1. Re: How would high longevity affect the human psyche?

      Depends on the sort of life you live.  Many people like a life that's just the same one day after another, but as you grow older, your tolerance for the issues with that lifestyle erodes.  You also become (...)

    2. Re: What kind of progression do you like seeing?

      Varied progression types.  I've recently read Street Cultivation and the first book was great, but after that the protagonist started depending on like 4 different mentors to tell him how to progress at (...)

    3. Re: How do people get onto Rising Stars?

      There's a time delay so people who just dump a hundred chapters on the site at once don't get there.  I don't know exactly how it works, but it seems to favor someone who gets consistently high results. (...)

    4. Re: How do u guys write a change in POV's?

      I believe the proper way is to have some sort of scene break like a line or something then have the first sentence be something like "Kate scratched her nose." or "Kate was fuming".  Just something quick (...)

    5. Re: Share Your Story Ideas

      I don't know about other people, but I find the horror genre when written is incredibly interesting rather than scary.  So I've always wanted to write something with asian style ghosts, cosmic horrors (...)

    6. Re: Do you give rep to you're commentors?

      I think it has little to no effect on gaining new readers, but there are certainly a few people who know authors do that and take advantage of it.  There was one forum poster I think Wing made fun of because (...)

    7. Re: Should You Use the First Cover or the Most Recent Volume’s Cover on Your Story?

      There's reason to do either.   There are certain covers that are literally lightning in a bottle that you'll never be able to replace ever.  Those you keep.  I consider Arcane Emperor and example of (...)

    8. Re: Do readers like long chapters?

      Keep in mind, most of the best rated list is done in long chapter.  So I call bullshit on the forum answer to this question.  People need enough meat to get into the chapter again.  All the short chapter (...)

    9. Re: Do readers like long chapters?

      Keep in mind, most of the best rated list is done in long chapter.  So I call bullshit on the forum answer to this question.  People need enough meat to get into the chapter again.  All the short chapter (...)

    10. Re: Why Hate Descriptions?

      I used to read all the descriptions in a story, but this one story I read off kindle had pages of description for every sentence of dialog.  I wanted to read the end, but I couldn't stand it anymore so (...)

    11. Re: Female protagonist smash?

      Your words not mine. If you believe that, that's on you.  Nothing to do with me.  Don't shove words in my mouth.  

    12. Re: Female protagonist smash?

      It's not impossible, it's just harder.  I don't think anyone has a problem with females that go smash, more that they are worried that you're trying to prove something to them.   I don't know if you've (...)

    13. Re: Female protagonist smash?

      It's because female protagonist has become synonymous with political insertions.  If the author wrote about a male protagonist, they likely have no intention of putting politics into their fiction.  If (...)

    14. Re: How do you name a book????

      You shouldn't do anything too direct.  Something that hints at the core concept behind your fiction without actually outright stating it.  I think some of the best fiction names on the site were things (...)

    15. The best Blurbs on RR

      Just go to the "I Forgot The Title" section of the forum and I swear, people write better blurbs for the fictions there than the actual story authors.  Literally, just clean up some of the vague "I think" (...)

    16. Re: What stories trend on rising stars - and can sci-fi do it?

      Certainly it's possible, but it's much stricter the further away from RR's core demographics that you get.  Honestly, I don't think Scifi shouldn't be all that different than Fantasy for demographics. (...)

    17. Re: How would one write a Soulsborne/Soulslike LITRPG?

      Think Mother Of Learning.  I would call that story the Dark Souls of literature already.  The protagonist is in an eternal time-loop trying to overturn a horrendous obstacles and improving with every iteration. (...)

    18. Re: write more backlog or publish?

      Go ahead and release.  Backlogging too much is also a trap because your audience is going to point out things that you'll want to change.  You'll shoot yourself in the foot because changing that will mean (...)

    19. Re: Fan Fiction, For or Against?

      Only really works with stories where I could care less about the original story and character and was more in love with the concept than anything.  ie Pokemon.  Weather it's in the form of Borne of Caution (...)

    20. Re: What kind of covers appeal to LitRPG readers?

      Simple and something that drives the imagination.  You want the reader to get a sense of the stories hook just from looking at it.  Arcane Emperor still has the best litRPG cover of all time in my opinion. (...)