1. RE: What MMORPG are you playing?

      Gotta say- I'm a new level of dumb. The only MMORPG I still play is Rift. I can't get into games with low available customization, nor those that try to railroad classes into anything, so I always come (...)

    2. RE: I see what you did there RRL

      I clicked so many buttons......

    3. Easily Updated Tables; Spreadsheet Edition

      If there are any writers out there who are struggling with the updating of tables: I HAVE DISCOVERED THE SOLUTION! YOU MUST ONLY CREATE THIS TABLE ONE (1) TIME! What you will need: A computer (Duh) A (...)

    4. RE: =Chaos Muahahaha=

      i'd like to see an MC who just doesn't give a shit. race? eh, just randomize it. starting place? whatever works. starting quest? sounds boring. ooh whats that shiny off in the distance? awesome new weapon? (...)

    5. RE: =Chaos Muahahaha=

      I would appreciate a mc that is an Orc in a world in which game like elements, such as a stats menu and so on, are just a normal part of the world. I think that if the mc is kind, while the norm for (...)

    6. =Chaos Muahahaha=

      I'm very happy with chaos, and going to make a post. I've written a bunch of stories in other places, but if I were to write one here, what kind of person would anyone like to see as a Main Character? (...)