MC that warrants the soldier's (...)