1. Re: A story were the MC system has a personality

      The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

    2. Re: Series- Multipe Books vs Continuing in Original

      I think the only time you should split the book up is if you wanna write a side story from another characters perspective.   There are authors who have broken their fictions up into multiple books. (...)

    3. Re: Working with cliches

      Cliches aren't necessarily bad.  They just make your audience a lot less forgiving.  And there's a mountain of things considered a cliche if you wanna get technical.  The problem with cliches is that they (...)

    4. Re: New stories to watch out for

      https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/31551/the-library The story has great writing.  I would put it in the merchant/craftsman genre even though it is neither of those things.  It's slow, and character (...)

    5. Re: Attractive characters in fiction

      Honestly, I think a characters personality has to play into their looks if you wanna actually have an appearance stick.  95% of the descriptions I see on Royalroad, I just skip and insert my own.  They're (...)

    6. Re: More Indie Fiction Websites?

      Thanks.  Is it just me or has RRL style stories infected the entire indie market?  Not that I'm complaining.  Wonder how long before we're the next Marvel with Hollywood movies.  

    7. Re: More Indie Fiction Websites?

      Note: I'm hoping the mods won't mind me basically asking what their competition is.  I don't think there's an aggressive competition between sites here, so I assume I'm allowed to ask.   As you know, (...)

    8. Re: Dilemma in Reworking My First Few Chapters

      I would recommend rewriting them because the first three chapters are the entry point to your fiction.  Especially since a lot of people skip the first chapter or two thinking the author probably made (...)

    9. Re: Harems: Are they even worth your time?

      I think harem novels are a terrible idea.  People who haven't read them before will like them, but only for a couple of series until they realize how repetitive they are.  TV and comics can get away with (...)

    10. Re: Focused on exploration

      Mandatory "Lord of The Mysteries" recommendation.  The story has DEEP ancient history.  And every battle or discovery is made logically.  The protagonist has a few tools which he uses brilliantly and nothing (...)

    11. Re: Recommendations for Kindle Reads

      And it still baffles me, because the guy can write! Perilous Waif, by the same author, is great. Doesn't shock me.  A lot of authors kinda screw themselves because they have weird ideas about what their (...)

    12. Re: Good fictions with gay male leads

      That's because they're on fictionpress.  The site is overrun with "homoerotic content" warnings.  Each of the indie fiction websites typically caters to their own niche. 

    13. Re: Romance Without Action

      Does it really have to be this site?  Because I find that these fiction websites each cater to a different niche.  RRL is a fantasy action niche.  Topwebfiction is a superhero niche.  fictionpress his (...)

    14. Re: Do non-LitRPG's stand a chance on Royalroad?

      It's actually the complete opposite.  LitRPGs are actually a bad idea on RRL. Using stat sheets and blue panels to describe everything is VASTLY overrated and a lot of people are coming to realize that. (...)

    15. Re: An unusual request: reviews review

      As someone who reviews a lot and gets good feedback as well as terrible feedback on his reviews, I can tell you it's largely random.  People who vote on reviews do so when they have a particularly strong (...)

    16. Re: Interesting cultivation systems

      That's the one.  Your confusion might be about the cultivation. I can explain it if you like but it's not called cultivation in the story.   Just think of it like this, defining cultivation in my mind (...)

    17. Re: Stigmas Against Cliches || A Round Table

      Sorry, but I don't buy that "everything's a cliche" bs.  It's like saying "if a tree falls in the forest and no one's around to hear it, did it really make a sound?"  Yes it made a sound!!!   For that (...)

    18. Re: POC/Interracial Novels

      Keep in mind this is a fantasy website mainly for struggling authors to share in the past time of escapism.  They have enough to worry about without adding in random elements like "diversity".  And even (...)

    19. Re: Interesting cultivation systems

      "Lord of the Mysteries" on Webnovel.  Literally, it's the perfect recommendation for what you asked.   I would easily put it on the same level as "Mother of Learning".  It's the best series still running, (...)

    20. Re: Stigmas Against Cliches || A Round Table

      Cliche's are overused for a reason, they work.  The problem isn't so much that you can't use them, it's that you have to be CAREFUL about using them.  If you suck at writing, then using them in a really (...)