1. Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday.

      Considering that I've been busy to the point of forgetting that I made this thread until like 3 days ago, yeah. Necromancers exist everywhere, but I'm cool with it ^.^

    2. Re: How to get good initial ratings.

      Interesting piece dripping with tons of sarcasm. Good job.

    3. Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday.

      Let me hear your thoughts, I'm back with some free time finally. A review done for you, please don't get discouraged by it and try to take it as (...)

    4. Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday.

      Hah, I had troublesome two weeks and a half and now I want to catch back with writing my own chapters for a bit. Once my free time returns I will definitely go back to this thread and start going from (...)

    5. Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday.

      I'll leave the next review on wednesday or thursday, some time issues again~

    6. Re: In a Classic Harem Is a Male MC

      Archetype is something that is the standard, so no.

    7. Re: Check My Premise Line (Objective Feedback Please)

      Does it work for you? Do you "see" the whole story or at least get a picture of it? Does it pull you in? Can you see the beginning, middle, and end? Would you write this yourself if you came up with the (...)

    8. Re: Advice to Teenage Writers

      (...) write stuff you absolutely have no interest in, write intentionally poorly-- just do it often, and keep it short enough that you can stew on it without getting too attached. Have fun writing before (...)

    9. Re: Bots on RR?

      Sometimes I feel like an advanced review should be a requirement to leave any kind of a rating on the story... Or at least split the ratings into the ones from reviews and the ones from just one click. (...)

    10. Re: Bots on RR?

      Perhaps it's just a weird coincidence, but I had the exactly same thing. Got to 4.5 4.6 stars early on, then the mass 0,5 reviews hit. I know my story isn't good enough yet to deserve the 4,5 in overall (...)

    11. Re: Copy Pasted Stories loosing formating.

      Weird? It always works for me, hell it even worked today in the morgning. Maybe the new version of word is the problem here? I always was wary before upgrading anything of Microsoft's.

    12. Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday.

      As a heads up, I had a busier sunday than I expected, and I want to read deeper into the first story from the thread, so I'll send the review somewhere tomorrow in the morning or in the early afternoon.

    13. Re: Do I have a world building problem?

      Hm, you're right. I was too subjective in my response and only considered my own experience, maybe OP is the type that needs thorough preparations to write. I truly don't spend much time writing down my (...)

    14. Re: Do I have a world building problem?

      60-200 pages of worldbuilding is nothing short of excessive as far as my perception goes. What would you even include there to make it 60-pages long, much less 200? I really would like to know, maybe I'm (...)

    15. Re: Do I have a world building problem?

      I wanted to reply in a nice way with quotations, but I'm too lazy to do it so I will just do simple old quoting with " " "No, even if it is your thousandths it wouldn't be perfect. Some details would (...)

    16. Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday.

      Hey! I'm looking for stories to review. Leave a link to your story and expect me to leave a review on Sunday. I'll review at least 1 story, starting from the earliest that appear here, on each Sunday. (...)

    17. Re: Should I merge my chapters to make them longer?

      I personally wouldn't read chapters that are 300-600 words because I simply wouldn't be able to get immersed into the story and whoom, gotta click next chapter again. Even 600-900 words seem way too short (...)

    18. Re: Do I have a world building problem?

      It is possible to have a 'well-functioning world', but only if it's not your first story. Demanding one's first creation to be perfectly internally consistent is not a realistic standard. However, once (...)

    19. Re: How do i get followers

      Find an artist and pay him/her for making  it, most usually ;p