1. Re: Hidden Experts and Awe

      Depends how you define "hidden expert".  There are certainly many fictions with powerful protagonists that are generally unknown or hidden.  The Lazy King(Japanese Light Novel), Paranoid Mage, Beware of (...)

    2. Re: Electrifying Fight Sequences!

      Fight scenes vary by author because fight scenes are very confusing with a lot of moving parts.  You need to clearly label when you change perspective, who's fighting who, what condition the perspective (...)

    3. Re: Dungeon Management

      Along with Cultivating Dungeon, the three below are my favorite Dungeon Management novels.  Unfortunately, they all get dropped after about 30ish chapters.   The Bound Dungeon Gaia Awakens A Lonely (...)

    4. Re: Why do people read chapters out of order?

      Wouldn't shock me if these viewer jumps are from when you first made Rising Stars.  I didn't personally realize people would vet series by reading the latest chapter, but I guess others do.   Personally, (...)

    5. Re: Requesting assistance with concepts behind crafting LitRPG.

      I think the only legitimate way to give the protagonist an edge is to set the series to start at the release of the RPG game.  While it's true people will try all kinds of crazy things to figure out the (...)

    6. Re: Are prologues bad? Do readers feel misled?

      It's not that they're bad, it's that people do them completely wrong.  They're supposed to jumpstart a reader a little.  Give them a little easy to digest story that explains the state of the world when (...)

    7. Re: How many pages should a chapter contain?

      I can't disagree with using shorter chapters enough. Unless you can really churn out the chapters like a chinese novel.  The novels I get the most engaged with have always had longer chapters and the novels (...)

    8. Re: Novels with a magic system similar to Mother of Learning

      If you're just looking for the magic system, then "The Villain Wants To Live" might be good.  It's an absurdly strange concept for a series once you realize what it's doing, but the magic system is probably (...)

    9. Re: Symbiotic-Host Protagonist

      If you do give the symbiote a personality, make sure he has a history before merging with the protagonist.  That way he can play the role of the mentor/advisor/partner without it seeming weird.  It's very (...)

    10. Re: Research journal! Hypothesis: fanfiction can be a useful academic tool! What do YOU think!

      I'm neither teacher nor student.  I think there's only one teacher on this site that I know of that's really hardcore professional.  I'm personally an old guard of this site. I was here before it became (...)

    11. Re: I need opinions and advice on my description/blurb

      I don't like that you are telling us our opinions on her personality.  For example, that she won't surrender to the darkness.  I also don't like blurbs that crank the stakes up to apocalypse before the (...)

    12. Re: Heavy RPG elements or light RPG elements. Which is better?

      Depends how they were done.  If the author just added a tonne of stats for the sake of having a tonne of stats, it's blatantly obvious and I just skip over it.  If the author meticulously introduces one (...)

    13. Re: Interesting but not likable

      Make them realistic and understandable.  The worst type of character is the anime types who have these bizarre character archetypes for no reason at all.  If somebody pretends to be royalty all the time, (...)

    14. Re: Examples of 'bad' overpowered characters vs 'good' overpowered characters?

      It's a matter of pride.  Accepting bs op powers from a magical entity who gives them to you because... you were nice to her cat?  Imagine, you are telling a 30 year veteran of the military how you got (...)

    15. Re: Does naming chapters really make a difference?

      Doesn't have much effect on me.  Although it upsets me if you don't number your chapters.  Sometimes I like going back to an older chapter and seeing if I can find one of the old scenes I really enjoyed. (...)

    16. Re: my user retention on one of the chapters went over 100% for the first time

      I suspect it's users without an account opening the chapter multiple times.  I could be wrong, but I doubt RR keeps track of people without accounts.  

    17. Re: Careful with Amazon

      I've been wondering for a long time if amazon was even worth it?  Because the website is impossible to navigate.  Use any of their search functions and you'll turn up mainstream and classic novels and (...)

    18. Re: What is the best site for writing historical fiction.

      Historical fiction is probably going to be somewhere like Amazon.  Most of the audience for it would likely not know about a small website like RoyalRoad or competitors.  So they look up the mainstream (...)

    19. Re: How legit are non-member views?

      Honestly not sure.  Sometimes I'm impressed by how detailed the database the admins keep is, so I wouldn't put it past them to make sure the numbers were truly meaningful.  But it's also true that this (...)

    20. Re: Novel where the mc is the mysteries Power in the shadows.

      Lord of the Mysteries fits the description pretty well.  Just make sure you hold on until chapter 10 about.  The beginning is kinda slow, but then it really takes off.  And it doesn't start with the protagonist (...)