1. Re: Uneven Achievements And Annoying OCD

      OCD is a good thing for the authors.  It motivates them to push harder.  If anything, I would intentionally sabotage the system to screw with the various authors OCDs.  If the author doesn't keep writing (...)

    2. Re: Is it necessary for characters to be likeable?

      It's more that people have to understand the protagonist. Take Super Minion.  He's basically a wild animal that doesn't understand morality.  I can understand that.  The only one that matters to someone (...)

    3. Re: Some good Litrpg crafting stories, please

      "Farming for Gold" has a pretty good chunk of reading available before it went on hiatus.  It's not technically crafting, but it's the same sort of payoff imo.  Very well written.  It's a VR series.  Real (...)

    4. Re: LF LitRPG/Isekai/Reincarnation

      While there are side characters "Lord of the Mysteries" only has one real main character.  Other characters have very short sections and it's one of the few fictions I would say does alternate perspectives (...)

    5. Re: Editing

      I think it's fine, it's just a motivation killer.  There is no task duller and more likely to kill your fiction than editing.  And it's a thankless task.  No one is going to go back and reread what you (...)

    6. Re: SpaceBattles Fiction Worth Reading?

      My thoughts exactly.  But time and time again, I find people posting quality stories on Spacebattles first, then moving them to RR once they start catching on.  Following that logic, would it not be possible (...)

    7. Re: SpaceBattles Fiction Worth Reading?

      It frequently comes to my attention that for some ungodly reason people post a lot of fictions on spacebattles.  And as far as I know, there is absolutely no method to filter through them by genre, rating, (...)

    8. Re: Black flag?

      I don't see it.  You sure it's not just some indicator that "this is your fiction"?

    9. Re: Huge plothole in book and I'm completely devastated.

      Stratothrax is right.  You have no idea how many times I've pointed out plot holes in RR fictions or games only for the fanboys to leap to the rescue bending over backwards to "clarify the plot" for me. (...)

    10. Re: Huge plothole in book and I'm completely devastated.

      Ever watch "Honest Move Trailers"?  Plot holes are all over the place.  People don't really care that much.  If you care, then plan your fiction better in the future.  You avoid plot holes with planning. (...)

    11. Re: Is this good?

      Without looking at your story blurb or title, this image makes me think that the story might be about a cursed location.  Maybe someplace that was shutdown after too many people went missing at it.   (...)

    12. Re: How do you feel about character change?

      Think of character evolution as the natural maturing of the characters.  Most fiction characters have flaws built into their character.  These flaws make them interesting.  Usually at the start of the (...)

    13. Re: Why aren't people reading on?

      Reading the blurb and the first chapter, I found your English was good, but every paragraph there was some small mistake that made me stop and examine what I was reading.   In the blurb 1) I don't (...)

    14. Re: An opinion...

      As a reviewer - here and elsewhere on a semi-professional basis - few things piss me off more than someone telling me my review is "wrong". You - the author - may disagree with my review or feedback (...)

    15. Re: Rating, ANY rating

      Don't worry so much.  People avoid dropping ratings normally until like 10 chapters in. Just glossing things over, I don't really see anything that's a problem.  Although I don't know why you capitalized (...)

    16. Re: Does having a lot of dialogues drops the quality of your novel?

      The idea is that when you go from literature to comic that the descriptions are still there, they're just literally drawn in rather than explained in painful detail.  So a comic conversion later is no (...)

    17. Re: Restarting my own story.

      Just post a final chapter/author note saying rewrite->here.  Then start a new fic.  Something readers do is recognize covers and fiction titles and say "not touching that one again".  If you keep the same (...)

    18. Re: stories that the author delete the content to sell on amazon should be deleted from this site

      I don't agree at all.  Rather I would like the admins to have a "published" section.  If an author takes down his book to publish it with kindle or whatever, then I think it should be moved to another (...)

    19. Re: What are you writing tips to speed up the writing process?

      You have to force yourself to do it every day.  Doesn't matter if it's good or not, you have to be in the habbit of doing it.  You can rewrite it later if you don't like it, just do it.  You can't let (...)

    20. Re: 99% of Chinese Wuxia/Xianxia are hot garbage

      I'm more tired of Japanese fictions to be honest.  Literally the entire countries entertainment industry is reminiscent of cartoons.  I used to watch Kurosagi and Liar Game.  Not the anime, the live action (...)